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March 13, 2014

is morgan freeman’s thought process the result of “random chance” [sic] ?

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Through the WackyHole with morgan is a free way to elevate your blood pressure or test the limits of your patience or if you prefer tolerance.

morgan freeman through wackyhole grammar inadvertently

Well before trying to watch a dozen episodes a pattern emerges: fiction

Simply pour a powdered golf club- and ball into a golf bag and shake until the ball reassembles into the course hole or the wackyhole.  Is some hidden force guiding his life [other than lust or wrath]?

chaos != random

what if gene expression operates on chance?  And what if certitude is happenstance?  And what if this tv program was free from truth- or logic dearth?

It’s not difficult to predict that the channel will be changed before the entire program plays.

Hegelian quantum mechanics?  oh joy!

Is morgan freeman all in the mind?  Unfortunately not.

Will he cease to exist when his visage is no longer seen?  If only.  And if only for those irksome with physics afflictions.

for everything else there’s usenet

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