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August 21, 2019


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F-droid announces Sturmabteilung preference, ironic fascist-lifestyle choice

the definitionally close-minded cult who craves to dominate the internet oft seen on reddit and social media is out in force rallying to a deviant snowflake running F-droid

August 11, 2019

Frustrated searches

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run 7zip in cloud for maximum compression lzma2 unlimited threads

7zip ec2 version

7zip cloud cores


Less helpful results

Packet vs aws for WordPress


Digitalocean vs aws for WordPress

Tmobile mvno without ID

Tmobile mvno prepaid credit card

(Ting wants irl id vv real cc, will not accept cash backed gift cc .. known unrecoverable deployed IoT should not have IRL ID attached to sim)



August 9, 2019

Multicore speculations 12 years ago

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August 5, 2019

firefox dark theme, make selected tab MORE prominent with userChrome.css

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I was not happy with the faint blue highlight bar atop the selected tab.  Also I use ALOT of tabs so it is nice to be able to see more title space with crowding.  The selected tab (not label) red color only impacts the close X button.  Garish colors selected to overcome blue light filter for evening use.

.tabbrowser-tab[selected] .tab-label {

color: black; !important;
font-weight: bold !important;
background: pink !important;
padding-left: 5px !important;
padding-right: 5px !important;


.tabbrowser-tab[selected] {

color: #FF0000 !important;
min-width: 150px !important



yup I really love how I cannot enclose that with ONE set of code tags.  Thanks for “correcting” my html, wordpress.  I am practicing simplified grammar to circumvent amazon review filtering.

Oh, amazon is not the happy helpful place you might think.  Suffering inept “Community Management” is a horrific nightmare situation from which there is no extrication.  Don’t bother writing reviews unless you are already part of Vine.

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