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May 11, 2014

wordpress 2-step security still laughable

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WordPress assumes proof of phone ownership can be completed with ancient sms texting — false as is auto-reply and deleted — or via privacy rape (Google Authenticator app).  And why limit users to phones?  What about ubiquity of other internets capable devices?

Two supremely stooopid options: old for the luddite, or new for the cretin.

wordpress laughable two factor options pander to luddites and cretins

To compensate for these laughable offerings wordpress offers OTP only after choosing one or the other stooopid options

“to make sure you’re never locked out of your blog, you can generate a set of ten, one-time-use backup codes. We recommend that you print the backup codes out and keep them in a secure place like a wallet or document safe rather than saving them on your computer, where they’d be accessible to anyone using your machine. ” 

“At the end of the setup process for  Two Step Authorization, you’ll be given the option to generate backup codes:”


Which is all the more curious given the necessity of the OTP completion

 Generating backup codes is essential and must be done.


I’d like to generate my One Time Pad codes and not be bothered with luddite/cretinous “two” factor “choices”.  XMPP texting?  SIP texting?  wakey wakey!




TV cap’rs: ABANDON the CDn “rule(s)”

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And more straight TS please

my HBO subscription entitles me to HBO on demand however the devices I demand I use do not have access to such…. so usenet 1080p TS

The quality I pay to receive and EFFECT using


amazonian contratheism and thought police abound: Lad Vampire justice swiftly

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Post a review and mention anything conservative and blam: across the board downmodding of all other reviews of user.  Well turn about is fairplay:  justice LadVampire style

This hatemongering blazeintolerant thought policer was caught by his own rules.  It is a persona of his AmazonVINE profile.  He cannot help but use his Vine profile for spewing the intolerance of tolerance (as tolerance hasn’t tolerance for intolerance).

see first comment

first: comment on “review”

Your entire review, above, is nothing but a bald-faced lie. You clearly haven’t even seen the film, as your commentary has literally nothing to do with what you’re allegedly “reviewing.”

But, Rane, as a “living on a commune” type, I’m not surprised that’s what you’d say.

All this “review” is, Rane, is you spouting your personal hatred of those who don’t conform to your own personal ideals. That, my friend, is what most people in your world would call “fascism.” “Conform, or you’re the enemy.” (The real definition of fascism is something quite different… it was merely the Italian flavor of “Nationalist Socialism,” remember, and was a collectivist movement, very much in keeping with your own “communal-living” ideals.)

Let’s never forget… the National Socialist Workers Party of German (aka “the Nazis”) and the Italian Nationalist Socialist Party (aka “the Fascists”) are what you’re siding with, even today.

These ideas “work,” only if you assume that humanity can be “perfect.” If you recognize the inherently flawed nature of humanity, you see why communism (aka “international socialism”) is a pipe dream which cannot ever work in reality. Basically, Communism is all about “creating Heaven,” but replacing the idea of “God” with the idea of “the ruling elite.”

History has shown why this doesn’t work. Flawed human beings, when given absolute power over the masses, always end up becoming perfect examples of the old story… “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”



“review” for not-purchased item:

Uses out-of-context soundbites to promote the director’s own personal hatred of Obama. There are no facts to be found here. There are simply audio clips, cut out of sections without explaining the context, and pasted over non-relevant imagery in order to form a negative opinion about a great, great President (one of, if not the best Presidents we’ve ever had).

The people who give this film 5 stars, well, it’s surprising they can even use a computer since their minds are so warped and twisted by the likes of Glenn Beck and sites like The Blaze and WND. They (conservative fringe groups) have somehow deluded themselves into thinking that they are this ‘silent majority’ than could actually re-claim the country — sometimes by force.

It is sickening, delusional thoughts spouted off by sad, lonely people who simply don’t like blacks, multiculturalism, or any ideas that differ from their own. These evil, raging people who frequently vote for the party of greed (GOP) have this way of taking a factual sentence and stripping away all of the facts, leaving only their own misguided opinions and false beliefs.

These people would rather shove Christianity and it’s lies down people’s throats than accept the fact that Jesus is make-believe, God is no longer needed, and the Bible is a lie.

But, no…they’d rather just hate on the black ‘muslim’ president, and pretend that words like ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ are bad words.

Here’s a hint: they’re not bad words. I’m openly a socialist and I’m proudly American. American doesn’t mean “GOP or leave.” It means a bunch of ideas coming together to accomplish a number of tasks. And, one of those ideas, like it or not, is socialism and communism.

I’m proud of Obama. And He’s a great leader. It’s sad that so many people would rather maintain their racist thoughts deep in Texas than come up for air and join the 21st century.

Four more Years! Four more Years!



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