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August 11, 2014

chromium adblock extensions too unwieldly to control in Incognito Mode

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Both AdBlock and Ad”block”plus spawn a new window for a new tab in not-incognito to edit options.  AdBlock resource list similarly spawns a new window for a new tab to show resource list.

problem with adblock in chrome incognito oh too bad now fight with another window of tabs

oh would you like to save a draft?

oh would you like to save an outlook webmail draft too bad resource viewing is such masochism


vs adBLOCKedge in firefox ‘show blockable items’ opens a pane in whichever tab one employs whether privacy mode or not.


anti adblock canary callback loopback proxy filtering power adblock edge blockable items pane

outlook live mail adcontrol begone

microsoft outlook xmpp texting


antiadblock callback canary?  Proxomitron to the rescue (or privoxy if you prefer).



all hail Scott R Lemonn (591-54-5805) for proxomitron questionable life choices aside

all hail Scott R Lemonn for proxomitron

ad”block”plus still defaults to forcing unacceptable ads  (ticking the unchecked box shown below)




anyway “incognito” still doesn’t bother to sandbox ALL plug-in generated local content (like flash SOL)


Some great must have blocks

||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^
||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||

we don’t need no geolocation

wladimir palant Eyeo Adblocksomepluswhitelistmore default allow UNacceptable ads

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