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July 16, 2014

L is for Leaky, android privacy leaky or android rape AS profit

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“tighter web integration”

no thanks!

“enhanced notifications”

all the better to push malware installs

We don’t need no thin client husk! Intent.FLAG_GRANT_READ_URI_PERMISSION

Android Lima further violates the [self evident] principle: MY data is MINE

GSF expects the ‘user’ to ‘license’ information to google in perpetuity

“new” DND attempts to stave off Xmpp Texting awareness of:  presence, priority, PEP, resource… but most importantly presence.


visibility_secret does nothing to stop Privacy Rape AS profit ™

Pilfering from Xmpp Texting continues:  setPriority()

android.hardware.camera2 perpetuates the delusion that a phone or tablet is a camera. might give one hope for quality [SIP] VoLTE codecs with abundant data, but most VoLTE implementations opt for the most craven-, and laziest engineering.  [handoff, for example]

Better Storage Access Framework?  NOPE! sdHD cards still torture us with FAT.



public high school students in florida work in photoshop? commonly dumbed down core: teachers lowest SAT scores. why tolerate wrecking youth?

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Has adobe generously donated several dozen licenses?  Or is art class also piracy class?  As “Treasure Coast High School” perhaps piracy is part of the motif?

” Amy Babkie, who is soley responsible for its content.  The School Board of St Lucie County, Florida, Treasure Coast High School”

You’d think not initially with “saint” in the school [district] name:

Adobe Certified Expert (Photoshop) (ADOBE005)

Certifying Agency:
Adobe Systems
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110-2704
Phone :(408) 536-6000

perhaps not

ChairmanObama’s minions are preparing generations for menial task emplolyment!  Thank the party.

Occupational Outlook Calendar

Glorious servitude!

Becoming a teacher is a bar too high — the lowest SAT scores by major — so ChairmanObama will have you aiming lower, grave level:  Teacher Assisting

If the system had not pummeled away your spark of creativity or union sucked your soul dry

you could spend your ways to billion looking for creativity in the forest where nobody cares.

You, too, can embrace revisionist history “progressive” style:

“pave your way into history”

chairman obama minions want you unable to think for yourself and uncomfortable with moral judgments

Scoring is unfair.  To protect those who have been scored the public records of scores are no longer available to the public — fairness:


But that can never happen with the zero tolerance for gun shaped items

zero tolerance for gun shaped images require florida to leave school grounds immediately

The florida school system has shown itself unfit to be on campus and must now leave.

Join the backroom discussion:  (case SeNSitive)

If you are a mere parent or student you will need a secret code to register.  Because teachers score so low on the SAT the bar has been lowered for them

All is open in fair and revisionist history:  create your own school!

all is open in fare and revisionist history


pick topics of interest which are hopey changey malleable — so not math

edmodo new school fabrication pick malleable topics


Common Core is ready for you!


Not surprisingly the “content” is as deep as teachers’ sat scores are high

perverting literature for high school students suffering dystopian common core sexual unrestraint



Too ignorant to be free




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