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August 2, 2018

ludum dare fdroid repository

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Why is there no Ludum Dare F-droid repo?

Sure tag them as alpha quality should you like but there are so many epic gems that otherwise as less than amusing to extricate from a compo from the phone

Ludum Dare is a great source of tiny games



September 28, 2014

AI Wars bargain $3.42 vs $17 , until October 5 2014 on IndieRoyale

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IndieRoyale bundles AI war fleet 3 of 6

  • AI War Fleet Command (base)
  • Light of the Spire
  • Children of Neinzul
  • Zenith Remnant

There are 6 addons, IR is selling bundled 3 of them… hopefully all 6 ultimately


  • DRM-free, the way games ought be sold.  drm does NOTHING to stop pirates or crackers
  • Desura Key — much preferred to evil steam
  • Steam key



  • multiplayer (coop)  2-8
  • OSX, linux, win
  • procedural generation
  • differently evolving AI

crossplatform drm free rts 4s grand strategy


Chris continues to churn out engaging RTS..




[ ]


April 28, 2014

French Cows Fraud: “Full games” farce. More than 4 euros, in game purchases enabled

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The french [cows]  idea of just payment is 4 euros monthly for “complete games” but “forgot” to enable all upgrades and disable in-game purchases.

Pay once, then pay again iteratively toward full game

french cow bait and switch subscription pay for games pay again incrementally in game upgrades NO FULL GAMES


April 19, 2014

macabredom infesting recent indiegamebundles

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macabredom game fans might delight in the want of light or rejoice in lack of content


Pay for something to receive less than something: lack of content passed off as innovative

But you’re into macabredom though so delusion is still a comfort?

macabredom: that which is macabre

al-emmo is far more demeaning



April 15, 2014

three whole abstract strategy games available on desura

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for osx or linux

dearth of abstract strategy games on desura for osx or linux

April 14, 2014

worst bundled “game” ever: boredom in 3D!

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In BundleBandi’s 3D paraglider

3d boredom in a paraglider

even less interesting than a sandbox


April 2, 2014

free tri-platform multiplayer game index 1404

add either linkification UserScript or linkify extension to your interweb browser  FPS , dev GS , SF:tripleA RTS , , demonstrating K2 engine RTS , , donate  , demonstrating K2 engine , dev (unity developer) , unity , RTS , dev ,, dev , crowd-funded ,,  dev , arcade , fps , arcade ,, dev , Electronic Arts , M MP , rpg , adventure & coop , destruction , fps , adventure k-8 , rpg hns [invite] , arcade , space , arcase retro





_ win osx , FPP , sports arcade , fps coop , rpg








or mine thru Freedom Friday posts

avoid unity ‘creativity’

windoze multiplayer



glitsy single player , tunnel running , tower



March 29, 2014

best indie bundled game ever [since december 2013]

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Skyward Collapse (Arcen Games) presents game elements I have extracted from RTS (or driving a track backwards in a racing game): pitting one AI against another  — after an unbalanced AI (or AI expecting me to have played dozens of hours daily most every day).

Fight AIs with the objective of allowing neither to annihilate the other, but encouraging carnage and destruction (and rebuilding).

For a more ethereal aspect rts elements are placed ‘floating’.

As there are many random elements saving frequently is not only strongly encouraged by the game itself but essential.

If you don’t enjoy resource management, turn based constraints, or creative use of RTS this might not be the game for you.  While I prefer desura skyward collapse is also available to fans of steam DRM resource waste.

With multiplayer, co-op, and single player $5 is well reasonable.

[screen shots]

February 20, 2014

Takedown Red Sabre: unpopular with mouth breathing troglodytes bereft of strategy or is it a poor game?

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fast is slow and slow is fast

The player that takes things slow, aims carefully, and plans their moves right will overcome the player who runs in with guns blazing.

That’s exactly the opposite mindset of most [steam] FPS fans — the type who deem actual-strategy boring or impossible.

thinking is so very challenging

Based on the detail impaired negative reviews and the grammar challenged petitions it seems more likely the troglodytes are a bit irked that their tub thumping running stumblefest “strategy” fails by game design.

We need to stick together and put a stop to this crap of releasing games that are not complete.

Sign this so we can get a refund and have steam take this off as being sold as retail.


We want Steam and the Company of the game to give back the thousands of people refunds. I wouldn’t want my money to go to waste. This game doesn’t deserve $15, It doesn’t even deserve one dollar.


Yes, steam, when will you “give back the people” you stole?  Was it shanghai or other human trafficking?


Try Takedown Red Sabre for $1 through March 5 via

February 19, 2014

free legal copy of Thief Gold for painful contest

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Normally I wouldn’t want to decrease my odds of winning a contest by telling anyone else about it, but I have no intention of creating a mod for an OOLLDD windows game.  If you are great for you

$10 copy of OOOOOOOLD game



ZERO cost copy:


visit provided amazon item page  (not a link to prevent affiliate hijacking)


“buy” it. optionally create new amazon account.


must provide valid credit card to complete ZERO dollar transaction?


enter coupon code at checkout

zero cost theif gold amazon requires a credit card and will not accept a test number


steam code: your Your Account, Digital Content, Your Games and Software Library



some suggest storing coupon code  for future use


submit mod to amazon

steam community guide to making install less masochistic

amazon’s suggested link


for mobile:


February 18, 2014

indie bundling overkill & gifting

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Having only recently discovered indie bundle sales I’ve quickly spent nearly $300 buying sets and gifting.  Each steam bundle I purchase in sets for LAN or other particular scope use.

Very few of these bundle programs provide tools to track- or assign gifts.  IndieGala is likely the least-worst labeled.


BundleBandits provides zero gifting facility.  I created a unique account per giftee, after purchase changing account information to something they could use to access their new account themselves.


BundleBandits seems focused on selling glitchy old garbage and predominantly windows — which isn’t necessarily redundant.

BundleBandits neo retro: universe sandbox: is similar to a f/oss game on F-droid, but itself unfortunately windows only.


Which is not much unlike a gravity android game in a Christmas HumbleBundle:


Curiously Giant Army suggests cross-platform applications:

mac, ipad, windows

mac, windows:  “you can’t lose, and you definitely can’t win”  But you’ll definately spend $10 for the privilege

mac, windows, ubuntu: Gravi-T

mac, win, linux: digital 3D atlas of the universe

yes, this is the exactly phrasing of their help offer:

Need help with the universe?

need help with the universe


Because much holding of breath will be necessary before osx or linux versions arrive:

February 16, 2014

indie gala STRESS test appeared minutes ago

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I bought it on impulse assuming it might disappear before the clock

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 12.14.36 PM


one bundle for me, another bundle for my guest steam account(s)


bundle gifting & every indie game bundle site

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Tags: [now poor quality] [store ‘requires’ paypal verified account AND funded not merely CC]



useful shopping tools (must AdBlock)


dead or dying [dead]
. .



IndieGameStand finds new ways to screw people:  no pro-rated refunds for ‘elite’ subscription.  Customer “service” is not nearly as atrocious as arvixe. [tinyurl:directdig]

IndieGameStand : facilitates infanticide through morally-depraved “charities”. Upon questioning IGS replies, “the [game] developers choose the charities.” Unfortunately the customer is UNABLE to elect NON-donation purchase(s). Far too frequently the IndieGameStand charity promulgates falsehoods about conception while providing technologies relying upon abortifacients like: “save” the children (provides abortions, abortifacients, and “birth” control which relies upon abortifacients to effect visible pregnancy termination).

For exposure or otherwise indie developers allow licenses sold at loss leader prices AND without evil-drm in one or more:  direct download, Desura, or evil-steam.  Steam evil?  How will you play your games once steam is defunct?  yay, that.

PWYW or NYOP:  Pay What You Want / Name Your Own Price attracts two types:  those who pay the bare minimum (often $1 requires for evil-steam keys) and those who can be encouraged to act philanthropic on their own respective scale.

Humble Bundle consistently puts forth quality collections.  Not so for BundleStars re-hocking decade old games; they’re not the only guilty party.  The only upside is convenient chart of evil-steam keys emailed upon purchase.  For a few dollars a year the risk of evil-steam evaporating is not a big deal — it definitely is a concern for dozens and dozens of games $10-$60 each.

HumbleBundle receives a gold star from me for android games NOT-requiring evil-google malware-market access.  They have an android app to facilitate installs and notify of updates but unlike evil-google or amazon-atrocity-store it’s not a ram-suck.

Originally I found them as gifts within the friend-ceiling agreement.

Now I buy FOUR  sets of most every bundle bought.  One for me, and the other also for me but for LAN gaming for family/guests.  One library with four seats of evil-steam.  With evil-steam or desura credentials guests can invite tunneling players or internets players by sharing credentials setup for this unfortunality.  Single instance licensed game lending need not require this, but here we are all the same.

comical mentions: — “allowing” you to overpay for OLD OLD games even when on “sale” for $1.49

avoid: IndieGalaSTORE.  The IndieGala store foolishly “requires” a validated paypal account.  I have no interest granting power to paypal so I’ll not be buying their store games — and neither ought you. Paypal effectively acquires co-signer power on your bank account to withdraw funds in “dispute resolution”, and thanks to greatleader’s administration often requires official documents to prove your identity (passport, drivers license, etc). If you must paypal have a separate bank account at a different institution than your primary funds or trust accounts; this will force lawsuit for dispute holding paypal to JUST standards instead of policy inanity.

Most provide purchaser the option to direct all monies to a named charity.  The sensible bundlers pick a charity benefiting suffering children.  The cretinous fools like IndieGameStand have a history of supporting children-slaughtering charities like unicef.  Those unicef wretches advertize helping children on first glance but without much effort one discovers they not only fund- but also facilitate infanticide.

NO money for IndieGameStand until they change their evil ways willfully ignorant or not.  It’s not enough to allow patrons to select another charity as supporing them while they donate to any anti-life organization makes the donor complicit.

Value added to OLD games


February 14, 2014

LoL chat, League of Legends, via xmpp client : adium plugin

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Forget LoLchat malware in the android market

Adium LoLchat plugin

LoLchat xmpp client adium plugin NOT malware

January 31, 2014

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers? let us see what 6 fetches a desura key or disappointment.

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In the choose your own price adventure of game purchasing mouse craft is either ironically named (lazy developers) or wickedly (deceitful).  The cost field populating buttons for steam (blech) and desura (yay) are labeled $5:

“Give us at least at least $5.00 and receive a key to redeem the game on Desura”.

Motivational text below $5 claims at least $5 provides a steam key (implying also/either desura key).

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers let us see what 5 fetches a desura key or disappointment


mouse craft buck


mouse craft buck


clicking either steak/desura button however pushes the donation to $9 as confirmed by the javascripting

mouse craft steam key coded to 9 and not 5


What will a donation of $6 fetch?  That’s a bit of a gamble on a not-networked game.  Whatever the qualifying amount it seems one is likely to receive both drm-free and keys:

mouse craft CYOPA drmfree and steam keys and desura keys


Multiplayer mouse craft requires SneakerVncNet: not-fun overkill for this use case.

Setup mouse craft for multiple players

  • RFC 7081 — read it, live it
  • SneakervncNet


sure, there are other examples of atrocious grammar, but lack of polish is not “lack” of honesty.  “If you didn’t any of them”?

if you didnt the game


More annoying in a different way are the roadmap prioritization sliders.  There are three sliders.  Go ahead and set the third to any value smaller than default.  Now set the second to zero.  Uh oh the third slider has increased beyond your selection. Set the second back to zero.  The other sliders move again but scaled down.  This iterative ‘game’ is reminiscent of some mousey game play.

mouse craft less than amusing sliders 1 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 2 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 3 _50pct


Perhaps it’s ideological?  When is a beta not a beta?  When it’s a pre-alpha?

alpha beta confusion _50pct


Everything is nothing and something means anything!


To download “beta” versions you need must register: While mouse craft developers are math impaired they expect participants to be arithmetic savvy [instead]:

basic math expectation bar set too high for developers of mouse craft


On the upside their games are multiplatform developed for the big 3:  linux, osx, windows.

Additional downside: zero notification form submission received.  This is yet more SLOTH from the crunching koala developers.  They’re linking to google JS; this is privacy rape for potential customers

crunching koalas sloth is privacy rape for you


instead CACHE what third party resources you need. STOP loading third party tools on the fly.  Pull updates to serve FIRST party. (This is Yet Another Google Tracking: privacy rape)




I wish there was a click-simple wordpress CSS solution for stroking images (solid color outline of images).  In gimp: select all, new layer, edit menu, stroke, adjust to suit, save as PNG24.


December 18, 2013

mostly multiplayer games for your new mint

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you know who you are

eternallands worldofpadman redeclipse bzflag hedgewars tmw stendhal choria pdiaspora-client assaultcube alien-arena capitalism zaz warzone2100 zero-ballistics scorched3d legends funguloids performous sandboxgamemaker-all spring wormux widelands boswars phun irrlamb goollie openalchemist jag openlierox teeworlds 8kingdoms slimevolley 2h4u gondola oolite manaplus openra minetest alien-arena marathon-infinity the-powder-toy openttd sumwars xonotic somyeol2d stuntrally mars freeorion alephone marathon-infinity ttf-alephone pingus nexuiz stratagus acm4 craft liquidwar luola netpanzer xbattle xpilot-ng


your java options

installing sun java6

find other games by finding game engines.

like this

mint inflicted pesky GB dictionaries? install package  localepurge


use Desura to shop for games but do NOT install their crap

to mine

be charitable & game

January 21, 2009

myspace games autoplayer

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crosspost.  continue to cheat myspace games

Blog at