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January 27, 2014

straw men spin the best gold logic

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yes, this article is a few years old.  I bumped into it while creating more aggressive search result adblock filters

 After all, nobody can deny that Adblock Plus is taking revenue away from content providers thus undermining the foundation of the Internet, right?

Nobody can deny faulty logic?  Is this the other kind of truism? The ad platforms are undermining the interweb.  Monetizing through privacy rape is always evil.  Everything else is delusional.

It’s the privacy raping that creates the blood money market.

 The money comes from somewhere else and it is important to keep this in mind

At least there’s a sign of intelligent reflection before Wladimir became well inured.

But from that pensive moment all intelligence is subsequently blocked by willful ignorance.

 there is no simple technical solution that will block every single ad on the Internet

yes, there is: block third party content.  This will encourage reduction in the most egregious abuse of dignity.

Using another self evident to me simple technology I see ZERO ads on my mobile devices without “adblocking” per se.

Willful ignorance + greed = even lower interweb signal to noise ratio

Stir in buckets’o’sheeple , add culture decline to moderation roles, and the signal to noise ratio fast approaches zero.

Those people  want to monetize the noise?










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