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January 21, 2006

Run Windows Media Center on Windows XP

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new to you

Extract files from SP2, do some advanced jiggery pokery, and voila

drug use in highschool

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stop smoking crack you licentious fops


teenage sex and drug use keyword fun

charitable geeks

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What if I were to stand on a street corner with a sign in MY hand? One in which did not ask for money, food, a job or sympathy, but offered to give people something for free? What if I offered people waiting at the stoplight of a busy intersection free Linux disks?

ahahaha awesome!  I might try that with firefox soon

where is my box?

Filed under: Geeky goodness — Sagacious Himself @ 10:36 pm gets the location and google API shows you on a map. And if you use gmail then google will log yet another factoid about you! weee

January 9, 2006

microsoft refrains from evangelism after (forced) firefox crash

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wow. such restraint.

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