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July 20, 2014

moralphobia vs homophobia: wiki* “rationale” & ‘bias’

An article in screenshots

wikipedia moralphobia entry deleted by moralphobes






wikipedia homophobia entry defended by moralphobes





Ah tolerance of the wantonly queer and their fandom.


44,000 uses.  is moralphobia ‘notable’ now?


moralphobia 44,000 uses now wikipedia notable




Original wiktionary definition (via history tab) albeit a bit sloppy until second case application 



contratheism, a term brought into existence by Sagacious Himself, is notable too.

wiktionary moralphobia


moralphobia (uncountable)

  1. irrational fear of Natural Law, or the rule of conduct which is prescribed to us by the Creator in the constitution of the nature with which He has endowed us.
    ‘Having inflicted moralphobia upon herself, she was prone to irrational utterances, rage outbursts, and other misjudgements when confronted with her moral turpitude.
  1. state experienced by those who willfully indulge depraved appetites



versioning of subjective truth when there is only queer truth





vs urbandictionary


urbandictionary correct definition of moralphobia

urban dictionary moralphobia moralphobe

March 8, 2014

glenn beck program archive

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Within one notch of the The Blaze [glennbeck] domain..

glenn beck program archive duckduckgo results


DDG offers to help explore The Archive results

glenn beck program archive bing results




Beck inspires some technically interesting feats.  And as the content hasn’t been yanked it seems consent has been granted.


google moves down to 9 out of 10

glenn beck program archive results the archive above glenn beck domain result

Glenn Beck domain forced to change descriptors to gain ground over  in google results

The Blaze TV tinkers with free downloads descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck

The Blaze TV tinkers with free streaming descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck seems to end 2013.  Better to support the programming and view in HD





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