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March 29, 2014

best indie bundled game ever [since december 2013]

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Skyward Collapse (Arcen Games) presents game elements I have extracted from RTS (or driving a track backwards in a racing game): pitting one AI against another  — after an unbalanced AI (or AI expecting me to have played dozens of hours daily most every day).

Fight AIs with the objective of allowing neither to annihilate the other, but encouraging carnage and destruction (and rebuilding).

For a more ethereal aspect rts elements are placed ‘floating’.

As there are many random elements saving frequently is not only strongly encouraged by the game itself but essential.

If you don’t enjoy resource management, turn based constraints, or creative use of RTS this might not be the game for you.  While I prefer desura skyward collapse is also available to fans of steam DRM resource waste.

With multiplayer, co-op, and single player $5 is well reasonable.

[screen shots]

March 26, 2014

osx steam’s ? appnapp

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rw-/rwx SM=PRV /Users/USER/Library/Application Support/Steam/*  _DPSNextEvent +  -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] +
vgui2_s.dylib  vgui::CBaseOSXSurface<CBaseSurface>::RunFrame() +
vgui2_s.dylib  CVGui::RunFrame() +
steamui.dylib  CVGUIApplicationSteamUI::RunFrame() +
steamui.dylib  RunSteamPlatform(vgui::IVGuiSetup*) +
steamui.dylib  Main(int, char**) +
steam  RunSteam(int, char**, bool) +
steam  main + 3817
steam  start + 53 google_breakpad::ExceptionHandler::WaitForMessage(void*)






CSteamController Thread
libsystem_kernel.dylib  __semwait_signal +
libsystem_c.dylib  nanosleep$UNIX2003 +
libtier0_s.dylib  ThreadSleep +
steamclient.dylib  CSteamController::CHIDIOThread::Run() +
steamclient.dylib  non-virtual thunk to CSteamController::CHIDIOThread::Run() +
libtier0_s.dylib  SteamThreadTools::CThread::ThreadExceptionWrapper(void*) +


CNet Encrypt:0
libsystem_kernel.dylib  __psynch_cvwait +
libsystem_pthread.dylib  _pthread_cond_wait +
libsystem_pthread.dylib  pthread_cond_timedwait$UNIX2003 +
libtier0_s.dylib  SteamThreadTools::CThreadSyncObject::Wait(unsigned int) +
steamclient.dylib  CWorkThread::Run() +
libtier0_s.dylib  SteamThreadTools::CThread::ThreadExceptionWrapper(void*) +
libtier0_s.dylib  CatchAndWriteContext_t::Invoke() +
libtier0_s.dylib  CatchAndWriteMiniDump_Impl(CatchAndWriteContext_t&) +


unnamed thread
0 libsystem_kernel.dylib  mach_msg_trap +
1 libsystem_kernel.dylib  mach_msg +
2  __CFRunLoopServiceMachPort +
3  __CFRunLoopRun +
4  CFRunLoopRunSpecific +
5  CFRunLoopRunInMode +
6  _NSEventThread +
7 libsystem_pthread.dylib  _pthread_body +
8 libsystem_pthread.dylib  _pthread_start +
9 libsystem_pthread.dylib  thread_start +


March 23, 2014

speedy or

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March 20, 2014

spiffy multiplayer crossplatform strategy stay afloat: windward

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cross platform multiplayer RTS water ships desura free-from-DRM


Single-player, Multi-player, Cross-Platform Multiplayer, Co-op, Local Co-op




March 18, 2014

SIP, SIP SIMPLE, XMPP for you, whether or not you are aware or interested

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Thanks to microsoft YOU WILL use SIP, SIP SIMPLE (sip texting), and XMPP texting video calls presence file exchange etc

That’s a good thing, sheeples.

I’ve been pairing SIP with XMPP for forever.  Foolish ss7 entrenchments will die!

Lync does not connect people Lync rebrands SIP and XMPP which do connect people

Lync doesn’t connect you XMPP & SIP do

microsoft Lync server matrix SIP, SIP SIMPLE, SIP texting, XMPP texting video conference presence HD calling YOU DO NOT NEED MICROSOFT hegemony for this

microsoft communicator SIP, SIP SIMPLE. XMPP texting

microsoft communicator federated network and legacy Windows Live aol yahoo


March 14, 2014

vector painting joy

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webapp, via chromium extension:

MITOH Super Creators , a hope to overcome inherent sheepliciosity of typical employees or the special-excellent-product of american public “education” systematic abuse.

tangential projects:

[link to praises of Creature House Expression and ms folly]

microsoft free ABANDONWARE: expression design

microsoft terminates support of expression design January 2015.


March 13, 2014

is morgan freeman’s thought process the result of “random chance” [sic] ?

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Through the WackyHole with morgan is a free way to elevate your blood pressure or test the limits of your patience or if you prefer tolerance.

morgan freeman through wackyhole grammar inadvertently

Well before trying to watch a dozen episodes a pattern emerges: fiction

Simply pour a powdered golf club- and ball into a golf bag and shake until the ball reassembles into the course hole or the wackyhole.  Is some hidden force guiding his life [other than lust or wrath]?

chaos != random

what if gene expression operates on chance?  And what if certitude is happenstance?  And what if this tv program was free from truth- or logic dearth?

It’s not difficult to predict that the channel will be changed before the entire program plays.

Hegelian quantum mechanics?  oh joy!

Is morgan freeman all in the mind?  Unfortunately not.

Will he cease to exist when his visage is no longer seen?  If only.  And if only for those irksome with physics afflictions.

for everything else there’s usenet

March 10, 2014

no moral crime protecting privacy or Effecting free claims

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BS revocation


there is still a better way, an elegant way, a my privacy is paramount solution [not listed here]

piracy is a moral crime.  removing license checks from duly licensed apps is not.



adblock licit extension of privacy right; do be sure to understand that privacy is a right not merely something desirable.  there is no right to contraception for example contrast.

adblocking licit extension of privacy right



lucky pacher to remove ads








March 8, 2014

glenn beck program archive

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Within one notch of the The Blaze [glennbeck] domain..

glenn beck program archive duckduckgo results


DDG offers to help explore The Archive results

glenn beck program archive bing results




Beck inspires some technically interesting feats.  And as the content hasn’t been yanked it seems consent has been granted.


google moves down to 9 out of 10

glenn beck program archive results the archive above glenn beck domain result

Glenn Beck domain forced to change descriptors to gain ground over  in google results

The Blaze TV tinkers with free downloads descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck

The Blaze TV tinkers with free streaming descriptors to gain google rank against The glenn beck results licensed by Beck seems to end 2013.  Better to support the programming and view in HD





March 5, 2014

vevo unwrapped: blockable toke id tard or rip. When ad push comes to hack shove.

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no ads, no tracking



edit:  still works


all your bits are belong to my cahce


when ad push comes to hack shove

March 3, 2014

Never invest reading business column by Oliver Pursche: he can’t understand much or priciples of successful reasoning

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Advance to Aristotle 101 not collecting $200

Personally, if the choices are between crap and reading Oliver

A potential asset is not an asset.

As  a currency, Bitcoin has nothing that you want or need:  namely centralized governance, and the backing of an asset with value.

In this context BitCoin has the same backing as the US dollar: fiat.  Market regulation is ever so helpful to achieve control: removing liberty from the market not much unlike the fed puppet sucking value from the economy.

I have little interest in bitcoin because of the many nefarious types who mine — not that they mine but with whose resources they mine.

is the Fed pumping money into the economy



is the Fed pumping money into the economy to prop it up


or to help achieve policy goals?

no, unless sharing goals with a vampire

this is exactly the feature that enabled governments around the world to act in concert and stave off financial Armageddon in 2008 and 2009.

Sure if by stave off he means stoke up.

there are ideological issues associated with a central bank’s control over a currency

Merely little issues like individuality, liberty, self governance, accountability that surely were never discussed by the founders.



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