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February 19, 2014

free legal copy of Thief Gold for painful contest

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Normally I wouldn’t want to decrease my odds of winning a contest by telling anyone else about it, but I have no intention of creating a mod for an OOLLDD windows game.  If you are great for you

$10 copy of OOOOOOOLD game



ZERO cost copy:


visit provided amazon item page  (not a link to prevent affiliate hijacking)


“buy” it. optionally create new amazon account.


must provide valid credit card to complete ZERO dollar transaction?


enter coupon code at checkout

zero cost theif gold amazon requires a credit card and will not accept a test number


steam code: your Your Account, Digital Content, Your Games and Software Library



some suggest storing coupon code  for future use


submit mod to amazon

steam community guide to making install less masochistic

amazon’s suggested link


for mobile:


Blog at