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October 23, 2009

OpenDNS Deluxe needs more features and lower cost to justify purchase espcecially in light of TreeWalk DNS — should include power wildcards and RADIUS

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Paid versions of OpenDNS? Hmm OpenDNS is but one of your alternatives to your ISP poorly performing resolvers.  Is the Deluxe version of OpenDNS worth the investment of the home user (parents)?


OpenDNS ought offer hosted RADIUS as part of that price especially as their primary audience has always been home users — WPA2-PSK AES is NOT sufficient anymore.  Hosted RADIUS is not currently priced for home use but there is a ‘vast’ untapped market of people who do not realize their need yet;  Those aware of the need are extremely unlikely either to buy a dedicated hardware appliance or build their own RADIUS server.

OpenDNS “Deluxe” as “free without ads and a smidge more” [not a quote] is not featured enough to justify $10 annually.  While increased space in blacklisting is tempting, and while whitelisting-only has certain parental applications (albeit in a complex bordering on chaotic implementation challenge),

For $10 or preferably less annually OpenDNS ought apply a few changes in offerings to home users:

OpenDNS free ought offer more blacklisting space and use expanded whitelisting as an upsell. — (crippling (porn) sites a far more effective deterrent than outright blocking and requires a much larger blacklist than 50 hosts)

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer FINE GRAIN control over the NXDOMAIN intercept page.  OpenDNS ought not use the NXDOMAIN intercept page in a deluxe of better panel as an upsell avenue nor should there be evidence of OpenDNS branding.

OpenDNS ought recognize the vast hoards in broken marriages and mixed families: one account six houses type scenario.

OpenDNS ought recognize some ultra broadband residential customers (fios) have multiple public IP addresses: a one house scenario.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer wildcard support in white- and blacklisting.  Wildcards as prefix and suffix (por*.rain.tld / *tube.tld), wildcards in the middle of FDQN (cdn.*tube.tld / cdn*.*.*tube.tld), and single character wildcard “?”.

OpenDNS deluxe ought offer a wiki for home gateway configuration (filters or rules) to seize resolution requests

OpenDNS free is not suffient for most residential user (parental) needs, and OpenDNS does not add enough value to justify expenditure given TreeWalk DNS, OpenDNS alternative, is readily available without invoking irrational fear by uttering ‘bind’.  TreeWallk DNS (for windows) is free, easy enough to setup, and offers the home user (or parent) orders of magnitude more power and features (ConFetch).

I would have kept TreeWalk “to myself” but I hope to modify the OpenDNS deluxe  feature offering while reducing the annual cost for (complex) residential users. TreeWalk currently maintained by Zenobi.

“TreeWalk is a “free personal use”, automatically installed DNS name-caching only server which is similar to, but more efficient than using your default ISP’s DNS servers. A lookup only, non-persistent caching version called BIND-LE for Windows 95/98/ME/[2000/XP/2003] is also available from our Downloads page” [[If you’re using Windows7 (aka vista) you’re SOL twofold. Enjoy the sweet suffering you masochist.]]

I do NOT advocate switching to google’s “free” DNS;  all the “free” services from google are merely a methods for facilitating your (blissfully ignorant) quiet surrender of  yourself via packetization.  Google is not a philanthropic group; google is a giant relational database mining enterprise that also runs an ad deployment platform.  Participation in google projects is PURE FOLLY.

edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

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October 6, 2009

mobile phones: how is it as a phone?

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Why is Motorola targetting the iTard market with the Motorola Droid?

Should not phones primarily BOTH

(1) have excellent signal reception/relay

(2) have excellent audio fidelity / vocoders



Does the motorola droid? who knows?!  The engineers might not have bothered testing.  What has happened to the motorola name? merely YAPP (yet another phone producer)?

Does anyone test PHONE network connectivity or test PHONE voice quality anymore?

As long as a phone is SHINY, small, light, and run programs to delight the feckless surely it will be a winning selling product…

Soon the generation who inflicted contraceptives on society will in turn receive the similar gift of euthanaia. … iTards and useful idiots first.. then second generation iTards.. then public school employees and overseers…

I want a slimmer motorola e815.  HTC has one passable PHONE, but I am not interested in paying a $60/month verizon FINE.  One cannot opt-out of the verizon penalty fee.  I want to use the PHONE as a PHONE and nothing more (than the occasional SMS).

edit: even eWeek doesn’t bother to review PHONES  as a PHONE per se... seems like eWeek has moved to the iTards column

Where are the QUALITY PHONES????

edit:  droid “does” stuff but how well IS it a PHONE?


October 2, 2009

Hazaa! how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100

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Hazaa how to disable SIP ALG on Westell 9100em

ZERO help from verizon on this topic: ZERO help via phone, ZERO help via email, ZERO help via live chat, ZERO help via forum, ZERO help via paper mail.  All verizon avenues assert it is not possible to disable the SIP ALG in the 9100em westell.  Errrn! wrong.

Export conf, edit file, load conf, reboot.

configuration file
save configuration file

remove ONE line: (alg(sip_udp))
save changes to file

configuration file
load configuration file

For a little more sanity modify the 9100em SIP service definition from only ONE UDP port, 5060, to include expected defaults-  or YOUR SIP and RTP ports.. you’ll be redefining the 9100 SIP service to be voip service as creating your own voip service definition will not suffice — thanks verizon for making “open” RG “better”.

Yes, delightfully you will be making multiple modifications in several locations in the config file: service, meh why ruin your fun you can find the rest right?  protocol(17) = UDP  protocol(6) = TCP.  For a little more joy craft some advanced filters (firewall settings, yes, advanced filtering) to allow traffic in, Initial Rules, from your ITSP server(s) or otherwise with the SIP/RTP ports you use. Enable rules logging to verify, syslog daemon preferred, but do not leave enabled.

Tested against
9100em hardware revision A
9100em hardware revision D

Only functional SIP ALG exists with Cisco (not linksys) and Juniper networks.  By default every NAT’ing device sold in a big box store has similar piss poor NAT.  PFsense for everyone!

@ verizon fios

Now that I have your attention.. I would like an option to receive an IPA lease from a netblock without correlation to my geographic position.  (this is not challenging for you to implement).  GeoIP location violates privacy and deters confident exercise of freedom of speech.

It would also be super to buy an additional IPA since this device was designed with that in mind.  That’d be easier than the solution for multi IPA I employ now which I won’t outline.

* 2010 update: the least painful way to escape fios cpe SIP ALG is to use SIP ports _other_ than 5060 on server (or proxy).  DEMAND your ITSP/VSP offer such ports or upgrade to one that does [viatalk].  DEMAND your VSP support SIP TCP & TLS.

* Sept 26 2010:  actual Cisco NAT & ALG
NAT Optimized SIP Media Path with SDP


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August 3, 2009

solving the google picasa local storage problem

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google picasa is a storage glutton… encourage google to support adobe lightroom with web picasa

the problem:  infinite space a logical contradiction

the solution:

suggest a google analog of layers in a file… both reknowned photoshop and painter support layers.. even GIMP

consider a set: original, mod file (layers), and output file.   Incremental changes are made to google mod file and final output available online.  No need for large amounts of space

July 15, 2009

the future of commenting? past come alive: voice

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comments in voice?

July 12, 2009

google voice is much creepier than gmail

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google voice is much creepier than gmail

creepier than gmail owning a slice of your digital soul through cross correlation of search results, ads, and EVERYBODY you ever interact with on their other platform tools?  Google will cross identify your surfing (through searches and ad presence) and email habits against those of your circle of friends, family, business associates, and website visitors (should you use their widgets);  Should they be unable to identify you per se they certainly will if you volunteer your credit card to purchase international calling minutes.

I spent about an hour with the number picker, got a really really really cool phone number that I am in the midst of porting out.. so it was awesome in that respect only.

Google Voice might seem impressive to someone who has never tinkered with voip.

Better option: Orgasmatron VPS with Vitelity ITSP with and callcentric backups.

July 10, 2009

much needed search engine features: learn the spam I wish to avoid

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server side search engine spam result filtering.. hueristic?

Sure, there are some nifty greasemonkey UserScripts for hiding undesirable search results.  I don’t want to see evil blog scrapers (IP piracy).  I don’t want to see offers to buy illegal drugs when researching a drug.

Learn what I do NOT want to see and NOT-return it for my query.  This need not require signin and microsoft’s new BING engine implies.   Hueristic server side search engine filtering is a must have especially as it would be cheaper than hiring assassins to find and kill spammers.

[IE8 sucks: no native FORM spell checking as you type]



June 20, 2009

IAX2: S100-FX

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June 2, 2009

NXP TV543 — hello developers? TVersity to HDTV made easy… or PNX5120 .. new HD LCDs have built-in ethernet ports

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ethernet H.264 / MPEG-2 to TV _ Philips NXP HDTV|pp=%5Bt=aip,i=456%5D

IPTV and plays well with DLNA


— why wait for developers to produce a LOW COST “media extender”? NEW Philips HD LCDs sport built-in ethernet ports!! oooh

PNX5120 (series 9000 LCDs)

• PNX8543 Video and аudio processor
• PNX5120 HD-NM FHD 100Hz Video Back-End Processor
• EP3C25F324C7N FPGA (“Local Contrast”)
• HD1816AF Hybrid Tuner
• DRX3926K Demodulator DVB-T,DVB-C
• TDA9996 HDMI Switch
• TPA3123D2PWP Class D Power Amplifier
• DP83816AVNG PCI ethernet media access controller and physical layer (MacPhyter-II).





June 1, 2009

spintronics femtosecond hard drive a data pipe dream

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femtosecond data pipe dream hard drive

spintronics yay? 

device availability speculation has only been happening for more than a decade

Colossal Storage has had a few patent on petabyte spintronics hard drives since 2000:



naturally employing CYA grammar the speculation continued:

could prove to be either an advantage or a disadvantage for future spintronic technologies.


Well before then Ratheon (US gov) was experimenting with biological storage mediums.

SLC SSD is the now- and  future replacement of HDD, the slowest component in today’s desktops.  Holographic storage will replace both bloootardray and HD-DVD (the current winner despite the hype).  Inphase Technologies has already demonstrated 500 Gb/in

> ten years back: When a teenager attempts to build a breeder reactor

the USSR plan of destroying education from within has succeeded: we now have a Marxist as Executive in Chief.  Both China and the once former USSR now wag their respective fingers at us.

verizon makes it easy to use neighbor’s FIOS

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Verizon fires laser into foot with FIOS CPE defaults

abandon the sinking RoadRunner infrastructure ship… as much as verizon sucks FIOS is the better choice (as long as there are no install glitches or funky flags)

someone, Kyle Anderson, as I warned would take the time to correlate SSID to key:

The foolish default state of BOTH residential- and business FIOS (FTTP as opposed to superior ARCH) CPE is WEP with “random” SSID/key assignments on (raped) OpenRG with mixed hardware.  Brilliant.  WEP has been cracked for how long now?  Why not default to WAP in WPA2-PSK AES or at least WAP off?  No, that would make sense, and require end users to understand the technology they use.  In verizon-l0gik potentially awesome CPE is further crippled with feasture limitation-, Microsoft style “are you sure”-, SEVERE bugs some basic QA would catch, phenominally poor L1 tech ‘support’ (to upsell $150/yr premium soho tech consultation), [ad infinitem it seems] ..

Kyle’s FIOS Wireless Cracking Tool (coralized to save Kyle bandwidth)

Kyle’s FIOS Wireless Cracking Tool v2 (coralized)

Comnically FIOS 50/20 package has some other issues like 45Mb/s links that will cause more fun down the line (pun intended)

Motivate verizon to correct FIOS CPE by letting your neighbors cover your ultraband internet costs for the next few months:


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free XP n2n compile to compete with hamachi?

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almost hamachi alternative: n2n  (EPC-Virtual Multiplayer Lan [alpha]) [client, no supernode (server)]

1. The TAP adapter is from the OpenVPN package. ( there are some vista 64 issues afaik ) [[Himself will test windows 7 (vista sp3)  when SLC SSD >64g is available on a BIOS-flexible ASUS mobo with 16+g of RAM .. for future >8 stream CableCard applications]]
2. the DHCP server & network is a service provided by [pieterbaarlo].
3. the Gui is only a gui written in realbasic, and a frontend to the following tools.
4. the n2n core is created by
5. forcebindip is created by

XP n2n gui alternative:

n2n allows use of any private address per RFC1918

n2n supernode in VMWare seems entertaining… I’ll toy with that in a bit



edit 100102 here is a another one of those alternative lists from a blog focused on LAN games over the internet:

— and lo n2n atop his list, too —


and back to Himself:

tunnelier as SOCKs proxy for CopSSH — at least great for interweb cafe free-spots

April 21, 2009

OS integrity does not wane with use: OSX

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OSX: the X11 of the future.  Transition sponsored by microsoft

thanks microsoft by making OSX more appealing by the hour

March 30, 2009

hulu certainly does NOT need to store flash shared objects (SOL : flash cookies)

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DENY hulu the privilege of storing flash shared objects (SOL) in your Local Storage

DENY the privilege of using local storage for flash



Flash settings manager is NOT capable enough.  flash player hack?  Currently it only sports a whitelist:.



DRM urinates on the American way.  STOP hollyfascism in its tracks at hulu.  Thankfully no elaborate tools are required.  Obviously, though not to the cretins, my objective is not piracy.

[105% NoSquint zoom had been in effect prior to all screen captures]

block ALL hulu ads with ONE adblock plus filter

March 29, 2009

blocking ALL hulu ads with merely FOUR adblock plus filters

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yes, only four filters will kill all interstitial hulu ads.. mwahaha

configurable security policy joy

.. taking advantage of the hollywoodifizing of browser technology 😉

Circumventing hollyfascism is trivial. The hollyfascists will never win.

Configurable Security Policy (CAPS) extension for firefox oh so close

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rally the troops… please? Sure this is an OLD idea. Is now it’s time?

link to evil-google withheld

NoScript is only a tiny slice the user’s CONTROL

Though extensive RT content filters ought not be happenning within the browser: use hardware appliances for that.

This will be my last Microsoft OS laptop (XP).

MY hardware MY rules. Mine is the last word.

March 18, 2009

is Asus EeePC the modern toshiba libretto?

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March 17, 2009

goog-411 disingenuous about caller ANI – caller id blocking fruitless

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google free 411 disingenuous about caller ANI

using star codes to block caller id will NOT prevent an ANI enabled line from fetching your information.

If you choose to connect to a business through the GOOG-411 service, your caller ID information will become visible to that business. We do not share your information with anyone except in the limited circumstances as outlined in our [alleged] privacy policy.

To avoid having any information associated with your phone number in the future, just block your caller ID before you call. With many phone services, you can do this by dialing *67 before the phone number. In most cases, you can also block your number through the menus on your mobile phone. For specific details on how to block your caller ID, contact your service provider. [be sure not to ask them about ‘Automatic Number Identification’]

“we won’t harvest your caller-id using ANI, honest, even if you block it, cuz we can’t see it then, but we’ll be able to pass it onto the next party”

google: powered by hippies with new money

more amusing: goog-411 sucks in comparison to microsoft’s offering: 800-2255-411 (800-CALL-411)

try it: or with one of these SIP URI

other free toll free termincation providers

don’t like gizmo/skype? is a pure flash (to you) SIP client

worship at the google altar? dial away otherwise use the SIP URI for goog to try it without being tracked and catalogged.

March 16, 2009

awesome link of the day

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want a DNSreport alternative?

February 12, 2009

how foolish are myspace users? NEVER buy raped music: mp3s are only acceptable for free

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Open letter to snocap: mp3s are only acceptable for free the iTardtoons for myspace is hocking mp3s.  yay?

NO.  Money ought fetch FIDELITY music:  DVD audio, CD audio, or FLAC

February 6, 2009

aviary software subscriptions: less control and less privacy privacy for consumer

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 software subscriptions: less control and less privacy privacy for consumer

say NO to (online) software subscriptions

run application code LOCALLY to retain privacy, power, and control

NO. absolutely NOT.

My workproduct is assured mine when produced LOCALLY and stored LOCALLY.


pro packages offer “more file privacy.  gee, that’s peachy.  LOCALLY installed software offers TOTAL file PRIVACY.

February 5, 2009

voip VSP behind NAT best results

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voip sip VSP behind NAT

for best results use a built of DD-WRT with MilkFish (or DIY with OpenWRT)

take it to the next level with MilkFish and a (free) hosted PBX service


for more fun grab the latest orgasmatron from PBX in a Flash

ViaTalk growth pains me

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painful using new ViaTalk

Oldschool ViaTalk is less vexing to use than VoicePulse behind NAT.  However the ‘new’ (secret) ViaTalk servers are painful to setup behind NAT — some NAT flavors more so than others.  Once their old servers evaporate so will much of their patronage.

Of their almost cutting edge feature set call record (*99) is the most amusing.  “Your call may be recorded for quality control” is delightful to rave back at the automated attended that puts you on notice whenever you call into most customer server queues.. so that the people you’re calling will similarly be unable to revoke consent.  Unfortunately it’s not very useful to have entire conversations archived on ViaTalk’s voicemail switch as it cannot be downloaded… easily.  As most mail providers will choke on attachments greater than 20 megs.. as they should because email != FTP.. email is obviously not an option.  There’s no sane reason not to offer WAV or FLAC downloads of voicemail, especially call recorded conversations, from the ViaTalk web control panel.

Of the dozen VSPs I have toyed with ViaTalk has the most appealing feature set and seemingly responsive support people.  They, however, are oft on par with godaddy: barely read the message before firing back an irrelevant reply.

ViaTalk does have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan which is great for those who like to tinker — which will be ESSENTIAL to create a reliable service.  Future Nine supports the BYOD model but VoicePulse does not.  Be sure to bring a device that allows user set dial plans of you’re in for a world of even more hurt. [The Obi110 is an excellent BYOD, but googlevoice is still evil]

Viatalk though is merely SIP and *NOT* IAX(2).

Both VoicePulse and ViaTalk have implementations of call filtering (never let that annoying person ring your line again) but ViaTalk makes redirecting calls to other numbers much easier.  VoicePulse only provides one number to forward to, which ViaTalk lets each rule forward to a number.

grab a free DDI (free DID) and make use of the second port


update: verizon’s walled garden gateway seems to actively sabotage some voip services with occasionally-disablable SIP ALG.  conf file mods not sufficient.. poking about in telnets [sic] might prove fruitful.

@ Verizon  It seems you enjoy provoking class action lawsuits.. instead why not simply cease abusing customers :gasp: and lower prices.  It’ll be far less traumatic and definitely well received by customers.

edit: overcome westwell sip alg for voip by connecting to the voip server on any port OTHER THAN 5060 (like 5062 or 5080)

[ ]

getting to like the new Future Nine

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like the new Future Nine

as pay as you go goes Future Nine is the first VSP to focus on satisfying the customer AND integrating customer feedback into the service offering

Sure their website looks like a highschool project from 1993 but their lead developer is very active in the forums which matter and is quick to respond to tickets

They use EVIL google checkout, and ethically impaired Paypal.  Also the minimum account funding is TEN dollars!! That’s a bit much for those who wish to purchase a DDI for $4

On the upside one can forward other (free) DDI to the issued SIP URI, and have dialtone upon instant activation to place toll free calls, and comes with voicemail

grab a free DDI (free DID) and receive incoming calls to help a developer community 😉



not a fan of VoicePulse… except SIP PBX

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not a fan of VoicePulse

the only useful service offered by VoicePulse is SIP PBX

VoicePulse connect is evolving… voicepulse VSP is lingering in feature death despire a recent site polishing.  I do not believe they have asterisk engineers in their employ, but instead contract them as needed.


January 18, 2009

Windows 7 is enough to kill itself on the desktop

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Ignore the misanthropic fanboi article but heed the DRM-, resource-, security-, and cost  comments



Although I have enjoyed the bashing of MS for the last 2 years due to Vista, it did actually have real problems. 1. The OS was built around DRM which puts the the user thirds to MS and the movie companies. 2. They wanted to improve the ‘running as admin’ problem, but they didn’t have the guts to actually make normal users in to non-admin users. Have either of these things changed? — Felix


it still suffers from: * Very high RAM usage (about 2/3 that of Vista) * Heavy UI requirements (and no classic start bar now) * Heavy handed usage of DRM * Lack of device support (as bad as Vista) * Unknown cost (although Microsoft need to support their staff with this) * IE8 is an abysmal web browser The bottom line is that Windows 7 is based on the Vista core (with slightly more polish) but is still horrendously memory hungry, GPU intensive, (probably) expensive and the same quality control that we have come to expect from Microsoft 😉 Don’t forget also that Microsoft is planning to move over to a software-as-a-subscription model (so you will have to PAY every year to keep your PC working). No thanks! – John Cockroft


You make the bold claim, “Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop” without substantaiting it. No benchmarks, no stabiity tests, no feature comparisons. People have been cheated by M$ for decades. All anyone wants is a stable system that provides a GUI and high-level access to hardware for applications. Instead, we have gigabytes of garbage on our hard disks and in our RAM. Since M$ are know to have been selling a proven failure (Vista), would it not be reasonable to wait until Windows 7 ships then do a soak test then compare it with Linux and OSX? – Wendy


you still can’t beat the price [of linux]. The only reasons Windows exists is because everyone is forced to buy it on pre-builts…it has been a peice of …. for years and anyone with technical knowledge knew that, but unlike other industries (due to monopoly) it rained supreme. Lastly I have no idea why it has advantages for open source?? I develop open source and 90+% of my tools are built in (and originate on) to linux. … MS will still hide all the functionality from users since they consider the average joe … dumb … which is especially horrible for power users…. The security flaws in the system have never been truly addressed since it is a basic flaw in Windows oversized kernel which places too many things inside the root-area. That can only be fixed with a major rewrite…but why would MS do that when all people care about is the look-n-feel (plus that is comes on the computer when they buy it…no choice).  — boom


any good intentioned soul sitting down to read this article might actually believe that it is written by the Linux fan who is re-evaluating his decision to run Linux instead of a MS product. Why? Because Windows 7 BETA is just that good right? No. Because like so many MS Fanboys, he is a farce, long on words, but short on evidence. As has been stated before, there is no evidence in this article to support the author’s claims. Anyone who would attempt a test between a BETA product and an established product expecting the results to be certifiable is obviously living in LaLa land anyways – I know more


Windows is a convenient OS for training monkeys to eventually type Shakespeare. I won’t be switching back to Windows until they develop an OS that: Respects that I am smart enough to want to do what I say I want, not just the most popular options. Doesn’t give every third-party script the right to run as admin (security shouldn’t depend on only the AV and firewall, kids.) Doesn’t spy on me, doesn’t get all Big Brother on me (yes, I made that DVD myself I don’t need DRM blocking me), and doesn’t try to do ANYTHING behind my back, even if I haven’t chosen to upgrade something. Adheres to standards, rather than developing a new and special (ed) version of them. Once the Vole decided he had invented the English language and could sell it, what chance was there for true compatibility in anything? – DanF


What the final verdict is, am I willing to spend another few hundred bucks everytime Microsoft releases their latest and greatest. That answer is absolutely not. What if i wanna buy a new CPU, and use the same version of Windows that I have, not allowed to ?!?! Surely, I purchased this product, just months ago, and now I am not legally allowed to run it on my machine because of a CPU failure, which resulted in the purchase of a new chip. I will though be able to continue to use my existing version of whichever flavor of Linux I choose to, and for free, no matter what kind of hardware changes I make, or how many installs I do… – [yay todd]


Windows 7 is nothing but Vista with a new taskbar (oOOooh!) and with the constant nagging/permissions fixed ! Ever since the announcement of the beta release, I’ve been trying to find more documentation on the new features…. and guess what, this is what I found ! No new micro-kernel, no new filesystem, no fancy backup system… NOTHING ! Oh wait… I forgot the part where the windows become transparent except for the ouline. My bad. Pretty impressive indeed – G


Windows 7, like all Windows products, will be very expensive. Normal security won’t work on it (McAfee products don’t work on it currently). You will have to buy updates for every bit of software and hardware so that they can be compatible with Windows 7. Then, as with Vista, you will have to slowly discover which components Microsoft has decided to take out, limit, or restrict from your one of 18 different versions of Windows 7 — Home Ghetto Version, Home Middle Class version, Home Lake Washington Version Small Business Entrepeneur Version, Small Business Wannabe Version, Small Business Crippled Server Version, and Small Business with Microsoft Bank Account version Media Center Compuserve version, Media Center AOL version, Media Center AOL-with-limited-crapware version, Media Center with the usual Linux open source freeware included (top of the line) Then there will be the Windows 7 Ultimate version, called “Windows 7 cloud 9 version” — allows you to virtualize Linux (and Apple, too!) so you can run all those free open source Linux programs and forget that you’re running Windows! All you need is a 4 Terabyte RAM machine, with 160 Pentabyte hardrive for the Windows OS (with 10 Gb reserved for Linux). The Windows 7 logo is a really, really fat woman singing. – moose


If this is a honeypot for flames…..then congrats – it wins. I too downloaded Windows 7 and stuck it on a dual core box, 3GB RAM and a fast SATA drive graphics card etc. It is an absolute dog. ….. Once again Microshaft have gone for the ‘fluffy look’ way of thinking which hogs resources like you would not believe. For me to have it just sitting there doing (literally) nothing took 800Mb of RAM – nothing in the list of processes but just ‘I am using 800Mb of RAM so there’. As with Vista, all they have done is move stuff around so that you spend time looking for it and still then cannot find it. To suggest this is going to make people change their OS of choice is utter garbage. I will not be moving away from Ubuntu and Mac OS – I kind of like it where if an app hangs it doesn’t take the whole box with it, call me old fashioned if you will…. – SI


M$hite will never beat Linux, any flavour, because Linux is more then an OS, it’s a philosophy, a form of digital freedom where we are allowed to DO WHAT WE WANT with no sneaky M$hite being conducted behind our backs. I saw the keynote speach on 7 and the only thing they could highlight was the new task bar, which is Apples, and the ability to create a media network, which has been possible for YEARS. Anyway, to summarise Win7 – a gold plated turd is still a turd. – MRU


Are you retarded? Yeah, our company with over 3000 pc’s is going to upgrade from XP to Win 7 by replacing every PC since they only have 512 Meg of RAM. We are going to go through “Driver Hell” with all our legacy printers. For what? Everything we have works fine. What is the draw to Win 7? Nothing. Since our apps work, why should we care about replacing an OS that is solid for our desktop needs. Anything that is important to us is on UNIX.- kronosmen


Got DRM?  No sale! MAC is abandoning DRM even in iTunes. Will microsoft abandon draconian abuse of users at the home desktop? No? Then no sale. Will microsoft develop a 64bit OS and abandon the x86 legacy? no? then no sale. Media piracy is already illegal. Making it illegal will not stop those who opt to be soft pirates. More causal users are being more media savvy. Windows 7: defective by design. Microsoft draconia will sink microsoft sales


What was NSA’s involvement in producing Windows Vista security – will likely also disavow windows 7 use


January 8, 2009

liberate yourself from flash on page in firefox key interception

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firefox ignores hotkeys no more

visit a flash game site, play a game, try to spawn a new tab, fail

must click somewhere in page not-on flash object, hotkey to spawn new tab: extra hassle for teh win

Why does IBM have the solution but not the (paid) mozilla foundation?

January 1, 2009

GroupDAV for thunderbird with lightning

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GroupDAV for thunderbird with wcap flavored lightning


This extension transforms Thunderbird into a full DAV client for
groupware servers such as SOGo, or Citadel. It does
this by adding support for remote DAV address books and by adding
features to be used along with the Lightning calendar extension.

Alternatively, you can access SOGo with a GroupDAV and a CalDAV client. A typical well-integrated setup is to use Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning (make sure to fetch the wcap-enabled version) along with Inverse’s SOGo Connector plugin to synchronize your address books and the Inverse’s SOGo Integrator plugin to provide a complete integration of the features of SOGo into Thunderbird.

:: servers

:: clients

:: standards


December 7, 2008

openDNS alternative by easyDNS

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easyDNS launches no frills, pure DNS lookups – fully patched

Some of our members have expressed reservations around using any DNS resolver that “alters” the traffic in any way, including typos and non-existent domains. Which is good news for us, because we’ve done this so fast we haven’t had time to build anything like that even if we wanted to. What we did want to do is provide a couple of DNS resolvers for use by our members (or anybody else) who just want to know they’re using a system run by people who are actively following this situation and are proactively keeping their own resolvers and caching nameservers as secure as the protocol allows.

With this in mind we’ve turned up today. No website, no user interface, at the moment it’s just a couple of resolvers with the latest security patches in place and that will continue to do so, open to use by anybody who wants. We have no idea where this will go, and it’s not really an official easyDNS “service” per se. But we wanted to do something to give our members options.

If you want to use, the details are as follows: -> ->


openDNS alternative

edit:another free alternative by easyDNS competition, UltraDNS


or roll your own, too


edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

[ ]

setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63

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(1) login  to cPanel 11

(2) web disk (borked webDAV)

(3) username: XXX (in subdomain for me)

(4a) path can be above public_html

(4b) path: /public_html/[subdomaindir]/_isolateuser1/

(4c) optionally enable basic auth, but no for now

(4d) cPanel will report username creation as but you’ll be proving only XXX for sanity to weave extension

(5) in FTP client (FlashFXP) navigate to directory containing selected subdomain and user in (3)

(6a) create an XXX subdirectory — weave will assume it exists

(6b) create:  XXX/crypto, XXX/keys, XXX/meta

(6c) inside XXX/meta create a version file containing only the number 3

(7a) modify the latest weave XPI ( ): append dot zip to filename, open in WinRAR or equivalent,

(7b) in install.rdf change em:name to something like “weave [mywebhostprovider]”,

(7c) in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.serverURL to — without the cPanel  port one would have great fun with paths

(7d)  in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.username to XXX

(7e) if creating a modified XPI for multiple profile- or person use skip 7d and enter username on weave use post install

(8) change addon’s file extension back to XPI

(9) drag XPI into firefox, yada yada, restart firefox

(10) BEFORE singing into weave, weave:preferences, data tab: tick only bookmars — to simplify testing for you

(11) if 7e then enter XXX, if not XXX should be already entered … weave:sign in, enter password, tick save, sign in


+ iterate 4b: _isolateuser[N] for each person’s account or name to suit

+ AFTER you can login and PUT files without error then enable basic auth for the directory in 4b

cPanel 11.23.x
PHP 5.2.x
linux 2.6.18*
weave xpi: 0.2.92

DAV explorer (user:

========= Outbound Message =========



Connection: TE

TE: trailers, deflate, gzip, compress

User-Agent: UCI DAV Explorer/0.91 RPT-HTTPClient/0.3-3E

Translate: f

Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip, x-gzip, compress, x-compress

Authorization: Basic [hash]

========= Inbound Message =========

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: [date]

Server: cPanel

Content-Length: 0

Connection: Keep-Alive

Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=100


Content-Type: httpd/unix-directory

DAV: 1,2,<;

Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=96

MS-Author-Via: DAV

SkyDrive is now 25 gigs but no WebDAV … gladinet? instead of livesync



files PUT up nicely…   funky GET fail

December 5, 2008

SMS to yahoo chat : sms phone out format to yahoo inbox popup

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compose new text message (not email)


TO:  92466502

  • message MUST begin with the full yahoo ID (email address)
  • immediately a colon (no space after TLD)
  • (optionally a space) then the text message

message should be received and stored for delivery even if recipient in not logged in currently.

IF the message is not received try sending to 92466501 instead


[ ]


December 3, 2008

Father Corapi, awesome Catholic priest stoops to implementing DRM on apologetics videos

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Say what?

Spread the gospel, but don’t forget to restrict its use and limit its playback.  That doesn’t sound like it complies with Pope John Paul II reiteration of use of modern media to spread God’s message. [citation pending]

A subscription to “Weekly Wisdom” includes a license for one computer per episode and uses Windows Media DRM technology. For more information on DRM and our policies please visit the FAQ page


But wait there’s more

The Subscription Media is owned by SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC., and is protected by intellectual property laws. You understand that your use of the Subscription Media is subject to the Usage Rules discussed below. You may not authorize, encourage or allow any Subscription Media used or obtained by you to be reproduced, modified, displayed, performed, transferred, distributed or otherwise used by anyone else. You agree to advise SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC. promptly of any such unauthorized use(s).


See his awesomeness (lessened) on youtardedtube:


DRM is not very Catholic here.

Why won’t ‘they’ listen and use,, or

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