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May 4, 2019

American MyONE condoms acquires UK They Fit condoms screwing over G31 users

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The entire “31” girth category has been dropped by MyONE custom “fit” condoms.

Must continue importing My.Size 69mm (purple) at $27 per retail box of 36.


Surprisingly it only took 9 days for me to receive my My.Size purple shipment from Lithuania. It took longer from a pharmacy in Germany.

My.Size is manufactured in Germany and surprise ILLEGAL to sell in the USA. HOORAY fripperous sexual regulations.

FDA had been limiting nominal width to 57mm.  100% of “XL” condoms marketed in the USA at the time we’re marketing lies.  Trojan Magnum and Durex XXL are still nominal 57mm.  Still lies for fragile egos.

FDA now limits nominal width to 64mm. It seems unlikely retail stores will stock such.

I had been purchasing My.Size pink for two brothers (non sibling). Now they can purchase G22 and Z22 from MyONE themselves.

A decade old study reveals fitted condoms for longer or girthier guys reduces both slippage and breakage (2.6% to 0.6%) — when used conscientiously and properly sized.

doi: 10.1136/sti.2007.028316

Study only considered They Fit completely ignoring established My.Size.

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