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February 16, 2014

indie gala STRESS test appeared minutes ago

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I bought it on impulse assuming it might disappear before the clock

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one bundle for me, another bundle for my guest steam account(s)


bundle gifting & every indie game bundle site

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useful shopping tools (must AdBlock)


dead or dying [dead]
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IndieGameStand finds new ways to screw people:  no pro-rated refunds for ‘elite’ subscription.  Customer “service” is not nearly as atrocious as arvixe. [tinyurl:directdig]

IndieGameStand : facilitates infanticide through morally-depraved “charities”. Upon questioning IGS replies, “the [game] developers choose the charities.” Unfortunately the customer is UNABLE to elect NON-donation purchase(s). Far too frequently the IndieGameStand charity promulgates falsehoods about conception while providing technologies relying upon abortifacients like: “save” the children (provides abortions, abortifacients, and “birth” control which relies upon abortifacients to effect visible pregnancy termination).

For exposure or otherwise indie developers allow licenses sold at loss leader prices AND without evil-drm in one or more:  direct download, Desura, or evil-steam.  Steam evil?  How will you play your games once steam is defunct?  yay, that.

PWYW or NYOP:  Pay What You Want / Name Your Own Price attracts two types:  those who pay the bare minimum (often $1 requires for evil-steam keys) and those who can be encouraged to act philanthropic on their own respective scale.

Humble Bundle consistently puts forth quality collections.  Not so for BundleStars re-hocking decade old games; they’re not the only guilty party.  The only upside is convenient chart of evil-steam keys emailed upon purchase.  For a few dollars a year the risk of evil-steam evaporating is not a big deal — it definitely is a concern for dozens and dozens of games $10-$60 each.

HumbleBundle receives a gold star from me for android games NOT-requiring evil-google malware-market access.  They have an android app to facilitate installs and notify of updates but unlike evil-google or amazon-atrocity-store it’s not a ram-suck.

Originally I found them as gifts within the friend-ceiling agreement.

Now I buy FOUR  sets of most every bundle bought.  One for me, and the other also for me but for LAN gaming for family/guests.  One library with four seats of evil-steam.  With evil-steam or desura credentials guests can invite tunneling players or internets players by sharing credentials setup for this unfortunality.  Single instance licensed game lending need not require this, but here we are all the same.

comical mentions: — “allowing” you to overpay for OLD OLD games even when on “sale” for $1.49

avoid: IndieGalaSTORE.  The IndieGala store foolishly “requires” a validated paypal account.  I have no interest granting power to paypal so I’ll not be buying their store games — and neither ought you. Paypal effectively acquires co-signer power on your bank account to withdraw funds in “dispute resolution”, and thanks to greatleader’s administration often requires official documents to prove your identity (passport, drivers license, etc). If you must paypal have a separate bank account at a different institution than your primary funds or trust accounts; this will force lawsuit for dispute holding paypal to JUST standards instead of policy inanity.

Most provide purchaser the option to direct all monies to a named charity.  The sensible bundlers pick a charity benefiting suffering children.  The cretinous fools like IndieGameStand have a history of supporting children-slaughtering charities like unicef.  Those unicef wretches advertize helping children on first glance but without much effort one discovers they not only fund- but also facilitate infanticide.

NO money for IndieGameStand until they change their evil ways willfully ignorant or not.  It’s not enough to allow patrons to select another charity as supporing them while they donate to any anti-life organization makes the donor complicit.

Value added to OLD games


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