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May 31, 2014

you waive all privacy rights with Time Warner when creating [online account] TWC ID?

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 Whether you are an Account Partner or an Account user, you agree that the Account Holder will, and other Account users may , have access to any and all data and/or information made available from time to time by or through My Account in connection with the Account, including any usage information for any device or service linked to the Account (“Usage Information”). You waive all rights of privacy with respect to any Usage Information that is accessed by or through the Account Holder or is accessed by any other Account user, and you unconditionally release Time Warner Cable from any related claims.

The communications between you and us via this site use electronic means, whether you visit this site or send us an email, or whether we post notices on this site or communicate with you via email. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications from us in an electronic form, and you agree that all terms and conditions, agreements, notices, disclosures, and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications would satisfy if it were in writing. The foregoing does not affect your non-waivable rights.


You must include your name, address, the URL of this arbitration provision, and a clear statement that you wish to opt out of this arbitration provision in these terms and conditions.





Customers, however, are required to provide truthful-, accurate-, and up-to-date personal information.



Yes, really.

These Terms of Use, together with our Privacy Policy and any additional terms and conditions that are referenced herein or otherwise may apply to specific areas of this site, constitute the entire agreement between us and you with respect to the Time Warner Cable website.

Yup, you agree to be bound to unreadable terms.




May 30, 2014

raspberry pi garage door auto close or open with NFC in car failover light sensor

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There will be no raspberry pi wifi touching internets folly here.


May 27, 2014

intentionally pollute google analytics

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blocking trackers is sufficient, but poisoning them is better



Eyeo gmbh, the owner of ad “block” plus ads, is not to be trusted- or relied upon to block ads any further than you can throw wladimir palant

eyeo controls adblock plus ads selling out user trust for profiteering through privacy raping children and adults repeatedly unpunished

” and non-intrusive ad standards”

eyeo is built upon lies and half truths

In January 2006 Wladimir Palant wrote Adblock Plus. Less than a year later Adblock Plus was the most downloaded [via press kit]

Eyeo implies Wlad created the first adblock extension:  FALSE.  It wasn’t even the second or third incarnation.

Somehow third party privacy raping is not considered ‘intrusive’.  Can you think of anything more intrusive?

eyeo does NOT promote first party ads.

Why not?

May 26, 2014

CDMA networks will obviously favor FDD over TDD

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As TDMA is less awesome than CDMA so is TDD less awesome than FDD



May 20, 2014

hollywood and choice: viewer selected track volume

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Movies ought keep on separate tracks:

  • background music
  • scores
  • dialogue
  • sound fx
  • ambient sounds

Media consumer ought be empowered through choice to effect volume to consumer’s liking.  Much louder score or needless loudness?  Set your own peak volume per track.  Can’t hear dialogue but don’t want music increasing commensurately?

Optical media need feature these controls as an option for those unlikely- or unwilling to have media center sophistication.

Where’s customer choice, hollywood?  Or is hollywood only for choice when moral atrocity is the objective: infanticide, wantonly queer, pedophiles [queers], or other repugnant abuse of sexual faculty?

italic humor:  everyone is for choice by construction.  NO ONE wishes to suppress another from choice by virtue of human nature.  I am pro-moral-choice as opposed to fanbois of infanticide who are pro-moral-anarchy-choice and anti-consequence.

May 15, 2014

harrahs wifi painfully slower than mobile hotspot :: bonded dialup?

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shared bonded dialup?


harras hotel wifi painfully slow half second ping mobile hotspot rooted phone better


having provisioned/used bonded dialup this hotel wifi is about as much fun


redacted NDT server results:

no firewall access, required ports not opened

NDT server results harras hotel wifi dont plan on any gaming or streaming video


npad server results

The maximum data rate was 5.523911 Mb/s

Fail: loss event rate: 0.005329% (18765 packets between loss events).

Harras Hotel wifi:  NOT for streaming video, NOT for gaming, NOT for chatting….   slow old interweb?

Only $14/day woohoo for “up to 4 devices”  [or use the “hidden” ethernet ports]

Do ask your [competent] tech for a greater speed allocation.  Do offer to explain how extra slowly.




May 14, 2014

gog “last chance” to choke on horrible games

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How many will throw their credit card on a sowrd to move the sale along to the next not-suck item?

Take a page from amazon, gog: show what’s coming up next

until then OCD of others will do

whatever wp add media fibberwhatsitfail

May 13, 2014

as your liberty awareness coordinator my counterintelligence su counter-intelligence

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I urge you to consider- and embrace

  • my counterintelligence
  • personal counterintelligence
  • individual counter-intelligence

pick a turn of phrase but identity preservation is more than reactive or simply proactive.

Privacy is essential to the free exercise of liberty

Disagree?  Do qualify yourself.  Less stimulating expression

Privacy is essential to liberty


Are you paying to facilitate tyranny?  You are if you use google glass.  The glass is more than half full of wrong dominion.


May 12, 2014

dobb’s commentary fan of labels fails to make clear distinction preferably wielding distinction itself

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wantonly queer nfl player spot on tv want to gouge eyes out to unsee

the truth is intolerance and lies are the truth! amen



homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end

unre-education: “openly gay” is correctly expressed as “wantonly queer”


OED wantonly adv

May 11, 2014

wordpress 2-step security still laughable

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WordPress assumes proof of phone ownership can be completed with ancient sms texting — false as is auto-reply and deleted — or via privacy rape (Google Authenticator app).  And why limit users to phones?  What about ubiquity of other internets capable devices?

Two supremely stooopid options: old for the luddite, or new for the cretin.

wordpress laughable two factor options pander to luddites and cretins

To compensate for these laughable offerings wordpress offers OTP only after choosing one or the other stooopid options

“to make sure you’re never locked out of your blog, you can generate a set of ten, one-time-use backup codes. We recommend that you print the backup codes out and keep them in a secure place like a wallet or document safe rather than saving them on your computer, where they’d be accessible to anyone using your machine. ” 

“At the end of the setup process for  Two Step Authorization, you’ll be given the option to generate backup codes:”


Which is all the more curious given the necessity of the OTP completion

 Generating backup codes is essential and must be done.


I’d like to generate my One Time Pad codes and not be bothered with luddite/cretinous “two” factor “choices”.  XMPP texting?  SIP texting?  wakey wakey!



TV cap’rs: ABANDON the CDn “rule(s)”

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And more straight TS please

my HBO subscription entitles me to HBO on demand however the devices I demand I use do not have access to such…. so usenet 1080p TS

The quality I pay to receive and EFFECT using


amazonian contratheism and thought police abound: Lad Vampire justice swiftly

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Post a review and mention anything conservative and blam: across the board downmodding of all other reviews of user.  Well turn about is fairplay:  justice LadVampire style

This hatemongering blazeintolerant thought policer was caught by his own rules.  It is a persona of his AmazonVINE profile.  He cannot help but use his Vine profile for spewing the intolerance of tolerance (as tolerance hasn’t tolerance for intolerance).

see first comment

first: comment on “review”

Your entire review, above, is nothing but a bald-faced lie. You clearly haven’t even seen the film, as your commentary has literally nothing to do with what you’re allegedly “reviewing.”

But, Rane, as a “living on a commune” type, I’m not surprised that’s what you’d say.

All this “review” is, Rane, is you spouting your personal hatred of those who don’t conform to your own personal ideals. That, my friend, is what most people in your world would call “fascism.” “Conform, or you’re the enemy.” (The real definition of fascism is something quite different… it was merely the Italian flavor of “Nationalist Socialism,” remember, and was a collectivist movement, very much in keeping with your own “communal-living” ideals.)

Let’s never forget… the National Socialist Workers Party of German (aka “the Nazis”) and the Italian Nationalist Socialist Party (aka “the Fascists”) are what you’re siding with, even today.

These ideas “work,” only if you assume that humanity can be “perfect.” If you recognize the inherently flawed nature of humanity, you see why communism (aka “international socialism”) is a pipe dream which cannot ever work in reality. Basically, Communism is all about “creating Heaven,” but replacing the idea of “God” with the idea of “the ruling elite.”

History has shown why this doesn’t work. Flawed human beings, when given absolute power over the masses, always end up becoming perfect examples of the old story… “power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”



“review” for not-purchased item:

Uses out-of-context soundbites to promote the director’s own personal hatred of Obama. There are no facts to be found here. There are simply audio clips, cut out of sections without explaining the context, and pasted over non-relevant imagery in order to form a negative opinion about a great, great President (one of, if not the best Presidents we’ve ever had).

The people who give this film 5 stars, well, it’s surprising they can even use a computer since their minds are so warped and twisted by the likes of Glenn Beck and sites like The Blaze and WND. They (conservative fringe groups) have somehow deluded themselves into thinking that they are this ‘silent majority’ than could actually re-claim the country — sometimes by force.

It is sickening, delusional thoughts spouted off by sad, lonely people who simply don’t like blacks, multiculturalism, or any ideas that differ from their own. These evil, raging people who frequently vote for the party of greed (GOP) have this way of taking a factual sentence and stripping away all of the facts, leaving only their own misguided opinions and false beliefs.

These people would rather shove Christianity and it’s lies down people’s throats than accept the fact that Jesus is make-believe, God is no longer needed, and the Bible is a lie.

But, no…they’d rather just hate on the black ‘muslim’ president, and pretend that words like ‘communism’ and ‘socialism’ are bad words.

Here’s a hint: they’re not bad words. I’m openly a socialist and I’m proudly American. American doesn’t mean “GOP or leave.” It means a bunch of ideas coming together to accomplish a number of tasks. And, one of those ideas, like it or not, is socialism and communism.

I’m proud of Obama. And He’s a great leader. It’s sad that so many people would rather maintain their racist thoughts deep in Texas than come up for air and join the 21st century.

Four more Years! Four more Years!



May 10, 2014

still playing in the sand choose your own box adventure

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Glimpse development as slow as glass

making Dan Walsh weep [_]



kvm forum




LC LSX LotusScript lsxpcclient

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this github is taking way too long to load

this github is taking way too long to load





May 9, 2014

positive virtue in a moral vacuum?

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Glimpse development as slow as glass

making Dan Walsh weep [_]



kvm forum


malware RootMetrics Cell Phone Coverage Map: admob adware

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rootmetrics is adware not freeware cell phone coverage map vs freeware sensorly




<configs platform=”android client-name=”CoverageMap config-version=”1.0 current-client-version=”2.4.0 notify-update=”true>
<config-update timeout=”259200>
<document-upload-payload min=”50 max=”100/>
<signal-strength-range min=”-120 max=”-50/>
<zoom min=”3 max=”16>
<hex-stats min=”12/>
<map-stats min=”11/>
<map-settings min=”4/>


May 8, 2014

34mm Express Card to HDMI for Macbook Pro circuitously

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It’ll be cheaper to buy a Roku3 or amazon FireTV

34mm Express Card _to_ USB3 (StarTech ECUSB3S22)


USB3 _to_ HDMI  (StarTech USB32HDE)

~ $100


StarTech ExpressCard 34mm to USB3




StarTech USB3 to HDMI out




May 7, 2014

when there are no mulsims there can be no muslim terrorists: the solution is simple but perhaps not easy

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The group hell bent on world domination by literally annihilating all dissent not surprisingly acts on it.

Kill them all?  Solved

It’s what Western Civilization needs to have done long since to avoid subsequent charming conversion offers

“covert to islam or die”  — Islam


neither. you die.


May 3, 2014

remotely-remotely playing zaxon

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jumping on the game controller to play the game micro person player ludumdare comp

running between the dpad and fire controls is not as difficult as hitting A or B with one’s peashooter from the dpad

minimalist mayehm is fantastically entertaining for what it is.  When I thought the game would end clearing the last room I was a bit sad. Whoo onto level 2.

minimalist mayhem returning the world monochromatic with a soundtrack loop only annoying if you’re not actively playing.  Being stuck in a corner was made possible by trying to screen grab mid shooting (shift command 3).  (love everylasting)

quantum tunneling


centroid … a component of some IQ tests



infection LD29

infection’s autopsy

I had hoped the competant would be savvy enough not to employ youtardtube

other topically 

 some others LD26

game addicts: Assembly 2014 summer

assembly summer 13







RPG all for the gore

coffee hero:

super goblin senseless warmachine of peasant death game


senseless goblin warmongering fun



charming gaming creative outlet: Action Painting Pro via

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action painting pro osx ianmaclarty output jumpy coolness

Painting results from your avatar jumping from platform to scaffolding picking up painting tools while incessantly refreshing each of the source three colors  (red:heart, yellowy:dollar, cyan:diamond ; a list that reads more like an unfortunately popular children’s cereal).action painting pro in action could use eaier difficulty settings for more painting fun


His other multiplatform games also have an art twist.  See also LoTech gaming framework can be used to offer a try before donating game model.

find tangent game freebies via & for easier access to LudumDare entries


May 1, 2014

ROMO: RObot Master OS, android eugenics, asimov crackpottery

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bow before the new masters with your own silly grimace

romo your RObot Master OS bow before us with your own silly grimmace for android eugenics



firefox the way I want has the status bar the way I had it mozilla Australis UI fascism masquerading as freedom of choice, mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

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if I wanted icons above the bookmark bar I would have placed them there; I don’t.  More brilliance from the mozilla intolerance foundation: hating conservatives with frothing mouth breathing all the day long

“customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

customize firefox to work the way you do so long as its what mozilla allows

Not much unlike the “progressive” ideology to which they subscribe: agree with liberalism or — no or.

mozilla motto: COMPLY!

you will be assimilated?

Many Add-ons used to place an icon in the Status Bar that gave you quick access to their features. Now they have their own toolbar called, you guessed it, the Add-on bar. The Add-on bar isn’t shown by default — it’s only shown when you install an Add-on that uses it.

nope.  I want my extension icons where I had placed them

mozilla fascism strikes again: “freedom” to submit muslimese style

mozilla fascism lets you choose to comply or comply the freedom to submit sellout become mozillas bitch


The Add-on Bar gives you quick access to add-on features


You know what else did that?  The status bar: quick access to user grouped extensions.

Gives me?  Coerces you mean, mozzy?

Use the Classic Theme Restorer to bring the Add-on bar back

Here’s a thought:  offer the user a choice.  You know, like double opt-in.. that concept that interferes with privacy raping profile employed by morally-deficient developers ala Carlo Zottmann.

Oh goodie!  Install an unwanted extension to partially revert retarded UI “choice”


search bar is extra inflexible.  It can be moved but not widened (without CSS).


australis ui fascism keyword inflexible for small minded twits

can move australis ui search bar but not widen mozilla fascism as freedom of choice flaying convservatives in the name of tolerance

So much easier to have fewer choices; fascism is so liberating.


Mozilla enhanced dictionary of freedom

enhancement: reduced functionality

freedom:  compliance

tolerance: terminating conservative ceo

customize: accept new status quo

choice:  C or C… or even C

simplification: less is better to facilitate freedom of enhancement

“new” tab concepts purveyors of tab management extensions have provided those who usify the interwebs wiff more than a dozen tabs per window.  :gopher:

All a mere twenty-five firefox versions after innovation.

Will AMO editors pull head from [noun]?


firefox design values mostly whitespace less to distract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla:

[actual screencap of page one of PDF]

firefox design values mostly whitespace less to dsitract for more contemplation of obedience to mozilla


mozilla control from allowed birth to early grave feed hippies to the hungry as solylent green for the planet they love


mozilla “[decides] for you” yet respects “user sovereignty”?

mozilla good intentions from cradle to early grave




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