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November 18, 2019

new rick and morty credits: Green Portal Productions

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Why aren’t there more episodes this season?  Could there be too many tongs in the fire? Perhaps a little real estate monkey business?  We have a solution: torment into compliance with ceaseless demands.

submit your requests for more episodes here

This guy has a ‘few’ corporations:

All registered to the same address: 6300 WILSHIRE BOULEVARD, SUITE 880, LOS ANGELES, CA 90048



ronald litvak has a few shell companies

My inner Rick has become vexed.

What can we do about this?

step 1: find the site for their console game (check).  Send that email address demands for more tv programming.  Report back here for growing tally

step 2: don’t build a lego

you know you have too many legos when you become the Rick of it


or else


Rick and morty has been replaced with interdimensional monsters


” My name is shake zula, the mic rula, the old-schoola; you wanna trip? I’ll bring it to ya. Frylock and I’m on top; rock you like a cop. Meatwad you’re up next with your knock-knock Meatwad make the money see. Meatwad get the honeys G. Driving in my car, living like a star, ice on my fingers and toes and i’m a Taurus. Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homeys say ho and the girleys want to scream.”


frylock has met his match with Rick Sanchez


Does your municipality have a Gestapo number to tattle on citizens?  Now would be a great time to flood it with reports of Rick Sanchez mayhem.  #2020RickRoll



#bioweapon4Tyranny  #TrampleConstitutionalRights


June 8, 2016

Home Fires harmony to REM shining faces

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Listen to the Home Fires theme song by Samuel Sim:

Now listen again at 1:13


Listen to R.E.M. Shiny Happy people 2:35


I immediately thought of REM on hearing the show’s theme song.  With a bit of time I won’t invest the theme could be monkeyed down to the timing of the rem song for a fun harmonic overlay.

Since it was aired on a public channel feel free to download from usenet without moral- or legal detriment.


February 17, 2014

GIMP circuity vs photoshop: stroking layer N pixels larger than layer

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  • start gimp
  • open screenshot, rename layer “target”
  • create new layer, transparent, “base”
  • move to bottom of layer stack
    • gimp advanced stroking preview layers two of them
  • select “target” layer, visibility off
  • select “base” layer
  • Image > Canvas Size
    • linked increase 80 pixels or so
    • offset: center
    • resize layers: All Visible **
    • resize
      • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 1
  • “target” layer, visibility on
  • create new layer, transparent, “over”
  • move “over” to top of layer stack
  • select “target” layer
  • Layer > Transparency > Alpha to Selection
    • optionally disable: View > Show Layer Boundary
    • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 2
  • Select > Grow > 8 pixels
  • select “over” layer
  • set foreground color to red
  • Edit > Stroke Selection >  solid 6 pixels

gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary cutout to transparency and not background color

Now there’s a transparent gap between stroke and “target” layer


this has the effect of  changing “Layer Bounding Size”.  After resizing canvas need I also change Layer Bounding Size?  Why doesn’t it suffice that the top layer “over” has a larger Bounding Size (matching image size)?


April 14, 2008

art of the cousin of the day

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the witches of oz


jessica rabbit


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