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May 3, 2014

remotely-remotely playing zaxon

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jumping on the game controller to play the game micro person player ludumdare comp

running between the dpad and fire controls is not as difficult as hitting A or B with one’s peashooter from the dpad

minimalist mayehm is fantastically entertaining for what it is.  When I thought the game would end clearing the last room I was a bit sad. Whoo onto level 2.

minimalist mayhem returning the world monochromatic with a soundtrack loop only annoying if you’re not actively playing.  Being stuck in a corner was made possible by trying to screen grab mid shooting (shift command 3).  (love everylasting)

quantum tunneling


centroid … a component of some IQ tests



infection LD29

infection’s autopsy

I had hoped the competant would be savvy enough not to employ youtardtube

other topically 

 some others LD26

game addicts: Assembly 2014 summer

assembly summer 13







RPG all for the gore

coffee hero:

super goblin senseless warmachine of peasant death game


senseless goblin warmongering fun



charming gaming creative outlet: Action Painting Pro via

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action painting pro osx ianmaclarty output jumpy coolness

Painting results from your avatar jumping from platform to scaffolding picking up painting tools while incessantly refreshing each of the source three colors  (red:heart, yellowy:dollar, cyan:diamond ; a list that reads more like an unfortunately popular children’s cereal).action painting pro in action could use eaier difficulty settings for more painting fun


His other multiplatform games also have an art twist.  See also LoTech gaming framework can be used to offer a try before donating game model.

find tangent game freebies via & for easier access to LudumDare entries


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