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September 29, 2019

best raspberry pi zero project video EVER

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hooray Montana

September 28, 2019

the absurdity of CradlePoint support

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Response given is not a reply to question.

Simply “upgrade” to a $200 annual subscription to manage one endpoint.

September 27, 2019

Cult of man made weather demands end of fossil fuels fails to recognize how batteries are made

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This luminary thinker..

..unknowingly demands an end to battery manufacturing making fantasy power collection systems impossible to use let alone build anywhere else ever again.

Hypocrite uses Internet powered by “evil” fuel.

Solution to climate change is climate stagnation like on Venus or mars. Simply move the Earth farther from the sun, or generate a nuclear winter.


malfeasance in office: fake impeachment of trump. Convict pelosi, remove from office

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Advocates of fake impeachment of Trump need be indicted for malfeasance in office, convicted with their own respective public actions, and removed from office.

The Right is both failing in this rhetorical battle in the war on Objective  Truth and in defense of justice.

Squelch the rising banana republic with the rule of law.

Progressivism: our way by any means or else

Seems much like the Muslims?

The Saracen Invasion of the Republic must be thwarted again!


September 11, 2019

NASA plans to build Martian magnetosphere? Magical thinkers rejoice

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Identify and quantify the problem

Invent a solution


Recall for a moment the Southpark “underpants gnomes” step 2.

Ignoring step 2 the plan of success is mapped out in glorious minutiae.

2070 mars colonization begins!



September 3, 2019

DNS redirect to path where neither URL nor ALIAS are available records

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yay github


September 2, 2019

verizon branded hotspots using verizon mifi firmware coordinated port blocking not present on Open Network devices

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I bought an $850 device, federally mandated Open Network, to add to my verizon account in lieu of the vexing mifi device.  Surprise! many of the port issues simply evaporated plus I had better in vehicle reception and better XLTE bonded throughput.

“we don’t filter any ports” – Span Engineer, Verizon Wireless

uh huh

You design the firmware.  Like hiring an assassin you are guilty of port murder.


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