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January 31, 2014

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers? let us see what 6 fetches a desura key or disappointment.

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In the choose your own price adventure of game purchasing mouse craft is either ironically named (lazy developers) or wickedly (deceitful).  The cost field populating buttons for steam (blech) and desura (yay) are labeled $5:

“Give us at least at least $5.00 and receive a key to redeem the game on Desura”.

Motivational text below $5 claims at least $5 provides a steam key (implying also/either desura key).

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers let us see what 5 fetches a desura key or disappointment


mouse craft buck


mouse craft buck


clicking either steak/desura button however pushes the donation to $9 as confirmed by the javascripting

mouse craft steam key coded to 9 and not 5


What will a donation of $6 fetch?  That’s a bit of a gamble on a not-networked game.  Whatever the qualifying amount it seems one is likely to receive both drm-free and keys:

mouse craft CYOPA drmfree and steam keys and desura keys


Multiplayer mouse craft requires SneakerVncNet: not-fun overkill for this use case.

Setup mouse craft for multiple players

  • RFC 7081 — read it, live it
  • SneakervncNet


sure, there are other examples of atrocious grammar, but lack of polish is not “lack” of honesty.  “If you didn’t any of them”?

if you didnt the game


More annoying in a different way are the roadmap prioritization sliders.  There are three sliders.  Go ahead and set the third to any value smaller than default.  Now set the second to zero.  Uh oh the third slider has increased beyond your selection. Set the second back to zero.  The other sliders move again but scaled down.  This iterative ‘game’ is reminiscent of some mousey game play.

mouse craft less than amusing sliders 1 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 2 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 3 _50pct


Perhaps it’s ideological?  When is a beta not a beta?  When it’s a pre-alpha?

alpha beta confusion _50pct


Everything is nothing and something means anything!


To download “beta” versions you need must register: While mouse craft developers are math impaired they expect participants to be arithmetic savvy [instead]:

basic math expectation bar set too high for developers of mouse craft


On the upside their games are multiplatform developed for the big 3:  linux, osx, windows.

Additional downside: zero notification form submission received.  This is yet more SLOTH from the crunching koala developers.  They’re linking to google JS; this is privacy rape for potential customers

crunching koalas sloth is privacy rape for you


instead CACHE what third party resources you need. STOP loading third party tools on the fly.  Pull updates to serve FIRST party. (This is Yet Another Google Tracking: privacy rape)




I wish there was a click-simple wordpress CSS solution for stroking images (solid color outline of images).  In gimp: select all, new layer, edit menu, stroke, adjust to suit, save as PNG24.


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