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September 8, 2014

roku remote codes reboot diagnostics tweaking

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platform secret screen : reboot et al

home (5), fw, play, rw, play, fw

wifi secret screen (directly, vs as submenu of platform secret screen)

home (5), up, down, up, down, up

direct reboot

home (5), up, rw (2), fw (2)

reset & dump .. IFF above reboot not effective

home (5), up, rw (2), fw (2)

verify channels are free and not “free” (“free” = not-free)

home (5), up (2), L, R, L, R, L

^ if “adplayer” is installed one of your channels is NOT-free

bit rate override — netflix cannot be bothered to deliver hd quality

home (5), rw (3), ff (2)

^ wow, “up to” 3.5.  Brings us back to usenet for quality (Blaze TV HD encodes are not all awesome)

developer settings

home (3), up (2), R, L, R, L, R

secret screet (infos)

home (5), fw (3), rw (2)

^ change software update server from beta to release

really really stop home banner ads

home (5), Up, R, Down, L, Up

gratis contra game on roku


” The console will not allow access to the output of other applications on the system.”


least horrible option for limited playback of lan video

other menu codes

roku3 without credit card activation or other financial instrumentcreate roku account (for activation) without financial instrument.  Do NOT provide instrument to “easily delete it later” as roku is not trustworthy in that regard.  I have purchased several Roku3 and companion Blaze TV accounts as gifts; sadly there is neither a Fire TV app or vanilla android app for Blaze TV.

If you want to explore “free” channels (not-free: malware) be sure to do so from an android device with root and Xposed Framework plugins:  XPrivacy Pro and UnbelovedHost, and LuckyPatcher (remove adware).

see also:  roku account activation without financial instrument  — the ONLY sane way to use roku

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