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November 26, 2014

as clinton redefined poverty so google redefines privacy to ‘respect’ it

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for that one twit

amazon lambda vs IFttt

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November 25, 2014

build your own booster (then have it produced)

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November 9, 2014

kernel Note 4 exynos

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put up or shut up


November 4, 2014

slapping google in the cloud amazon offers prime photo unlimited free storage ios android

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FireOS phones to win crushing data victory


November 3, 2014

my new verizon ‘phone’ ET-N910VMKEVZW

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note 4 Developer Edition hooray

Unlimited data plan preserved.  I happily buy one every six months to spite vzw alone.

also available as SM-N910VMKEVZW

why note 4 over s5?  more ram is more better obviously  (3 vs 2)

if you were not quick prepare to wait

samsung note 4 developer edition backorders now

Sheeple: save your pennies stop pouring money in the sms hole.


November 2, 2014

common corpse geometry homework 141031

common corpse mcgraw geometry homework higher order thinking


mmm assumptions





flogging to common standards

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These wretches need be flogged according to a standard we can all appreciate for their counterproductive work on this high school “geometry” textbook:


high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_1 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_2 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_3 high_school_CommonCore_geometry_textbook_authors_who_must_be_flogged_to_a_standard_4


Glencoe Geometry :


contact the irresponsible parties at

email irresponsible people at mcgraw hill com  (

McGraw profiting at the expense of children 


this abomination is not an improvement over Euclid’s Elements….. $0


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