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December 29, 2014

open source 3d metal printer passive HF RFID NFC ntag216f

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I appear to be the only one interested in using 3D metal open source printers to make my own RFID or NFC.

One upon a time.. magnetizing laser toner.



December 25, 2014

you are not chattle. repeat aloud

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stop being roku chattel

“shame on you, Roku”

netflix on verybroadband delivering decade old handycam “quality”

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even after forcing bandwidth to 3.5 Mbps “quality” continues to be abysmal.

Only twits try for hd bitrate 1080p over wifi.

back to fetching from usenet for licensed content.  thanks, netflix, for promoting Kodi [xbmc, not a sweater wearing dog]


December 24, 2014

roku: thank you for the money, screw you

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yes, activating an existing netflix on a friend’s roku is more fun than a ball of wax

That awaits you after entering email address in the roku3.  Why is that problematic?  After the netflix app starts it prompts for an email address.  Yes, now the fun part.  The only responsive remote button is the home key: start netflix app again.  At no point is one offered a virtual keyboard.  Sure, there is a USB port on the roku3, but how many people keep a keyboard near the roku in case of poor UI design?

roku3 netflix activation hell destroy your roku3 now the blaze tv available as FireOS app social engineering

thanks, roku

Hey now, The Blaze TV finally “offers” a FireOS app (amazon fire tv) so take your roku3 outside with a hammer and return it to technology hell painfully.



December 6, 2014

bookmarks and zfs

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December 5, 2014

fun with nas4free

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December 2, 2014

lies in the hive, poisonous honey

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Where unlimited = limited download speed & limited streaming speed

Where free = not-free (3rd party hosted ads)

[screen shot to post when wp feels like cooperating]

This is not baseball; no three strikes required to nuke credibility.  But for fun MLM spam your friends for more “free” stuff.. not.

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