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April 11, 2014

win a patent but cannot afford to produce? some want to tar and trollfeather you

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proponents of tar and trollfeathering  insist on investigation.  Poorly conducted investigation solves?

trollish horse patent

long term solution:

[ 1 ] return the public re-education system to teaching logic, philosophy, theology, actual history, creativity, empathy — while identifying early monsters (lack of empathy) to deter their creation of school assassins.

[ 2 ] teach-, recognize-, respect-, and defend property rights [sadly drafted out of the final Constitution draft but a self evident truth nonetheless]

Most lawyers are ironically named ‘progressives’.  When the ethical, well educated, honorable join the bar they’ll displace the ironically named ‘progressives’.



inexpensive GPS feature competitive with android flagship phones WAAS, beidou or gonass, qzss egnosmsas gagan, optionally arduino [and raspberry pi]

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SkyTraq CaaS venus8 GNNS 29 second TTFF cold quad-GNSS 34 channel  GLONASS  Beidou  Galileo  [Arduino ready]

Venus 8 chip is built with enough MIPS and memory to process signal from combination of 34 GPS, GLONASS, Beidou, and Galileo satellites in parallel simultaneously

NavSpark arduino friendly dev board onboard gps  under $15

navspark inexpensive alternative to arduino gps shields

which will be extra awesome as soon as evil google [evil google owns Waze as of June 2013ish] facilitates simultaneous GNSS (internal GPS and external GPS) within android — not displacing as does currently more awesome BlueGPSWaze INTENTS would be helpful.

SkyTraq affordale high end multignss



IOS multisource GNSS

ion jnc

install F-droid repo client for android

WARNING: occasionally adware is allowed into the repo by morally damaged volunteers.  Fortunately such is declared in red text atop app listing.  malware [adware] is never an acceptable payment system for app COSTS: privacy rape

social gps is now less costly

vs Venus GPS with SMA Connector , $50

skytraq S1216F8-GL 167 channel , 28 simultaneous (gps glonass qzss egnosmsas gagan WAAS)

skytraq S4070DR GPS + dead reckoning  Extended Kalman Filter (gyro + odo)

SkyTraq makes available the module’s powerfullness without GNSS for thos interested.  Buy one; set on shelf.


NavSpark-GL NavSpark-BD Venus838FLPx break in geocaching hobbyist navigation LEON from SPARK

 ION Military Division’s Joint Navigation Conference is the largest U.S. military navigation conference with joint service and government participation. The event focuses on technical advances in Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GN&C) with emphasis on joint development, test and support of affordable GN&C systems, logistics and integration.

SkyTraq arduino development board

SeeAlso.01 SeeAlso.02 SeeAlso.03


homework isn’t asymetrical assessment it’s needless tedium post mastery

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Studying for some is not necessary when applying pay attention the first time principle.  And especially not for those who torture others who were hoping for an easier curve graded class by setting the curve back to flawless who further demonstrate mastery tutoring the spectrum including classes not taken and those above grade level.

Teacher leave those kids alone: no homework.

spin response:



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