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July 12, 2014

microsoft PrivAd ™ willfully ignorant of prime profiteering: privacy rape

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This kludge is not much unlike the angry black racist’s paid interest physics.  Adding 39 dimensions … silliness.

It’s in the user best interest to inflict ads on herself?

Privad represents an argument that highly-targeted practical online advertising, and good user-privacy are not mutually exclusive.

Yes, they absolutely are.  Targeting requires privacy rape.

The key distinction, however, is that in Privad the task of profiling the user, and targeting and serving ads is outsourced to a client running on the user’s computer.

Which is all fine until ads are requested.

The dealer is the key to privacy in Privad. All communication between the client and the broker is proxied anonymously by the dealer. The dealer is run by an organization that is itself untrusted with user profile information, but is nevertheless unlikely to collude with the broker.

The ChairmanObama tactic: redefine away problems.  Why is dealer untrusted?  Surely that matters with sacrosanct privacy? “Unlikely” to behave untrustworthily for profit?  No, they’d never create their own moral universe for even more profit at your expense.

since all messages between the client and broker are encrypted

NSA metadata anyone?

 Unfortunately, when clients are hidden from the broker, the broker is less able to protect itself against click-fraud. Therefore, the dealer also helps the broker defend against click-fraud, but in a way that preserves user privacy.

phase I: deal
phase II: mrumphmumble
phase III: profit!

Shared key crypto?  Before paying for “cloud” file services boasting industry thisnthat encryption one need ask, “Can my content be decrypted under valid subpoena?”.  If yes then your content is not usefully encrypted.


microsoft lip serves ads with rhetorical privacy as changing nothing incurs no cost


  1. user privacy is important
  2. we “protect” user privacy (when it doesn’t interfere with any profit)
  3. our privacy policy is subject to change at any time without any notice

“Feel” better yet?





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