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April 6, 2020

fox nation on firetv incompatible with wired setup

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  • Get 4K firetv stick for bargain
  • use draconian measures to block ads to protect Privacy Rights
  • bridge wired ethernet to usb
  • setup firetv stick without wifi
  • install fox nation app
  • enter subscription credentials
  • can view what largely passes for content should you enjoy ceaseless palavering
  • someone confirms a fox nation app update
  • “Please check your wi-fi settings and try again”
  • cannot use purchased content


Thanks, Fox Nation, that was a hoot.

  • contact fox nation tech support
  • play several rounds of fox responds without reading ticket
  • degrade grammar and vocabulary to sixth grade level
  • play several more vexatious rounds
  • cancel fox nation subscription
  • contact American Express for full refund


The app would start, throw up a 75% opacity grey overlay error informing me their app developers are lazy and retarded:

No Internet Connection
Could not connect to the network.
Please check your Wi-Fi settigns and try again

Riight, but traffic logged for the device demonstrates there is both resource resolution and traffic  — as through the overlay can be seen video, and the audio is unimpeded.

So check only the wifi interface?  Good plan.




I block all unwanted images from the firetv with a false positive incurring blocklist except the occasional self programming banner.  Free video with ads apps are now actually free :P.  I can block some of the screensaver ad spots.  There are no more pre-roll videos.



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