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January 25, 2018

why wait for NSA FISA order? buy from Amazon Echo, or google, or samsung

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Yes, you, too, can witlessly PURCHASE and install a listening device more sinister than the KGB has devised in decades to feed the bigdata machine from which NSA is NOT legally constrained against purchasing warrantlessly.

Wow, thanks bigdata big brother. May I please stand in line for the 666 also?


January 9, 2014

ICANN to verify numbers and email address: verifiable profit for privacy advocates

ICANN creates profitability for privacy advocates

to ensure successful verification

  • ICANN [policy] will advise you of imminent [registrar] call- or email
  • ICANN [policy] will advise you of [registrar] calling number[s]- or sender’s email address


(for the slow: you’ll know which numbers and CNAM, and email address to allow, rejecting all others)

icann halfassed sought public comment in narrow window neither did registrars during 18 months of negotiation contact customers

Do remember to

  • participate in  public icann discussions
  • participate in  icann calls for comment:
    • with FOUR individual comments one might think ICANN didn’t want anyone to know about pending changes
      • do email your registrar to ask why they intentionally chose not to involve you in this hegemonic shift
    • those “great” americans at General Electric said: proxy and privacy services should be allowed only in “rare
    • General Electric “requested mandatory suspension of domain names for the willful provision of false or inaccurate Whois information.”
    • General Electric’s particular brand of fascism linked in comment review was unavailable for direct review, web server reporting 404 for:
      • fortunately I found a copy: ,
        • “Please contact” Sean Merrill, Ph 203 373 3328, fax 203 373-2181, “with any questions”
        • or Kathryn Barrett Park who penned the comments: , Ph 203-373-2655 , fax 203-373-2181
          • who notes the policy will “only serve to drive more Registered Name Holders to proxy and privacy services” therefore people must not be allowed to maintain privacy but be subjected to intense registrar scrutiny prior to domain activation
          • Kathryn wants the penalty be strengthened to mandatory domain suspension [hoping for immediate cancellation for those who mock her eremmm those who mock General Electric’s progressivism or other folly]
          • icann ocr renders her name as Kathryn Pork
            Kathryn Barrett Pork

DEMAND whois contacts to be able to use SIP URI instead of PSTN accessible values, DEMAND non-suspension if email communicant cannot  VERIFY they are a person via industry accepted Challenge Response system

Paying to receive spam/spin/calls is more imbecilic than sms texting or f*booking.

Free market enthusiasts and aspiring small business owners:

  • ICANN has unwittingly created a new market for whois data management:
    • processing whois email
    • processing whois calls
    • processing whois snail mail

in a way whois privacy scam-services have implied but never fulfilled let alone explicitly offered.

ICANN ought demand accredited registrars publish APIs for whois management as it’s to the public benefit (see first purple highlight above image)

  • presenting unique whois contact information for every inquirer
  • allowing whois privacy management firms to change underlying information based on firm’s privacy strategies
    • undesirable feckless caller volume
    • undesirable email volume
    • challenge response solved too quickly
    • DCC style patters across client base
      • publishing hashes licensed to other firms

Hopefully someone else will create such a service in the now accelerated arms race to personal privacy

Thank you, ICANN and the Registrar Whois Validation Working Group, for creating a new- and profitable use for 900 numbers and other toll calling!

With toll numbers people will likely “report” themselves ‘guilty’ of inaccuracy to generate revenue — delightful godaddy comeuppance:

900-sagacious + 976-himself

January 1, 2014 & gross intellectual dishonesty about Privacy Rape fees

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There.  The admission these parasites are abusing “free”: they know they’re extracting payment from you.

The ends justify the means:  profit at  your expense, or blood money.  This is the opposite of capitalism: wherein both parties win in the transaction.

You are being charged: privacy rape the fee.

free != not-free

. :  Dishonest Megalomania Association :  half truths about ads




July 3, 2013

common sense counter intelligence even pre prismatic

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As I ponder comical acronyms for such as “ICI, here, Individual Counter Intelligence” I wonder how many of the enlightened sheeple have employed such plans well before the latest cute name for government failure  — government here exists to protect our God given rights.

Surely at least you’ve crafted custom RSS lists for

Track Me Not, a firefox extension that sounds eerily like something else penned

brave new BRAZEN world

magic lantern, carnivore, rfid papering

NO tin foil hat required but you might want to adopt a policy of accidentally damanging ASICS in cards you carry.

EMV cards are especially silly if you’re STILL relying on a mere FOUR digit code to ‘protect’ your monies.


are you high?

Use the full SIXTEEN your atm is capable of accepting.  This typically requires bank manager re-education.  Sure, depending on the ATM symbols on your card you might be limited to EIGHT digits, but why limit yourself?

16 digits won’t protect you against atm skimmers, but that’s another issue entirely

“Chip cards will still have a magnetic stripe during the U.S. migration to EMV to ensure that customers can continue to pay until all merchants have been given the time to upgrade their equipment.”

Accidentally damaging EMV by policy will allow the card to work by fallback magnetic strip

Credit Card companies invest the same level of resources in encryption as satellite TV companies.  The latter are routinely breached by satellite pirates. How much should you trust EMV (euro master visa)? EMV claims authenticity verification (not a duplicate).


EVM POS skimmers? you betcha.

EVM goal: eliminated unathenticated instruments — no more cash.

VISA timeline and coercion

  • October 1, 2015 – Liability will shift to acquirers for domestic and cross-border counterfeit fraud card-present POS transactions if the merchant does not have an EMV-enabled POS device.
  • October 1, 2017 – Liability shift takes effect for transactions generated from automated fuel dispensers — this allows more transition time to account for higher equipment/pump costs.

MC similarly

  • October 2015 – ADC relief takes effect (100%) if the merchant is processing at least 95% of its MasterCard transactions on EMV devices. Merchant acquirers’ liability hierarchy takes effect (excluding fuel dispensers).
  • October 2017 – Merchant acquirers’ liability hierarchy takes effect at fuel dispensers.

.These beasties [pun] cost more, POS costs on merchant include devices and the MASSIVE increase in data requires to process.  CC use coercion of fraud liabilty to force needless upgrades which will be magnetic card backwards compatible.

Tech CANNOT, C A N N O T, stop fraud any more than can regulation/legislation stop crime.

[image hells tyranny]

EMV a mere stepping stone to hells brazen tyranny slaughtering dignity

Consider making murder illegaLER?

NFC and older RFID are only as “near” as close mindedness allows.  Two kilometer RFID pickup using standard short randge RFID ring any bells?

Talking heads haven’t picked up on the entertaining history of Faraday enclosures.  Imagine more google map trucks, but instead of the wifi scanning fiasco they’ll capture images from all your LED/LCD devices.  Won’t that be fun?

I could craft a system to reduce financial theft similar to identifying the non-authorised resident., but I won’t share that out loud as I don’t want it. Akin to recent NSA reasoning the only way to “protect” card holders from crime will be to make google privacy rape seem trivial on the Holocaust genocide scale.  That’s not the type of security any moral man wants.

[image: emv vs internet fail]

EMV vs internet fail

How many instrument accessories do you want [to carry]?

“Why bother carrying a card when we can tie your financial security to your identity via your chip enhanced fingerprint and holographically tattooed retina?”

“In the past criminals could excise your digits to access your zeros, but now that we’ve branded your retina with our new 999 holography you’re safe! and belong to our master in a new way!  Membership’s privileges.”

EMV skimmer
emv MITM
emv replay , emv preplay
satellite smart card hacking
RFID 2km
satellite tv piracy history
nagra crack
satellite card emulator , smart card emulator

conmen skills re-refined

limit your loss potential yourself without hardware shackles: prepaid [gift]  cards.  American Express prepaid cards have many delightful uses.  Depending on application it is often best to purchase in cash paying the setup fee than having the fee waived overnighted as a perk of membership.

amex privacy or laundering but not both

If you wish to proactively have your privacy rapes for a few pence ebates and similar ilk will “return” 1% ish for mitm purchases. “wow” a whole $33 for the mere $3000 outlay.  Unless your goal is partially points laundering …. but if you’re doing this you’ve never read ToS or contracts from the issuing bank let along interweb policies. Points laundering through ebates or other is only worth it if you time isn’t worth much.  Depending on rewards percentages the break point is about $90/hour.

amex regift



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