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January 31, 2014

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers? let us see what 6 fetches a desura key or disappointment.

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In the choose your own price adventure of game purchasing mouse craft is either ironically named (lazy developers) or wickedly (deceitful).  The cost field populating buttons for steam (blech) and desura (yay) are labeled $5:

“Give us at least at least $5.00 and receive a key to redeem the game on Desura”.

Motivational text below $5 claims at least $5 provides a steam key (implying also/either desura key).

mouse craft lazy or dishonest developers let us see what 5 fetches a desura key or disappointment


mouse craft buck


mouse craft buck


clicking either steak/desura button however pushes the donation to $9 as confirmed by the javascripting

mouse craft steam key coded to 9 and not 5


What will a donation of $6 fetch?  That’s a bit of a gamble on a not-networked game.  Whatever the qualifying amount it seems one is likely to receive both drm-free and keys:

mouse craft CYOPA drmfree and steam keys and desura keys


Multiplayer mouse craft requires SneakerVncNet: not-fun overkill for this use case.

Setup mouse craft for multiple players

  • RFC 7081 — read it, live it
  • SneakervncNet


sure, there are other examples of atrocious grammar, but lack of polish is not “lack” of honesty.  “If you didn’t any of them”?

if you didnt the game


More annoying in a different way are the roadmap prioritization sliders.  There are three sliders.  Go ahead and set the third to any value smaller than default.  Now set the second to zero.  Uh oh the third slider has increased beyond your selection. Set the second back to zero.  The other sliders move again but scaled down.  This iterative ‘game’ is reminiscent of some mousey game play.

mouse craft less than amusing sliders 1 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 2 _50pctmouse craft less than amusing sliders 3 _50pct


Perhaps it’s ideological?  When is a beta not a beta?  When it’s a pre-alpha?

alpha beta confusion _50pct


Everything is nothing and something means anything!


To download “beta” versions you need must register: While mouse craft developers are math impaired they expect participants to be arithmetic savvy [instead]:

basic math expectation bar set too high for developers of mouse craft


On the upside their games are multiplatform developed for the big 3:  linux, osx, windows.

Additional downside: zero notification form submission received.  This is yet more SLOTH from the crunching koala developers.  They’re linking to google JS; this is privacy rape for potential customers

crunching koalas sloth is privacy rape for you


instead CACHE what third party resources you need. STOP loading third party tools on the fly.  Pull updates to serve FIRST party. (This is Yet Another Google Tracking: privacy rape)




I wish there was a click-simple wordpress CSS solution for stroking images (solid color outline of images).  In gimp: select all, new layer, edit menu, stroke, adjust to suit, save as PNG24.


January 28, 2014

list of colleges that hate steam gaming

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I’m not a steam fan but this is a useful litmus test

now you can avoid both luddite/micromanagement campuses and troglodyte breeders (greek letters)

January 27, 2014

straw men spin the best gold logic

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yes, this article is a few years old.  I bumped into it while creating more aggressive search result adblock filters

 After all, nobody can deny that Adblock Plus is taking revenue away from content providers thus undermining the foundation of the Internet, right?

Nobody can deny faulty logic?  Is this the other kind of truism? The ad platforms are undermining the interweb.  Monetizing through privacy rape is always evil.  Everything else is delusional.

It’s the privacy raping that creates the blood money market.

 The money comes from somewhere else and it is important to keep this in mind

At least there’s a sign of intelligent reflection before Wladimir became well inured.

But from that pensive moment all intelligence is subsequently blocked by willful ignorance.

 there is no simple technical solution that will block every single ad on the Internet

yes, there is: block third party content.  This will encourage reduction in the most egregious abuse of dignity.

Using another self evident to me simple technology I see ZERO ads on my mobile devices without “adblocking” per se.

Willful ignorance + greed = even lower interweb signal to noise ratio

Stir in buckets’o’sheeple , add culture decline to moderation roles, and the signal to noise ratio fast approaches zero.

Those people  want to monetize the noise?









January 24, 2014

how to sell an empty can for $9

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  1. fill it with imaginary creatures
  2. label
  3. markup story
  4. profit!

empty can profits

January 23, 2014

bookmarkify: android sip stacks

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January 20, 2014

$0.89 belkin mousepad with 24k gold-plated contacts

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This is the least costly mousepad on amazon:

amazon absurdity gold plated contacts for mouse




amazon absurdity


wow… now I need an optical mouse with gold contacts to receive the mousepad goodness at maximum conductivity

I bought a few for experiments defeating edge fraying.

razer gaming surfaces don’t sport gold plating!



January 19, 2014

Wacom doesn’t support Open Source??

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I was shocked after receiving the screenshot of wacom support reply.

wacom does not support open source_


Huion looks a bit better now.

( I have a few Wacom tablets on a shelf next to a few other not wacom tablets. )

I’m collecting/testing drawing tablets pre-gifting.


January 18, 2014 &

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January 16, 2014

Nuclear Dawn radiates into linux

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Now claims of multiplatform seem less specious



January 15, 2014

selling people into Applandia: pOSiX joy!

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I deserve some kind of award made of gold from apple for my nearly selfless conversion numbers.  A free mac pro would be nice.  (I don’t own a mac; I do carry an iphone and an android)

now how does one simply pass arguments to firefox to open every instance with “–no-remote” and offer the profile manager “-p”

oh it’s this much fun:

so I’m heartened about the fun required to locally encrypt before pushing to any public cloud (any other than icloud beta)



January 13, 2014

drobo? no thanks, no zfs

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drobo no thanks

perhaps sheeple ignorance overwhelms?


January 11, 2014

recycled movies

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Omega Man : I am Legend


January 9, 2014

some web tools

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free online photo editing, akin to photoshop


ICANN to verify numbers and email address: verifiable profit for privacy advocates

ICANN creates profitability for privacy advocates

to ensure successful verification

  • ICANN [policy] will advise you of imminent [registrar] call- or email
  • ICANN [policy] will advise you of [registrar] calling number[s]- or sender’s email address


(for the slow: you’ll know which numbers and CNAM, and email address to allow, rejecting all others)

icann halfassed sought public comment in narrow window neither did registrars during 18 months of negotiation contact customers

Do remember to

  • participate in  public icann discussions
  • participate in  icann calls for comment:
    • with FOUR individual comments one might think ICANN didn’t want anyone to know about pending changes
      • do email your registrar to ask why they intentionally chose not to involve you in this hegemonic shift
    • those “great” americans at General Electric said: proxy and privacy services should be allowed only in “rare
    • General Electric “requested mandatory suspension of domain names for the willful provision of false or inaccurate Whois information.”
    • General Electric’s particular brand of fascism linked in comment review was unavailable for direct review, web server reporting 404 for:
      • fortunately I found a copy: ,
        • “Please contact” Sean Merrill, Ph 203 373 3328, fax 203 373-2181, “with any questions”
        • or Kathryn Barrett Park who penned the comments: , Ph 203-373-2655 , fax 203-373-2181
          • who notes the policy will “only serve to drive more Registered Name Holders to proxy and privacy services” therefore people must not be allowed to maintain privacy but be subjected to intense registrar scrutiny prior to domain activation
          • Kathryn wants the penalty be strengthened to mandatory domain suspension [hoping for immediate cancellation for those who mock her eremmm those who mock General Electric’s progressivism or other folly]
          • icann ocr renders her name as Kathryn Pork
            Kathryn Barrett Pork

DEMAND whois contacts to be able to use SIP URI instead of PSTN accessible values, DEMAND non-suspension if email communicant cannot  VERIFY they are a person via industry accepted Challenge Response system

Paying to receive spam/spin/calls is more imbecilic than sms texting or f*booking.

Free market enthusiasts and aspiring small business owners:

  • ICANN has unwittingly created a new market for whois data management:
    • processing whois email
    • processing whois calls
    • processing whois snail mail

in a way whois privacy scam-services have implied but never fulfilled let alone explicitly offered.

ICANN ought demand accredited registrars publish APIs for whois management as it’s to the public benefit (see first purple highlight above image)

  • presenting unique whois contact information for every inquirer
  • allowing whois privacy management firms to change underlying information based on firm’s privacy strategies
    • undesirable feckless caller volume
    • undesirable email volume
    • challenge response solved too quickly
    • DCC style patters across client base
      • publishing hashes licensed to other firms

Hopefully someone else will create such a service in the now accelerated arms race to personal privacy

Thank you, ICANN and the Registrar Whois Validation Working Group, for creating a new- and profitable use for 900 numbers and other toll calling!

With toll numbers people will likely “report” themselves ‘guilty’ of inaccuracy to generate revenue — delightful godaddy comeuppance:

900-sagacious + 976-himself

January 3, 2014

Protected: free online apk malware scanners

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

January 1, 2014 & gross intellectual dishonesty about Privacy Rape fees

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There.  The admission these parasites are abusing “free”: they know they’re extracting payment from you.

The ends justify the means:  profit at  your expense, or blood money.  This is the opposite of capitalism: wherein both parties win in the transaction.

You are being charged: privacy rape the fee.

free != not-free

. :  Dishonest Megalomania Association :  half truths about ads




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