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February 18, 2014

indie bundling overkill & gifting

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Having only recently discovered indie bundle sales I’ve quickly spent nearly $300 buying sets and gifting.  Each steam bundle I purchase in sets for LAN or other particular scope use.

Very few of these bundle programs provide tools to track- or assign gifts.  IndieGala is likely the least-worst labeled.


BundleBandits provides zero gifting facility.  I created a unique account per giftee, after purchase changing account information to something they could use to access their new account themselves.


BundleBandits seems focused on selling glitchy old garbage and predominantly windows — which isn’t necessarily redundant.

BundleBandits neo retro: universe sandbox: is similar to a f/oss game on F-droid, but itself unfortunately windows only.


Which is not much unlike a gravity android game in a Christmas HumbleBundle:


Curiously Giant Army suggests cross-platform applications:

mac, ipad, windows

mac, windows:  “you can’t lose, and you definitely can’t win”  But you’ll definately spend $10 for the privilege

mac, windows, ubuntu: Gravi-T

mac, win, linux: digital 3D atlas of the universe

yes, this is the exactly phrasing of their help offer:

Need help with the universe?

need help with the universe


Because much holding of breath will be necessary before osx or linux versions arrive:

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