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November 22, 2011

PDroid, adds awesome spoofing POWER to android privacy permissions management

edit 2014:  still good XPrivacy Pro [license supports crowdsourced knowledge], but also evolving quickly from the developer of PDroid 2.0 (not svyat) is DonkeyGuard (CollegeDev | github).  DO absolutely combine  AFwall+ firewall  [in whitelist mode] with LightningWall, and UnbelovedHosts, AND BootManager.  To that end do also donate to defim for the combo license: DefimDonator  [$14 is well worth it] — important: make a note of the name in which you want the license issued. LightningWall does not appear to have a whitelist mode starting from everything blocked, but can function independent of your iptables manager (AFwall+).


DonkeyGuard android privacy enforcement logo

(DonkeyGuard requires CydiaFramework… seems to be abandoning XposedFramework in favor, but uses both now)

DonkeyGuard defaults to ultimate privacy

DonkeyGuard has a better UI style than XPrivacy Pro

DonkeyGuard better interface design than XPrivacy sterile checkbox columns

vs XPrivacy Pro

 XPrivacy Pro app UI

XPrivacy Pro summary UI


edit 2013:  better is XPrivacy extension of XPosed framework for android.  zero malware market access needed; download only via XDA forums or soon *hub for free OpenSource possibly “You can use an XPrivacy Pro license for all the devices you personally own.”

XPrivacy FAQ#50 also recommends Xmpp Texting [Xabber]


original post:

picks up where LBE Privacy Guard leaves off… they play well together.  However PDroid claims no need of background service.. still requires root. It requires root to boot into CWM to apply the patch, but does not require root to run the management app.


PDroid allows blocking access for any installed application to the following data separately:

  • Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
  • Subscriber ID (IMSI)
  • SIM serial (ICCID)
  • Phone and mailbox number
  • Incoming call number
  • Outgoing call number
  • GPS location
  • Network location
  • List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
  • Account auth tokens
  • Contacts
  • Call logs
  • Calendar
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Browser bookmarks and history
  • System logs
  • SIM info (operator, country)
  • Network info (operator, country)

For device ID, phone and mailbox number, SIM serial, subscriber ID and device location it also allows supplying custom or random values.


easy access to APKs from memorable url:

PDroid 2.3.4 source; patches build, frameworks and libcore

cites interesting article on blockery leakiness.

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August 10, 2011

foiling baseless debt collection calls

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This article ought be applied only to those situations where one does not-actually owe the claimed debt.  Verizon creative-billing has generated a few irritating collections encounters.

basic rules:

Debt collectors MUST

* show true callerid information
* honestly identify themselves when called party inquires
* cease calling you/writing you after you instruct them they may only communicate with your attorney (lawyer).  you must provide contact information
* “provide the nature of their business” when you inquire by phone.
** you are not required to identify yourself to obtain this information from them

Debt collectors may NOT

* impersonate another when contacting either you, or someone they believe might know how to contact you
* use callerid_number that you cannot call to reach them
* use callerid_name that obscures their identity

When calling a debt collector it is PRUDENT to:

* RECORD the conversation

while it might be illegal in your state to record the call without consent, do so anyway.  the conversation might then be “inadmissable” as evidence in court.  “oh noes”.

Notify them at the start of the call that you are recording them (if they object courteously inform them you do not care and these are your terms to communicate with them about the alleged debt, or inform them that requires manager approval)

My voip provider allows me to record outgoing calls by first dialing a code:   code + number.   My provider also has a feature to record all/some incoming calls.

* keep copious written notes

insist on the full name, employee number, and phone number of whomever.  if they refuse inform them these are your terms and terminate the call.  Without accountability you will suffer phone run around.

* provide them as LITTLE information as possible

Remember any customer service call where the agent simply repeated one or more phrases?  You, too, can control the conversation by providing no new information no matter how many ways the question is phrased to you.

they called you.  they likely provided an account number or reference number.  you mission is to collect information about the reference number NOT to provide them information.  provide nothing, request everything.

colxn: “This call is for Miss Smith regarding reference XTR-14m3. please call 800-142-8686”

call them back via SIP free tollfree termination

you: “I received a call from this numbah.  What is the nature of your business, and what is your physical location.”

provide nothing until these two are ascertained.  optionally make allusion to having a reference number for compliance motivation.

you: “I am calling in regards to reference XTR-l4m3.  Explain your claim”

provide nothing other than: the reference number, the time you were called, and a verbatim quote from the message.  repeat your inquiry.  Pretend you are a mouth breather in verizon customer service.  do NOT vary your responses: repeat yourself often.

* retain an attorney (lawyer)

direct debt collector to attorney.  they MAY NOT contact you directly from this point forward.  they MUST only communicate with your attorney.

* contact EVERYONE you have ever listed as an “emergency contact” on any form — especially medical (new doctor/patient)

advise/remind them NOT to volunteer information about you in writing- or over the phone.  this should be super-obvious already, but “social” networking sites seem to sap IQs.

* DISCONTINUE providing “alternate contacts” or “emergency” information on forms.   It is ONLY used for debt collection

If the bunker nazi (front office clerk) at a medical facility “requires” the form be “completed”

** draw a line through the boxes, or
** put your own IDENTICAL information in the boxes, or
** fabricate a person:  Uncle John Smith, 202-167-8080  (fourth digit always “1” makes the number invalid). rules apply.  do not suck the innocent into the fabrication.

* buy yourself a forwarding number to use on medical forms, new account forms, or anywhere you would enter your home/mobile/office number.

If you start receiving irritating calls buy another forwarding number, cancel the prior number, and only inform those people with whom YOU WANT to communicate the new number… ideally next time YOU interact with those people in person.


* withhold your callerid

not possible with mere star-code prefix dialing.  toll free DID have ANI magic.  be wary of their non-tollfree DID, too

I use SIP “free tollfree termination”

* if not outright ditching their calls consider routing them through a hellish IVR… IVR tarpitting

both voxeo and plum have excellent, free tools for VISUALLY designing an IVR.  disable DTMF (touch tone) options, requiring ASR (speech recognition).  “accidentally” misspell the keywords for ASR



* out them on a new-blog

especially beneficial for “debts” you do not owe.

* post the phone call recordings

be sure to edit out YOUR personal (financial) information


additional bookmarkified resources

step 8, step 9, step 10

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June 30, 2011

NEVER post photos from camera phone to internet: exif — FIRST SANITIZE to PNG

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Sure, not a novel concept but certainly worth repeating.. again and again until change is effected

Examing image URLs for exif leakiness:

ALWAYS convert camera phone images to PNG to sanitize exif and other metadata sneakiness!  Or leave a delightful trail for others to follow.


firefox 5 “upgrade” sucking up ram.. great GC asa!  Now we need an extension to iteratively restart firefox to inflict GC.  the “upgrade” on android is even more joy!  Thanks to Tasker ($5) we can be alerted how sucky firefox mobile performance is!

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June 16, 2011

obi110 obitalk pain obihai retardation: analog phone required or FAIL

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obi110 allegedly a SIP device **REQUIRES** an analog phone to connect it to online service??



There is no way to authenticate

  • the **internet** device from its control panel
  • over the internet
  • to the internet service website??

fire the meth addicts

What does the analog phone do?  When a star code is dialed

  • the internet device triggers a connection
  • over the internet
  • to the internet service

To what end?

It provides information unique to this instance of the device that demonstrates control of the device.  Is not the MAC address information unique to this instance of the device?  or serial number?  Why can one not perform this authentication SANS analog phone?

no joy.. obi high on meth:

Interesting that this vexatious step is neither mentioned in sales propaganda nor in their obitalk configuration instructions:

there are plenty of detailed instructions how to connect the obi110 to privacy raping googlevoice

I look forward to unboxing a WRT54GS — happily retired in the garage — to provide the internets to my irksome obi110 near an analog phone as bringing an analog phone to obi110 will cause hours of reconfiguration joy once power is terminated.

When a firmware update is available

  • the internet device receives a communication
  • over the internet
  • from the internet service and shows a graphic in the internet device control panel

clue challenged?

Both obitalk and the obi110 are from the people who originally developed the wildly popular sipura ATAs.  This glaring oversight (*cough* laziness *cough*) is stunning.


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June 14, 2011

cvpcs on 2nd-init: tinker tinker little star

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tinker tinker little star

replete with spiffy graphics and some near laymen English

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May 26, 2011

verizon 3G private address space woes? sigh.. vpn for temp fix?

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PPTP vpn android for some slight joy?

lazy temp fix for verizon 3G private address space woes


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May 17, 2011

Open Garden and EFF Open Wireless movement : cirvumventing verizon wireless 3G fraudulent enticement ?

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“openness” is great and all but if I am to share my internets with strange unknown persons I will want to prevent them visiting unsavory sites on MY connection.  (Yes, I have read footnote number one in the EFF article.)

  • no “adult” sites
  • no eye patch sites
  • nothing that would earn me a visit from the FBI

What open garden has no plans to incorporate RADIUS? Hosted style as in dd-wrt?

And yes it requires root but wait..  tutorials and videos for adding root permissions [SuperOneClick] is conveniently provided for windoze users.  Rooting still requires windoze piracy in VM… unless you want to buy a windows license to run in vm on *nix for a one time use.  Also a video on using z4root

EFF footnote two pitches a disturbing use of geoiplocation!  Now more than ever ISPs should offer opt-out from netblocks with fine grained geo location information.




April 30, 2011

verizon wireless issuing private ip addresses to 3g customer, NAT joy, MIA packets and gross ineptitude … fraudulent enticement

fraudulent enticement” : is the phrase for those pitching class action suits to such law firms.


Part 2, draft 1

verizon staff, even senior tech staff [not network], cannot seem to understand that “private:public” is ONE distinction of ip addresses and that “dynamic:static” is another distinction.  Several people now have approached verizon wireless with the problem that their handset, the phone itself, is receiving a private ip address instead as before a public ip address (internet ip address, or public routable, or insert colloquialism here) on the 3g ppp0 interface.  The joy for “smart” phone users is Port Restricted Cone NAT.  It is a great way to break voip and vpn functionality of the device.  NAT per se is not the issue; user non-configurable “feature” is the problem.  Additional complexity is introduced by VZW denying addressing scheme. (

Not sure you and your mobile station are in this private address space wan facing boat?  IF android: Grab “STUN client” application, pick any functional STUN server from the drop down, and perform the test.  At the bottom of the results will be the name of your 3g interface, in my case ppp0, and the associated ip address, in my case 10.n.155.n

STUN client: appbrain:  I can provide the apk if you have opted to disable google “features” by not adding a gmail address to your handset.

The comical troubleshooting one must initially endure is the assertion that if the web browser is working the data network is working perfectly.  Out of order packets don’t noticeably affect web browsers; out of order packets are very bad for voip.  Lost packets aren’t bad for TCP web browsers; Lost packets are very bad for UDP voip conversations.

“The [3g] ip address on the phone is ONLY for talking to our towers”

Oh really? **  Wait it gets better:

“[3g ip addresses are] not for talking to third party services on the internet”

yes, verizon really made that delightful claim.

“are you saying I’m stupid?” No, based on the call recording I heard this guy is clearly grossly ignorant and not suited to a network support department.

“If the data isn’t working it’s the third party software you’re using”

‘software can control your side of the network? please walk me through how I access that manually’

‘if web pages are timing out is it the fault of the web browser?’  .. “no” .. distinction failure continues

Various analogies are drawn to soho nat…

“you have to understand your ip address is dynamic” ..

uh huh. what’s that to do with it now being private address space and the evil of network address translation whereas recently the 3g interface was _dynamically_ issued from a public address space?

Let’s compare the dhcp class of this handset with the dhcp class of another handset.  Awkward silence.  Even their unassailable network people don’t have access to this information.  Scary.

“you might need to create a new rule in your corporate firewall”

How does that effect my phone?  There is nothing I control between my handset and the tower.  I’m not even using a rooted phone with a software firewall with this issue.

We all commiserate there is little point pushing this issue up the food chain by voice with non-business class accounts… especially with the appalling terminology dearth and concept fail.

Stuck with a private ip address?  Too bad.  Suffer but please continue to pay us.

All silly suggestions to contact the manufacturer of the phone, or the developer of VoIP product x or y ought be ignored.  The manufacturer of a handset that speaks CDMA (or lte), for verizon wireless, will direct all questions pertaining to the network back to verizon.  The software is not relevant to this issue — it merely MANIFESTS (or indicates) that there is an issue, and if you are voip familiar you recognize quickly the flavor of NAT involved.

“Perhaps you should contact google”

Yeah, that’ll work out so well.  Sadly no longer employed by a multinational, multibillion dollar venture group I don’t wield that kind of power any more, so no thanks I’ll try bashing your head against the wall instead.  It’s nice to have memories of seeing microsoft, [phone co], and intel dance to make me happy.. I mean work to find a solution to a problem with stuff.

Expect VoIP to FAIL and FAIL BADLY.  There’s a reasonable chance of VPN pain in your near future.  But at least your browser works, right?

It may be a secret top down plan to sell static ip addresses as that has been repeatedly suggested as a ‘solution’.

Please share your verizon wireless fun [pain].  I have several phone conversations from several people in my allegedly small boat in WAV — VoIP allows call recording for claim consistency purposes.  Consider capturing all your CS phone calls; it’s easy with viatalk (roll your own asterisk people have a few buttons to mash).


See post on “google port-OUT .. revisionist history” for voip/itsp recommendations.  Also consider PIAF vitelity endorsement.  Additionally try TLS nightlies of CSIPsimple.  Howardforums has luminaries worth consulting.



* VoIP : udp sip
** Although it could be an unqualified  reference to pg 5 of VZW document [Verizon Wireless Private Network whitepaper] — section 3.1 grasps the public:private and dynamic:static distinctions. A static IP address is available without having a business account. Section 3.8: “static IP — verizon wireless hosted” as opposed to “static IP — verizon business hosted” makes further distinctions. Dynamic Mobile Network Routing exchanges tower-calls for voip calls.  Any claim by Verizon Wireless that a static IP address [on non-business account] would cost $500 reveals gross ineptitude by the agent.  It is obvious that the agent is phrase searching and landed on section 3.8 “verizon wireless private network setup fee”.  There are a number of circumventions to verizon wireless [tortial interference] ranging from irksome to vexatious.. but VZW provoked Proof of Concept circumvention necessity.
*** upselling:  CradlePoint CBA250, CadlePont CTR500, CadlePont PHS300 :

EDIT: 110701

addendum: verizon 5+ gb throttling easily circumvented without modifying system files.. hahaha delightfully simple change to system!  (requires SuperUser)

edit 2:

learn to speak verizonese:  CGN

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March 25, 2011

mplayer2 a NEW fork of mplayer : very YAY!

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must have

go get


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March 20, 2011

must have android application for hold sanity

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Sure, mid conversation one could mash the speaker button and switch the call to speakerphone while on hold

…. but there is a f/OSS application [on google code] that uses the proximity sensor to do this automatically for you.  What’s more is has a toggle switch to engage only when phone is set upon a mostly horizontal surface:

Take phone from face, set on table… voila speakerphone on hold



there be one gui bug: speaker button does not illuminate when the application toggles speakerphone on by proximity sensor

Plays well with IMSdroid


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March 9, 2011

solutions: CalDav applications for android phones and devices

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update 2, 2014 Apr:  The default android mail client and contacts app cannot be bothered to export ALL fields for a contact entry.  To overcome this perverse limitation license- and install Marten Gajda‘s Contact Editor Pro.  While at DMFS also license DMFS CalDav Sync, and DMFS CardDav Sync.  Contact Editor is mentioned in the original entry but everyone needs this awesome app if they have contacts.  Of greatest import Contact Editor Pro offers

  • copy/move contact between accounts
  • basic group membership management
    • spent hours organizing contacts into groups only to find on restore/import that you wasted your time?  Thanks google


update:  escape google entirely without third party apps by using a hotmail account. Google licenses ActiveSync from microsoft.  Not surprisingly ActiveSync on android functions flawlessly with a hotmail account.  (If you use the Enhanced Email app do NOT try to sync calendar/contacts with it).

  1. register a free hotmail account (windows live mail)
  2. add hotmail account to DEFAULT email client in android
    1. options: add account
    2. enter email address and password
    3. click “manual”
    4. click “exchange”
    5. set domain\username to \[email address] — prefix email address with backslash
    6. set server to:   (even if address is
      1. \
  3. modify account settings
    1. enable: sync contacts
    2. enable: sync calendar

You do NOT need to pair a google email (gmail) account to your android device.  Interweb search “tap four corners” or “bypass android activation” to find instructions for your device to skip the OPTIONAL [activation] step.  If you have already paired a gmail account create a nandroid backup, export data as needed, factory reset, and start with a not-evil setup.  Ideally install a ROM *without* “GAPPS”.  You will “lose” access to google’s malware market, oh noes!  Replace with clean OSS from and purchase apps from ethical developers. See also NOGAPPS Project

Under “Accounts & Sync” your email address should be listed, Default accounts check after address.  Prefixed by a white square intersected by transparent cross (exchange account symbol)

For BEST contact management results please purchase DMFS Contact Editor PRO:  You’ll be supporting an AWESOME developer.

Beware of youmail app versions after 2.3.9 as they will inflict a contact provider which will FLOOD your address book with junk.  Please therefore patch your framework with PDroid to be alerted on_install of impending inanity to stop it.  Hey, youmail, that “feature” ought be disabled by default, much like the “encourage users to [populate] caller id” interweb  “feature”.

A less-horrible contacts export utility:

ActiveSync alternative: Z-push, or dpush

Finally: cancel sms.  upgrade to XMPP. See also:


descending preference (combined: stability, functionality, frequent builds, responsive developers)

Funambol : trustworthy F-droid builds

two way sync


aCal, morphoss

two way sync
unwilling to support Yahoo CalDav


CalDav sync, dmfs

two way sync
change android calendar color


Hypermatix android calendar sync


aDal, Hypermatix

supports Yahoo calendar
two way sync


[WebDav for ICS] ICSSync



free CalDav service providers

Yahoo Calendar ** : alleged not fully CalDav compliant
dotCal *

not-free CalDav service providers



false claims of free service:
(ads are antithetical to free)

dotCal plans


* DotCal future : possibly malservice [malware service analog]
** must upgrade to latest calendar version:

android CalDav comparison that inspired this list of CalDav android applications


instead/additionally hotmail live free ActiveSync — includes otherwise inaccessible hotmail live alarms


[ |  (SU user 24065)]

February 18, 2011

SMS forwarding VSP ITSP VoIP everywhere soon

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Hop on the SMS sunami

If your VSP / ITSP / VoIP provider does not offer SMS forwarding (DID to mobile) find one that does as that’s a new capability litmus test.

Demand at least

  • DID_SMS to mobile phone
  • DID_SMS to email
  • SIP-XMPP one to one
  • SIP-XMPP many to many
  • DID_SMS to SIP/SIMPLE text chat
  • optionally

    DID_SMS to broadcast group

    DID_SMS to audio file (POST, email, IM attach)

    DID_SMS to broadcast voicecall


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    October 2, 2009

    Hazaa! how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100

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    Hazaa how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100em

    ZERO help from verizon on this topic: ZERO help via phone, ZERO help via email, ZERO help via live chat, ZERO help via forum, ZERO help via paper mail.  All verizon avenues assert it is not possible to disable the SIP ALG in the 9100em westell.  Errrn! wrong.

    Export conf, edit file, load conf, reboot.

    configuration file
    save configuration file

    remove ONE line: (alg(sip_udp))
    save changes to file

    configuration file
    load configuration file

    For a little more sanity modify the 9100em SIP service definition from only ONE UDP port, 5060, to include expected defaults-  or YOUR SIP and RTP ports.. you’ll be redefining the 9100 SIP service to be voip service as creating your own voip service definition will not suffice — thanks verizon for making “open” RG “better”.

    Yes, delightfully you will be making multiple modifications in several locations in the config file: service, meh why ruin your fun you can find the rest right?  protocol(17) = UDP  protocol(6) = TCP.  For a little more joy craft some advanced filters (firewall settings, yes, advanced filtering) to allow traffic in, Initial Rules, from your ITSP server(s) or otherwise with the SIP/RTP ports you use. Enable rules logging to verify, syslog daemon preferred, but do not leave enabled.

    Tested against
    9100em hardware revision A
    9100em hardware revision D

    Only functional SIP ALG exists with Cisco (not linksys) and Juniper networks.  By default every NAT’ing device sold in a big box store has similar piss poor NAT.  PFsense for everyone!

    @ verizon fios

    Now that I have your attention.. I would like an option to receive an IPA lease from a netblock without correlation to my geographic position.  (this is not challenging for you to implement).  GeoIP location violates privacy and deters confident exercise of freedom of speech.

    It would also be super to buy an additional IPA since this device was designed with that in mind.  That’d be easier than the solution for multi IPA I employ now which I won’t outline.

    * 2010 update: the least painful way to escape fios cpe SIP ALG is to use SIP ports _other_ than 5060 on server (or proxy).  DEMAND your ITSP/VSP offer such ports or upgrade to one that does [viatalk].  DEMAND your VSP support SIP TCP & TLS.

    * Sept 26 2010:  actual Cisco NAT & ALG
    NAT Optimized SIP Media Path with SDP


    [ ]

    July 15, 2009

    even better self destructing short URL service

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    self expire short url in time or clicks


    can be custom set to expire based on number of clicks or period of time

    even better than ephemurl

    need more content than I link?  combine sturly with tblurb or disposablewebpage

    June 9, 2009

    adsweep, the other adblock for chrome: yet another reminder to download adblocking technology missing from googe browser

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    first:  STOP using chrome.   No, this is not about firefox.  This is about privacy.

    Use Chromium… a particular build of Chromium.  Chrome is a build of Chromium; it’s all about the information harvesting.  Iron is a build of Chromium.

    Iron Chromium is what you REALLY WANT: , click American flag, software, iron, download, click, wait brief seconds at 144 Mbits/sec, run setup, clickity click, run Iron.  Enjoy the same experience as Chrome without the Faustian hand-off to google.


    which itself ironically has banner ads (the site and not the product).


    ads mostly gone.  sure, it’s nowhere near as awesome as the tools for Firefox* but it’s certainly MUCH better than the unmaintained, adblock format based on a FanBoy blocklist Iron Chromium offers in its native adblock engine with SRware’s adblock.ini …  AdSweep is a big help … though I am CONFIDENT SRware will patch up their native adblock engine and integrate it with the context menu (for easy right click on ANY ad / annoyance for quick blocking across sessions)

    compare Iron Chromium to Chrome Chromium


    Iron Chromium portable — the only stable portable version of Chromium


    SUBSTANTIAL difference between Iron’s adblock.ini and AdSweepers extension / user script

    AdSweep HIDES ads with CSS

    adblock.ini BLOCKS ads with pixie dust


    AdSweep does NOT enhance your privacy.   While the current incarnation of Firefox and greasemonkey and AdSweep rely on the page completely loading, unlike Chromium, future versions of Greasemonkey alledgedly will be able to act pre-render of the page.  yay!




    AdBlock Plus
    AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper
    Remove It Permanently
    Yet Another Remove It Permanently
    RefControl – default set to Forge


    March 27, 2009

    prepare yourself apple fan: coming soon to an iTard center near you iShine

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    iShine keeps all  your apple products shiny

    and in Eastern markets:  iShinii

    iShine revision2 will be able to make your apple product shiny even if it was not originally shiny.  Keep the most important part of your apple product in perfect condition.

    In poverty stricken iTard markets:  uShine – you are accustomed to hard daily manual labor.  Why stop working?  uShine all your gizmos yourself and pay for the privilege!

    [insert video here soon]

    March 20, 2009

    why buy an imatardPhone when there’s HTC?

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    HTC reveals the folly of purchasing an itardphone to some of the dim users

    March 17, 2009

    goog-411 disingenuous about caller ANI – caller id blocking fruitless

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    google free 411 disingenuous about caller ANI

    using star codes to block caller id will NOT prevent an ANI enabled line from fetching your information.

    If you choose to connect to a business through the GOOG-411 service, your caller ID information will become visible to that business. We do not share your information with anyone except in the limited circumstances as outlined in our [alleged] privacy policy.

    To avoid having any information associated with your phone number in the future, just block your caller ID before you call. With many phone services, you can do this by dialing *67 before the phone number. In most cases, you can also block your number through the menus on your mobile phone. For specific details on how to block your caller ID, contact your service provider. [be sure not to ask them about ‘Automatic Number Identification’]

    “we won’t harvest your caller-id using ANI, honest, even if you block it, cuz we can’t see it then, but we’ll be able to pass it onto the next party”

    google: powered by hippies with new money

    more amusing: goog-411 sucks in comparison to microsoft’s offering: 800-2255-411 (800-CALL-411)

    try it: or with one of these SIP URI

    other free toll free termincation providers

    don’t like gizmo/skype? is a pure flash (to you) SIP client

    worship at the google altar? dial away otherwise use the SIP URI for goog to try it without being tracked and catalogged.

    March 10, 2009

    how to grab flickr pics instead of the transparent image block

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    CTRL+Shift+V to liberate media (formerly CTRL+Shift+B)

    by request.. again

    firefox with adblock plus installed

    visit image page


    search: ?v

    pick first result, right click, open in new tab, download pic

    February 9, 2009

    plugoo: chat proxy flash widget — they ain’t not horrifically poor at English

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    plugoo: chat proxy flash widget

    Your visitors don’t need neither to download a software nor to create an account before they can contact you. They never have access to your instant messaging information (username). And conversation between a visitor and you is strictly private – other simultaneous visitors on the website don’t see the conversation. You don’t have to change your habits, you keep using your favorite messenger on your desktop or from your mobile phone.

    February 5, 2009

    voip VSP behind NAT best results

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    voip sip VSP behind NAT

    for best results use a built of DD-WRT with MilkFish (or DIY with OpenWRT)

    take it to the next level with MilkFish and a (free) hosted PBX service


    for more fun grab the latest orgasmatron from PBX in a Flash

    ViaTalk growth pains me

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    painful using new ViaTalk

    Oldschool ViaTalk is less vexing to use than VoicePulse behind NAT.  However the ‘new’ (secret) ViaTalk servers are painful to setup behind NAT — some NAT flavors more so than others.  Once their old servers evaporate so will much of their patronage.

    Of their almost cutting edge feature set call record (*99) is the most amusing.  “Your call may be recorded for quality control” is delightful to rave back at the automated attended that puts you on notice whenever you call into most customer server queues.. so that the people you’re calling will similarly be unable to revoke consent.  Unfortunately it’s not very useful to have entire conversations archived on ViaTalk’s voicemail switch as it cannot be downloaded… easily.  As most mail providers will choke on attachments greater than 20 megs.. as they should because email != FTP.. email is obviously not an option.  There’s no sane reason not to offer WAV or FLAC downloads of voicemail, especially call recorded conversations, from the ViaTalk web control panel.

    Of the dozen VSPs I have toyed with ViaTalk has the most appealing feature set and seemingly responsive support people.  They, however, are oft on par with godaddy: barely read the message before firing back an irrelevant reply.

    ViaTalk does have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan which is great for those who like to tinker — which will be ESSENTIAL to create a reliable service.  Future Nine supports the BYOD model but VoicePulse does not.  Be sure to bring a device that allows user set dial plans of you’re in for a world of even more hurt. [The Obi110 is an excellent BYOD, but googlevoice is still evil]

    Viatalk though is merely SIP and *NOT* IAX(2).

    Both VoicePulse and ViaTalk have implementations of call filtering (never let that annoying person ring your line again) but ViaTalk makes redirecting calls to other numbers much easier.  VoicePulse only provides one number to forward to, which ViaTalk lets each rule forward to a number.

    grab a free DDI (free DID) and make use of the second port


    update: verizon’s walled garden gateway seems to actively sabotage some voip services with occasionally-disablable SIP ALG.  conf file mods not sufficient.. poking about in telnets [sic] might prove fruitful.

    @ Verizon  It seems you enjoy provoking class action lawsuits.. instead why not simply cease abusing customers :gasp: and lower prices.  It’ll be far less traumatic and definitely well received by customers.

    edit: overcome westwell sip alg for voip by connecting to the voip server on any port OTHER THAN 5060 (like 5062 or 5080)

    [ ]

    getting to like the new Future Nine

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    like the new Future Nine

    as pay as you go goes Future Nine is the first VSP to focus on satisfying the customer AND integrating customer feedback into the service offering

    Sure their website looks like a highschool project from 1993 but their lead developer is very active in the forums which matter and is quick to respond to tickets

    They use EVIL google checkout, and ethically impaired Paypal.  Also the minimum account funding is TEN dollars!! That’s a bit much for those who wish to purchase a DDI for $4

    On the upside one can forward other (free) DDI to the issued SIP URI, and have dialtone upon instant activation to place toll free calls, and comes with voicemail

    grab a free DDI (free DID) and receive incoming calls to help a developer community 😉



    not a fan of Vonage : MCI tactics at their worst

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    not a fan of Vonage

    Vonage works less poorly when connected directly to the ISP device.. leaving you to purchase another account to feed your house.  

    Receive “support” from an average joe who is receiving free vonage service.  Sure, his english is better than achmed, but he barely has a grasp on the interweb… though he’s less feckless than godaddy “support” staff.

    no thanks


    January 10, 2009

    free TMDA email account

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    free TMDA email account

    December 31, 2008

    helping to destroy ratio P2P peering one step at a time

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    helping to destroy ratio P2P peering one step at a time

    How do I create multiple large files that consume no extra diskspace?

    Create multiple Hardlinks to one or more files.  Change the names of the Hardlinks to suit.



    [ Himself ]

    December 7, 2008

    setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63

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    (1) login  to cPanel 11

    (2) web disk (borked webDAV)

    (3) username: XXX (in subdomain for me)

    (4a) path can be above public_html

    (4b) path: /public_html/[subdomaindir]/_isolateuser1/

    (4c) optionally enable basic auth, but no for now

    (4d) cPanel will report username creation as but you’ll be proving only XXX for sanity to weave extension

    (5) in FTP client (FlashFXP) navigate to directory containing selected subdomain and user in (3)

    (6a) create an XXX subdirectory — weave will assume it exists

    (6b) create:  XXX/crypto, XXX/keys, XXX/meta

    (6c) inside XXX/meta create a version file containing only the number 3

    (7a) modify the latest weave XPI ( ): append dot zip to filename, open in WinRAR or equivalent,

    (7b) in install.rdf change em:name to something like “weave [mywebhostprovider]”,

    (7c) in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.serverURL to — without the cPanel  port one would have great fun with paths

    (7d)  in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.username to XXX

    (7e) if creating a modified XPI for multiple profile- or person use skip 7d and enter username on weave use post install

    (8) change addon’s file extension back to XPI

    (9) drag XPI into firefox, yada yada, restart firefox

    (10) BEFORE singing into weave, weave:preferences, data tab: tick only bookmars — to simplify testing for you

    (11) if 7e then enter XXX, if not XXX should be already entered … weave:sign in, enter password, tick save, sign in


    + iterate 4b: _isolateuser[N] for each person’s account or name to suit

    + AFTER you can login and PUT files without error then enable basic auth for the directory in 4b

    cPanel 11.23.x
    PHP 5.2.x
    linux 2.6.18*
    weave xpi: 0.2.92

    DAV explorer (user:

    ========= Outbound Message =========

    OPTIONS / HTTP/1.1


    Connection: TE

    TE: trailers, deflate, gzip, compress

    User-Agent: UCI DAV Explorer/0.91 RPT-HTTPClient/0.3-3E

    Translate: f

    Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip, x-gzip, compress, x-compress

    Authorization: Basic [hash]

    ========= Inbound Message =========

    HTTP/1.1 200 OK

    Date: [date]

    Server: cPanel

    Content-Length: 0

    Connection: Keep-Alive

    Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=100


    Content-Type: httpd/unix-directory

    DAV: 1,2,<;

    Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=96

    MS-Author-Via: DAV

    SkyDrive is now 25 gigs but no WebDAV … gladinet? instead of livesync



    files PUT up nicely…   funky GET fail

    December 5, 2008

    SMS to yahoo chat : sms phone out format to yahoo inbox popup

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    compose new text message (not email)


    TO:  92466502

    • message MUST begin with the full yahoo ID (email address)
    • immediately a colon (no space after TLD)
    • (optionally a space) then the text message

    message should be received and stored for delivery even if recipient in not logged in currently.

    IF the message is not received try sending to 92466501 instead


    [ ]


    December 3, 2008

    music0very: thanks for the mp3s

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    wish you streamed in FLAC… but CTRL+Shift+V all the same 😛

    … name munged in the interest of file liberation

    December 2, 2008

    iTard fans chuck in an iPhone for the PVR too bad 3G is legacy and trapped in TDMA

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    Microsoft is making more diehards fans of OSX.  I’m still waiting for full FCC implementation of open access.  I don’t care for inferior Time Division … CDMA much better, sorry iPhone iTards

    < 2 seconds on the TV series “Chuck”, season two episode 9:

    Google’s phone will contain much more evil…

    November 25, 2008

    Yahoo BrowserPlus – response to SilverLight, AIR, or Chromium? Pipes piped!

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    yahoo fights over digital souls

    Gauntlet thrown to firefox extension devs..

    November 24, 2008


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    yup, 5100

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