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February 17, 2014

GIMP circuity vs photoshop: stroking layer N pixels larger than layer

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  • start gimp
  • open screenshot, rename layer “target”
  • create new layer, transparent, “base”
  • move to bottom of layer stack
    • gimp advanced stroking preview layers two of them
  • select “target” layer, visibility off
  • select “base” layer
  • Image > Canvas Size
    • linked increase 80 pixels or so
    • offset: center
    • resize layers: All Visible **
    • resize
      • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 1
  • “target” layer, visibility on
  • create new layer, transparent, “over”
  • move “over” to top of layer stack
  • select “target” layer
  • Layer > Transparency > Alpha to Selection
    • optionally disable: View > Show Layer Boundary
    • gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary shell gaming 2
  • Select > Grow > 8 pixels
  • select “over” layer
  • set foreground color to red
  • Edit > Stroke Selection >  solid 6 pixels

gimp advanced stroking canvas size layer boundary cutout to transparency and not background color

Now there’s a transparent gap between stroke and “target” layer


this has the effect of  changing “Layer Bounding Size”.  After resizing canvas need I also change Layer Bounding Size?  Why doesn’t it suffice that the top layer “over” has a larger Bounding Size (matching image size)?


paypal’s guerrilla war against bitcoin

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paypal doesn’t want people operating as a “financial exchange”. yeah, let that sink in a bit.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 11.26.23 PM

Does it not bother anyone that a large number of bitcoin miners are using hardware resources they neither own nor compensate owners for use?

mafia + malware = bitcoins

on the other hand paypal contract sets themselves up as the sole arbiters of truth

despite the criminal element underwriting bitcoins creation bitcoin is less problematic for the user than is paypal

Paypal doesn’t want an individual to be able to call value into existence despite american fractional lending having been doing the same for decades

abandon the defective ideology facilitating American dollar woes:

potential asset != asset

(a potential asset is not an asset)

debt = potential asset != asset

(debt is not an asset)

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