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March 3, 2014

Never invest reading business column by Oliver Pursche: he can’t understand much or priciples of successful reasoning

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Advance to Aristotle 101 not collecting $200

Personally, if the choices are between crap and reading Oliver

A potential asset is not an asset.

As  a currency, Bitcoin has nothing that you want or need:  namely centralized governance, and the backing of an asset with value.

In this context BitCoin has the same backing as the US dollar: fiat.  Market regulation is ever so helpful to achieve control: removing liberty from the market not much unlike the fed puppet sucking value from the economy.

I have little interest in bitcoin because of the many nefarious types who mine — not that they mine but with whose resources they mine.

is the Fed pumping money into the economy



is the Fed pumping money into the economy to prop it up


or to help achieve policy goals?

no, unless sharing goals with a vampire

this is exactly the feature that enabled governments around the world to act in concert and stave off financial Armageddon in 2008 and 2009.

Sure if by stave off he means stoke up.

there are ideological issues associated with a central bank’s control over a currency

Merely little issues like individuality, liberty, self governance, accountability that surely were never discussed by the founders.




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