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January 6, 2015

hollywoodn’t get it: streaming, on demand, paid content: NO interstitial commercials or back to usenet we travel

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“Fast forwarding has been disabled for this programming”

That’s nice.  I’ll be fetching this programming from usenet where I can fast forward through whatever I please in the programming I have purchased


Hulu “plus” commercials:  $8/mo

budget usenet:  $3.33/mo


It’s not the cost, hollywoodn’t, it is the lack of respect or functionality.

Amazon Prime video included in $99/yr Prime membership needs netflix supplementation.   “Oh let’s watch that,” only to find it is not prime included.  After two of those exclamations you’ve paid for netflix.

Interestingly amazon prime video DOES DELIVER hd bitrate more often than netflix (where netflix is never). “But netflix offers superHD,” yeah that’s right up there with “as many dvds as [we’ll allow] you want“.  I don’t do wifi.  I have verybroadband with an SLA.  There is no excuse for substandard bitrates but that’s what netflix offers.  Roku is platform limited to 3.5 Mbps.

Netflix poor bandwidth delivery : As many as you want is a different kind of netflx delivery throttling.  Netflix tries reinventing peering to further not-deliver quality.

It’s not a secret how much bandwidth an stb or stream head consumes when you control all the premises hardware.

Amazon does occasionally cripple amazon FireTV stb with locked bootloaders so I hope you had the foresight to purchase a few extra prior to lockdown.

Amazon FireTV makes the same false-free claims as roku land:

third party ad rendering IS NOT synonymous with free:

ads = COST

Amazon would prefer users not root enable FireOS devices to protect their sovereign privacy with such fantastic tools as UnbelovedHosts, MinMinGuard, or AdAway.

FireOS has the immediate advantage of zero google crApps.  See, bobby, android is better without google crApps — and does function well.

Hiding root?  Gee, let’s all name the binary and user app identically.  stop that silliness.  Randomized naming and a modicum of effort in the user ui.   … to start.


For the mentally impaired:  I am not advocating piracy.  Yes, I advocate fetching content from usenet, but only for licensed content, to ensure quality bitrate and nonhorrible compression. Pay for content and receive contracted quality without litigation.

Budget usenet adds a mere $3.33 to one’s monthly entertainment licensing costs while assuring no playback glitches, actual onDemand, quality (bitrate, compression), zero interstitial commercials.




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