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May 1, 2014

firefox the way I want has the status bar the way I had it mozilla Australis UI fascism masquerading as freedom of choice, mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

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if I wanted icons above the bookmark bar I would have placed them there; I don’t.  More brilliance from the mozilla intolerance foundation: hating conservatives with frothing mouth breathing all the day long

“customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

Not much unlike the “progressive” ideology to which they subscribe: agree with liberalism or — no or.

mozilla motto: COMPLY!

you will be assimilated?

Many Add-ons used to place an icon in the Status Bar that gave you quick access to their features. Now they have their own toolbar called, you guessed it, the Add-on bar. The Add-on bar isn’t shown by default — it’s only shown when you install an Add-on that uses it.

nope.  I want my extension icons where I had placed them

mozilla fascism strikes again: “freedom” to submit muslimese style

mozilla fascism lets you choose to comply or comply the freedom to submit sellout become mozillas bitch


The Add-on Bar gives you quick access to add-on features


You know what else did that?  The status bar: quick access to user grouped extensions.

Gives me?  Coerces you mean, mozzy?

Use the Classic Theme Restorer to bring the Add-on bar back

Here’s a thought:  offer the user a choice.  You know, like double opt-in.. that concept that interferes with privacy raping profile employed by morally-deficient developers ala Carlo Zottmann.

Oh goodie!  Install an unwanted extension to partially revert retarded UI “choice”


search bar is extra inflexible.  It can be moved but not widened (without CSS).


australis ui fascism keyword inflexible for small minded twits

can move australis ui search bar but not widen mozilla fascism as freedom of choice flaying convservatives in the name of tolerance

So much easier to have fewer choices; fascism is so liberating.


Mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

enhancement: reduced functionality

freedom:  compliance

tolerance: terminating conservative ceo

customize: accept new status quo

choice:  C or C… or even C

simplification: less is better to facilitate freedom of enhancement

“new” tab concepts purveyors of tab management extensions have provided those who usify the interwebs wiff more than a dozen tabs per window.  :gopher:

All a mere twenty-five firefox versions after innovation.

Will AMO editors pull head from [noun]?


firefox design values mostly whitespace less to distract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla:

[actual screencap of page one of PDF]

firefox design values mostly whitespace less to dsitract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla


mozilla control from allowed birth to early grave feed hippies to the hungry as solylent green for the planet they love


mozilla “[decides] for you” yet respects “user sovereignty”?

mozilla good intentions from cradle to early grave




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