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September 10, 2014

ISIS ISIL not islamic? But plans to effect sharia in a not islamic way? The Islamic State is Islamic.. shocking truisms!

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The caliphate exists to effect sharia suggestions which is essentially islamic.  ISIS is to be known through its effects:  islamic.

islamic state caliphate flag of freedom to become a slave to the false god allah not-akbar

I’ll parse the entire speech highlighting the logical contradictions and entertaining contingencies to be met before chairman obama will act.

‘ISIL’ is islamic; ISIS is islamic

The flag of oppression is best when aflame

isil flag best when alight in flames like those tempted to damnation following demonically inspired islam


“convert to islam or [I’ll murder you]”?  No.  Stop slaughtering dissenters, especially genocide of Christians.



download “presidential” address september 10 2014 isil, islamic threat ala “peaceful” ottoman empire, arming islamic radicals to fight islamic radicals, state department failed policy with progressive twist impotence

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With a notepad handy keep track of how many unlikely contingencies must be met for mr obama to act.

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