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August 27, 2014

recycling dolphins and aliens shiffTY style Jonathan m shiff T

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intellectual fascim tolerance promotes greater evils


How many ways can Hollywood recycle a show?  Perhaps not as many times as Jon can remix: aliens + mermaids .  Other common elements are:  island + magic + lightning + envirofascism.

Starting with creatively titled Ocean Girl at the dawn of the interweb (interweb not featured), to a timely revamping for the interweb a mere seven years late,

h20 just add water (mermaids + island + magic)

the new adventures of ocean girl

ocean girl: a new generation

mako: island of secrets


Pirate Islands  (lightning + island + magic)

Lightning Point  (lightning + island + magic)

Alien Surf Girls : rebranded Lightning Point

thunderstone (aliens + magic masquerading as science + envirofascism)

Mako Mermaids : rebranded mako: island of secrets

Secret of Mako Island : rebranded mako: island of secrets


many re-runs available  FTA, not-encrypted satellite


image cropped via 





August 23, 2014

thunderbolt sata dock or enclosure no raid frippery

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There are few choices to merely access sata drives externally via thunderbolt.

usb3 is very-not-attractive especially when one’s device is thunderbolt equipped.

No raid frippery is wanted, thanks.

startech thunderbolt sata enclosure aluminum active cooling daisy chain capable needs better fan no raid5 folly or other raid frippery bring your ZFS A game

I’d like to add a [needlessly space consumptive] game(s) drive and portable it with me elsewhere(s).

Bunches of drives for NAS?  Sure, but not this.  I need only connect a single drive.  No such option.  Minimally two sata drives via thunderbolt.

Of the FEW options only StarTech had the foresight to provide for daisy chaining 🙂

For manyness of drives in NAS we only accept ZFS as should you. Apply the simple (minimum) ZFS rule:

2 gigs ram : 1 tb drive space


Please refrain from gushing raid5 tribalisms here.


August 17, 2014

wordpress fails to save another draft

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insert awesome article here about must-have  DonkeyGuard, a frankensteined PDroid from scratch allowing randomized spoofed data


August 14, 2014

screen printed biosensor milestone to 666 tissue applique nanoconstruction biocircuit thoughts brain substrate geolocation

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Reminds me of printing circuits with laser printers (1993)

tissue applique electrochemical sensors reveal thoughts  locations 666 ucsd milestone nano assembly of biocircuits rfid or low power broadcast


August 11, 2014

chromium adblock extensions too unwieldly to control in Incognito Mode

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Both AdBlock and Ad”block”plus spawn a new window for a new tab in not-incognito to edit options.  AdBlock resource list similarly spawns a new window for a new tab to show resource list.

problem with adblock in chrome incognito oh too bad now fight with another window of tabs

oh would you like to save a draft?

oh would you like to save an outlook webmail draft too bad resource viewing is such masochism


vs adBLOCKedge in firefox ‘show blockable items’ opens a pane in whichever tab one employs whether privacy mode or not.


anti adblock canary callback loopback proxy filtering power adblock edge blockable items pane

outlook live mail adcontrol begone

microsoft outlook xmpp texting


antiadblock callback canary?  Proxomitron to the rescue (or privoxy if you prefer).



all hail Scott R Lemonn (591-54-5805) for proxomitron questionable life choices aside

all hail Scott R Lemonn for proxomitron

ad”block”plus still defaults to forcing unacceptable ads  (ticking the unchecked box shown below)




anyway “incognito” still doesn’t bother to sandbox ALL plug-in generated local content (like flash SOL)


Some great must have blocks

||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^
||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||^ ||

we don’t need no geolocation

wladimir palant Eyeo Adblocksomepluswhitelistmore default allow UNacceptable ads

August 8, 2014

Draft dodging eats posts amind draft failures

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Draft dodging

Your dodgy at my posts.  [sic]




paypal sees fit to strip needless www host prefix sometimes internally but not primary face?

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This paypalobject

/* URL Plugin Config (prop36) + Domain Period Logic*/
s.siteID=s.siteID.replace(new RegExp(/^www\./i),""); //remove www prefix


strips away ‘www’.  hooray! hooray?  Then why does force redirect to for visitors?  Are tracking logs to be clean but the public use sullied? does the same switcheroo to  yet the above code is

Copyright 1996-2011 Adobe,






August 7, 2014

lowes rape policy private no more

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Privacy?  It’s far too nebulous to define much like slavery or genocide.  Everyone should have a unique or personal understanding and be happy?

Lowes policy on in store rape while wifi employed is about as private as simlar abuse of [potential] customers:


If you foolishly install lowes mobile app without root and XPrivacy [PDroid or equivalent] Lowes employed you are “opting” to receive PUSH spamvertising




thanks wordpress for saving that draft.   4000 characters follow:


ooops?  Try again?  Well whatever.

in the moment of the posting a flickering link of a backup of the post as distinct from draft but whisked away to extant-no-more-landia as unsubstantial post is committed?   oh thank you so much!  revision count = 2?   uh, no.


 lowes never stop improving customer rights

 “Never Stop Improving unless its privacy rights




August 2, 2014

we don’t need no geolocation: add location wordpress button begone!

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For simple click removal (hiding) of unwanted interweb items [firefox]:

HackTheWeb — requires Stylish

Element Hiding Helper for adBLOCK edge



Of the extensions of the nefarious evil EyeO corporation by megalomaniac wladimir palant the only one  which can be trusted anymore is Element Hiding Helper.  Fortunately it plays nicely with evil-removed adBLOCK edge, a BLOCKing fork of ad”block” “plus”.



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