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October 1, 2013

terobamism FUD has begun on the interweb with obama’s ironic shutdown of government

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Some options redirect to this FUD page:

obama FUD has begun on the interweb


On the upside this CUTS USELESS government function to ESSENTIAL.  By law ZERO non-essential functions receive funding.  So we’re left with only

  • military
  • air traffic control
  • border patrol

That’s a win in the logic ledger.

January 2, 2011

United Socialist American States of Chairman O , USASCO

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It’s a new year under the same old tried and failed regime: socialism.  Hey, simply because it has never worked is no reason not to continue trying it!

Other delightful variations of USSA

USSACO , United Socialist States of America of Chairman O

^ not to be confused with a corporation because obviously they are ALL EVIL

USASCO , United Socialist American States of Chairman O

USSA , United States of Socialist Americans

USSA , United Socialists Scamming Americans

SUAA , Socialists United Against Americans

SUA , Socialists Undermining America

COUA , Chairman O Undermining Americans

COUAS , Chairman O Undermining American States

ASU , American Socialists United

The socialists united in one place are more easily euthanized



[ ]

October 11, 2008

Barack Obama with Mao Zedong

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Interesting visual comparison of ideologically compatible “men”

September 24, 2008

Bush endorses FDR style “solution” — socialism never works

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This delightfully structured ponzi scheme bailout will not only require creation of a magic interest free circle for the ‘plan’ to make money, but is entirely unamerican, much as socialism is antithetical to our ideals.  His failure was in not stamping veto on this absurdity.  If you people elect Obama the socialist expect much worse.  obama is marxism personified, a racist, and wholly unsuited to any AMERICAN public office.

Let’s ‘borrow’ money from everyone to save the foolish from their own respective failures.  NO!  Let’s not!

Personal responsibility, pursuit of happiness… there are no guarantees to success some will fail.  That’s life… and their failure isn’t my problem.

As before:  my money is mine.

Dear God, please spare us from seeing FDR history repeat itself.

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