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July 4, 2014

stacksocial watery speaker redundant awesomes?

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stacksocial shower speaker — surely it’s a surface mount acoustic transducer my first thought otherwise why bother with dime a dozen schlock Silicon Whatsit [CSR plc, aka Cambridge Silicon Radio] clones of unspecified quality?

stacksocial shower speaker is not a surface mount transducer making your mirror or shower door a giant low quality speaker suitable for raped mp3 music but merely a rubberized low quality generic bluetooth sink by silicon whatsit




Nonesuch!  Instead awesome descriptions repeats repeatedly for repetition of awesomes.  With free Engrish!

awesome descriptions repeats repeatedly for repitition of awesome


No, CSR, bluetooth does NOT make everything better

And bluetooth is THE OPPOSITE of high quality audio: throwing away quality mp3 style is NOT BETTER.  It does not matter if Bob cannot hear the difference.  The reality of evil is in the spec: discard.  There is less music binary in an mp3 via lossy compression than there is in studio source or FLAC.  This is self evidently indisputable.

ALL bluetooth audio profiles work on lossy principles.








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