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October 27, 2014

causally tolerate into existence

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October 19, 2014

Waze and high concentration of local imbeciles? yes, but not this capture

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waze alerts with high local imbecile population


for everything else there’s a great page one feature suggestion:


October 15, 2014

interesting albeit dated (19mo) ec2 ebs vs azure rdp winc.stance

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winc.stance = an instance of windows; as per usually involves wincing


and decoding amazon cloudcronyms

no guitar hero

for extra points shop AMIs with less problematic IP-PBX via OpenVPN

… a cheap & inexpensive phone for the latter is CorTelco (not recommended for anything serious)

… do absolutely find that special way to limit your financial risk with experimental AMI  (Amazon VPC)



October 13, 2014

anveo every day is speak like a pirate day

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(A phone number ported to Anveo in USA, Canada or UK it be SMS enabled )

Your anveo [sub]account it be able to swashbuckle Xmpp Texting, SIP Texting, and old sms texting:




Anveo be charging muchly too extra for old sms texts.  $0.01 is gouge yer eye out with a spoon costly.

October 9, 2014

apple, be honest, you know you want simple itunes tos

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could easily instead be

We will do what we please and you agree to blind compliance bindingly in perpetuity

Why try to hide this in legalese?

you agree to waive all your rights especially those deemed unwaivable


October 4, 2014

awesome!! gilga mesh-enger precursor decentralized mpOTR

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BlueTooth chat abstracted any broadcast or secure private chat pairing

Xmpp Texts blues, a celebration

October 3, 2014

250+ companies to AVOID like the evil elbow of the market

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“not strategic investments for Google”

yes, pure kindness motivates the evil giant who rapes the young and steals the dignity of all.


Sure to have been ironic was google’s 2013 September “privacy” workshop… arbeit macht frei.  (no public content, hmmm I wonder why)

google pillages dignity arbeit macht frei



google privacy policy


October 1, 2014

answer: RIL

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play again?


AnTek mobile Battery Deep sleep MALWARE and SPYWARE, sells YOUR information WHILE Privacy Raping you as profit

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Betcha you’re not disclosing this to users:

antek mobile not free but malware of adware AND ALSO spyware variety

They don’t offer a FREE version; claims to the contrary are evident LIES


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