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June 27, 2014

roku activation without [risk of fraudulent billing] providing financial instrument

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see also:  roku3 remote codes 

To step 3 has been added a subtle option to "skip" adding financial instrument

roku activation without financial instrument risk of fraud

 roku with no payment method without CS masochism

There is no [simple] adblocking for roku. 

If you don't mind the malware mindset of roku app ecosystem there is fecklessness for you to address yourself.   Return your roku in favor of Amazon Fire TV (rooted + xbmc + XPosed Framework + XPrivacy + AdAway + Llama)

adblocking on Fire TV is easy.

free: no costs

apps showing ads:  NOT-free

"not-free" is not a kind of free: it is the opposite of free

a roku channel with a pre-roll ad is NOT-free.

I use a roku for ONE subscription I purchased prior to roku.  Unforuntanely roku takes a HUGE slice of profit from the provider.  When the kinks are removed from the xbMC hd video plug-in on the server side I'll shelf the roku.

June 26, 2014

know Auma Okwany of ISS through her own words and truthinesses

Auma Okwany: Primary agent behind UNICEF’s Aflatoun child brainwashing cult and champion of rape, genocide, and revisionist history.


Neocolonialism and Homophobia in Uganda. ISS,

Auma Okwany wantonly queer advocate endagers world children through unicef aflatoun




[filled with african straw men]

african straw men used to build magical thought sand castles to justify genocide and thought police

[paper seeks to overturn proposed law tightening just punishment for queer rape of a child .. straw men label just death penalty violence against queers .. outrageous inflammatory baseless rhetoric]

auma okwany endorses child rape as a lifestyle


[you must accept the truth as a lie despite your own choice]

non truth is more equally true than the truth itself

[self control is not only impossible but detrimental]

self control is impossible for youth are merely animals and impossible self control is detrimental when successful

[Child rape is not a lifestyle: it’s always a crime]

** download PDF:  moralphobia_rampant_wantonly_queer_agenda_for_youth.unicef.55.2.cheney-libre **

Human Rights, Developments and Social Justice

Members of the examining committee:

Dr Auma Okwany [Supervisor]

I would like to express my immense gratitude to my supervisor Dr Auma Okwany for her valuable guidance, patience, advice and critical comments through the research process. Her insights on adolescent girls’experiences had a particularly important impact on the conceptualization of this research paper and I have grown academically under her guidance.

chapter 2.1: Social Construction of Sexuality

Gender is understood as the social construction of how people are to behave as men or women in order to attain masculine or feminine identity as is determined by the respective socio-cultural environment

Mavis Akinyi Olum blathers on building upon other sand castles of magical thinking emphasizing UN coda supersedes local law despite sovereignty especially where girls have “rights” to end the life of their unwanted children: genocide.


Similar tripe:

promotes “contra”ception ask path to promote genocide




same minded associate


“kill more children for their own good” and other charming topics:

nation building through malleable children and the best brainwashing for their own good

why allow foreigners to adopt children when their existence could have easily been prevented with genocide?

fabricating the rights we want you to have for our profit, control, and truthiness

via: International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, the Netherlands

the people who bring you:  Gender Development Working Group


evil enjoys crosslinking: making it easier to find

gender is fragile? [ nope, it is genetically hard coded]

Ethically constraining [your use of your own private property]

the problems injecting brainwashing into private universities and how to bend them to satan’s will

The brash ‘humility’ of hubris


June 24, 2014

most moronic crackle support post

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“customer” complains that pre-roll ads do not render

Some of the better comments explain to sheeple that crackle is NOT-free: it renders third party ads profiting at user expense


crackle is privacy rape for profit


crackle fecklessness privacy rape for profit

raspberry pi permanently identify overclocking folly limited cycle flash

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When folly of overclocking enabled raspberry pi [in the future] ought record state using PROM where value is unimportant but ‘ever set’ is sufficient to prevent value hacking



june 24 2014 draft



June 20, 2014

TEW-624UB (V1.0R)?

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Planned or actual?

A1: RaLink

B1.0R: Marvel


C1.0R: RealTek

vC.xR, discontinued, replaced by D1

D1.0R: RealTek

.. D1.01
.. D1.02

V: ??

624UB V1.0R  planned or actual


versions of TrendNet TEW-624UB only RealTek worth using observe versional evolution Marvel RaLink mystery  drivers differ from reference design and like TP-Link has attractive warranty


TrendNet a step ahead of RealTek reference utilities drivers


D1.0R includes a nice USB2 extension cable for those concerned about potential shear force doing harm to USB ports through inattention or careless borrowers

TP-Link consistently has a better box presentation, while often it’s a toss-up for device detailing.



June 18, 2014

progressivism re-education via video game for teens aflateen digital demonics aflatoun

learn about “rights” and social “responsibility” with graphics promoting The Fisters ™, Wanton Queers ™, and stealing private property to coercively distribute to progressive sheep who lust for it,aflateen.html

“Youth and Change: be an agent of change today”

aflateen Fisters for changiness

aflateen progressivism re-education teen gaming wantonly queer


digital aflateen is in your tubes



how many degrees of separation from american taxpayers?



UN Convention on the Rights of the Child based and in support of the Millennium Development Goals

manipulating societies with “contra”ception lies and provisions which sadly the catholic church inadvertantly backs through adoption of COMIn Core



be re-educated about “limited” resources and why it’s better to have no shelter or light,cure-runners-a-game-about-financial-literacy.html


It helps kids and is only slightly evil!!  Who wouldn’t want to help kids and infect them with evil?



read vague platitudes about the curriculum but at no time may you view it not much unlike common core


The photo for “child rights” is a muslimese madrasa



try some light re-education


Be trained dyanetics style  (scientology)

satanic model focus on feeling and experience instead of reasoning and judgment or aristotelian intuition @TheBlaze


The satanic teaching model:  feelings first


Feel like perusing the material?  Nope, you cannot, that’s the aflatoun way!


aflatoun video for you to brainwash others into believing this child harm ought spread

You’ll have to manually mine the other steps as they’re not hyperlinked

As is typical of satanic hubris these wretches cannot help but ooze out details in videos and internal documents

It must be a great program being implemented in so many fascist countries!


Find other trained re-educators:

files are only available when logged in… and verified satanic complicit

aflatoun files only available to brainwashed

hey, look, another muslimese fan!  It’s probably a coincidence



Between 2011 and 2016, the Aflateen curriculum will be piloted and, ultimately, scaled in 50 countries.


how to get this  live into schools….. oh, yeah, Commie Core has paved the way

So many great supporting enetities:

One is left to wonder why so many are mega banks..

Ensuring “assets” exceed liabilities via third world country “investment”.  WHEN those “assets” fail there will “necessarily” be more bailouts, more money printing, and more inflationary profit.  It’s an IMF-win-win.  [“asset” ~= loan]

banks increasing false assets to exceed liabilities to vampire inflation


And now for some documents.. tedious evil paper to death documents

aflatoun five common core elements to subvert world youth to evil agenda 22



Five Core Elements which you might term Common Core Elements… yup, the subtlety of satanic hubris


Foundation Orange is here to help with aflatoun


Be ready to wait as the webserver doesn’t want more than one simultaneous downloads [sic]

useful idiots academy


[common] Core Element 3 desired attitude inflicted on children

I value an appropriate use of natural and financial resources

Children are not taught about fiat money, inflation,  or that debt is not an asset

I understand the concept of money and how basic
financial tools and systems work

2013 report [aflateen_secretariat_midterm_evaluation_2013_final_report-vol-1.pdf]

Apart from saving money, Aflateen participants were encouraged to save other resources such
as electricity, water, etc. In one school, a number of teachers were part of the savings

Does aflatoun provide unlimited batteries to save that electricity?  Big cauldrons for water?

The planet does NOT need to be “saved”.

Save us from evil- and useful idiots

Next, in March, we sought to: summarize the case studies, approaches, models or platforms
that were reviewed, to flag the features of the selected approach (Gamification), to review gaps
or challenges. The approaches that were reviewed included:
 Learning Management System (LMS) – such as Moodle and Blackboard
 Skype in the classroom|
 iEarn |
 Ashoka’s Youth Venture |
 Facebook |
 Learning about living
 Gamification with Mozilla (introduced by Butterfly Works)
 Coursesera |

target 50,000 registered for re-programming by 2016

common core aflatoun target 50000 registered by 2016

The Chinese partner included a number of additional sections to the
Aflateen curriculum – such as
“Management and Rational Use of Living Expenses”

Because you certainly cannot be considered rational if your expenses are not in line with party objectives

Table 16 aflateen recommendations

Partners want more pressure applied at various levels of government to ease evil integration

common core partners expressed interest in greater pressure applied to governments


A glimmer of failure [aflateen_secretariat_midterm_evaluation_2013_final_report-vol-1.pdf, page 67]

“. We also mentioned the importance of documenting
this effort as the literature is weak in terms of practical examples.”


4.6 Big Picture — this section contained no big picture, no overview, nothing with meat

page 75 aflateen admits it has no evidence of successiness

Although there are some interesting patterns between social and financial outcomes in
Aflateen, as a pilot programme the relationships between the five core components cannot
yet be empirically verified. Documenting the interaction effects among the components will
help understand how the intervention works. There is need to continue looking into how
these interactions function among youth going, especially through research on mediators
and moderators.


page 76 “the art of the nudge

Langlois, M.; Blanchet-Cohen, N. & Beer, N. 2013. The art of the nudge: Five practices in developmental
evaluation. The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation 27(2): 39-59.

involved persons in Core5 the internationalized flavor of Common Core

authority to change core propaganda Auma O of ISS and unicef and aloy

dr. Auma Okwany
Academic Staff Unit
International Institute of Social Studies (ISS)
Erasmus University Rotterdam


T: +31 70 4260578
Room: 4.38

Core5 and Common Core… documents and sites likely to become existentially challenged


Common Core curriculum

I-SS Teachers, submit your feedback on Curriculum Guides here:
Elementary               Middle               High

won’t you please give them some feedback?


Core5 reading


American history section 1.02

Objective 1.02: Analyze the political
freedoms available to the following
groups prior to 1820: women, wage
earners, landless farmers, American
Indians, African Americans, and
other ethnic groups.


skill target

How did the distribution of political
and economic power reflect the
social structure and geographic
diversity of the Federalist Era?


section 1.08

How is the U.S. Constitution a
document subject to change and


section 1.07 bill of rights activity at no point urges comprehension of content

Students create a
foldable which
summarizes each
amendment and the
historical reasons why it
was included in the Bill
of Rights .


slavery and religion giving no airtime to THE religious writings of the time

common core revisionist hisory of slavery preparing students to pay reparations

To what extent did differing
opinions on slavery, as well as the
institution’s expansion become a
deciding factor in instituting a Civil

To what extent was slavery the
primary cause of the Civil War?

Vested interest in not discussing debt- or the want to spend others’ money before the Civil War.


Common Core ISS wiki

The state teaching sexuality without its moral context



5th grade:

Beginning with the female reproductive system, call
out a part and ask who has the matching card. Ask the student holding the correct card to
stand next to the correct student to create pairs consisting of a body part and its function or


7th Grade, Objective 7.03

Click to access 7.03condoms.pdf

As a group, discuss the appropriate steps to use a condom. As a group, discuss the appropriate steps to use a condom.

Now that you have learned about condom effectiveness, let’s create an advertisement for
condoms that will encourage someone who is thinking about sexually activity to engage in safer
sex. Using the template for your ads (Appendix 3) or creating your own

Objective 7.03, Appendix 5

Have Intercourse


 Would you like an extra helping of evil with that?

evil named aflouton child brainwashing program




other great egyptian rags had this to say about the program’s namesake

Her family is of the bourgeoisie class and through the early part of her life she was living like many of that class, sheltered and detached from the Egyptian society.

 She was being mentored by the Egyptian artist Kamel El-Telmesany, who had later confessed to her that at first he was not very eager to teach a girl from the bourgeoisie class

Aflatoun was imprisoned for four years during the era of Gamal Abdel Nasser for her involvement in the communist movement.

muslimese propagandizing against western civilization

In 1944 she joined the communist movement Eskra and started learning Arabic in what she called a rigorous process towards getting in touch with her Egyptian roots and identity.


The above article does not abide by its own code: does not abide by its own code

All hail satan’s unicef? no

via the progressive marxist’s “art”:


pray for the peace of Christ


June 11, 2014

most pathetic multilevel marketing site ever? since 1999?

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MLM kept popping up in search results.. must adjust track me not

This MLM promises more of that: that that is hidden in the usual that enabling over $300 of profit annually out of your very own pocket!

That stars with a retro “designed” cutting edge of corners 1990s interweb place:

8bit PNG screenshot pathetic mlm



Become an affiliate of MLM.  Use the strategy of tireless work for more out of pocket mlm profit

MLM suggest mind bending effort required as affiliate using strategy of endless work for more out of pocket profit for mlm PNG8


You know there is money changing hands when it is an “actual business” backed by “stories from real people” and verifiable proof page that is always 404.







June 5, 2014

raspberry pi MPEG2 license OpenElec plugin [bookmarkified]

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_openelec ssh guide, sticky


_ssh rpi fetch serial number

ssh root@rpi

pass: openelec

cat /proc/cpuinfo


[insert redacted screen shot)


_plugin openelec easy license without command line text editor



_ssh echo serial to /flash.config.txt

mount -o remount,rw /flash
echo “decode_MPG2=0x00000000” >> /flash/config.txt
echo “decode_WVC1=0x00000000” >> /flash/config.txt
mount -o remount,ro /flash

reboot. verify rpi license inserted

vcgencmd codec_enabled MPG2


vcgencmd codec_enabled WVC1


via #38


_through openelec builds find alternative platform upon which to run

most anything is faster than rpi for openelc

rpi openelec faq , dev builds

linux or OpenBSD (underneath OSX)


_mostly NFS booting


_for samba fanbois with Eneffessphobia



Amazon FIRE TV can do both its own thing and xbmc (for The Blaze TV as roku is all kinds of masochism worse than rpi power constraints; roku skimps on bandwidth by design)



The instant I learned about rpi upcoming release I wanted half a dozen for XBMC




_pastebinit gratis amazon s3 give gigs





June 3, 2014

selectively delete individual address from location bar OSX chromium

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windows land:  highlight, shift+delete

OSXia: highlight, Function+Shift+Delete



pink: history item, as dogeared page
charcoal: bookmark, as five pointed star outline

via GIMP 2.8 with G’MIC


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