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December 18, 2013

mostly multiplayer games for your new mint

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you know who you are

eternallands worldofpadman redeclipse bzflag hedgewars tmw stendhal choria pdiaspora-client assaultcube alien-arena capitalism zaz warzone2100 zero-ballistics scorched3d legends funguloids performous sandboxgamemaker-all spring wormux widelands boswars phun irrlamb goollie openalchemist jag openlierox teeworlds 8kingdoms slimevolley 2h4u gondola oolite manaplus openra minetest alien-arena marathon-infinity the-powder-toy openttd sumwars xonotic somyeol2d stuntrally mars freeorion alephone marathon-infinity ttf-alephone pingus nexuiz stratagus acm4 craft liquidwar luola netpanzer xbattle xpilot-ng


your java options

installing sun java6

find other games by finding game engines.

like this

mint inflicted pesky GB dictionaries? install package  localepurge


use Desura to shop for games but do NOT install their crap

to mine

be charitable & game

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