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July 16, 2014

L is for Leaky, android privacy leaky or android rape AS profit

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“tighter web integration”

no thanks!

“enhanced notifications”

all the better to push malware installs

We don’t need no thin client husk! Intent.FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION

Android Lima further violates the [self evident] principle: MY data is MINE

GSF expects the ‘user’ to ‘license’ information to google in perpetuity

“new” DND attempts to stave off Xmpp Texting awareness of:  presence, priority, PEP, resource… but most importantly presence.


visibility_secret does nothing to stop Privacy Rape AS profit ™

Pilfering from Xmpp Texting continues:  setPriority()

android.hardware.camera2 perpetuates the delusion that a phone or tablet is a camera. might give one hope for quality [SIP] VoLTE codecs with abundant data, but most VoLTE implementations opt for the most craven-, and laziest engineering.  [handoff, for example]

Better Storage Access Framework?  NOPE! sdHD cards still torture us with FAT.




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