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December 28, 2013

:( ups trade-ups

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Customer cannot trade in UPSs for any single or multiple UPSs of lesser value (VA) than the combined VA of all units traded in.



December 26, 2013

sony suggests Americans return to unpleasant UK history

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SONY promotes obsolescence like it favors fascism.  If sony made toasters they would remotely deactivate them if you tried making pizza or heat weld seams.

Microsoft tries SONY fascist licensing, but slowly backs off under consumer resistance.

yes, keep pushing sheeple into genocide corals.  that’ll end well


December 25, 2013

11 bit studios malware? thanks humble bundle?

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Humble Bundle did not sell the malware version of 11 bit studios games. Knowing they push malware I won’t be donating again if Humble Bundle features their products in a bundle.



Oh how I love “privacy” policies which describe the minutiae of privacy-violation and imply other personal abuse.

11 bit studios veryunprivacy policy

11 bit studio malware

“Your first and last names and profile picture are considered “public” on 11 bit studios ” — not constrained to facetards

“and any other information you choose to provide”

What’s left to ‘choose’ to volunteer?

not only “deliver and target advertising” but also for mobile devices

. harvest your phone number
. extract your name from used accounts

privacy rape policy

and additional UNWANTED advertising in a PURCHASED game

. inform users about new products or promotional offers

“If you have provided your e-mail address ”

If?  11bit extracts this from mobile.

here is the confession of the nature of this product I’ll not be using.  I don’t use MALWARE

“This Application is supported via advertising, and collects data to help the Application serve ads. We may work with analytics companies to help us understand how the Application is being used, such as the frequency and duration of usage.We work with advertisers and third party advertising networks, who need to know how you interact with advertising provided in the Application which helps us keep the cost of the Application low.”

Supported by advertising?  No, I spent money for this product.

Pay to be privacy rape?  Nuh uh!

“opt” out continues to be a grand abomination.  But no one would opt in…. yeah, that tells you something doesn’t it?

“Opt-out of all information collection by uninstalling the Application”

Right.  you’ll simply keep all the privacy rape acquired information and all is good?

“We are concerned about safeguarding the confidentiality of your information”

LIARS!  Unless you mean you’ll keep it from third parties who have not yet purchased the illicit knowledge?

Shame on 11 bit studios

.  Adblocking challenge accepted

remember always play as a 12year old to effect information removal.

“If you have any questions regarding privacy while using the Application, or have questions about our practices, please contact us via email at  © 11 bit studios S.A. 2012”


privacy rape policy

A merry Christmas to all and to some personal counterintelligence

December 20, 2013

SneakerVncNet: willfully effecting lan or internet multiplayer for “hotseat” multiplayer games

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[screen shots]

Overkill use of VNC or similar to allow multiplayer over LAN or internets for games without actual-social aspect.


December 18, 2013

mostly multiplayer games for your new mint

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you know who you are

eternallands worldofpadman redeclipse bzflag hedgewars tmw stendhal choria pdiaspora-client assaultcube alien-arena capitalism zaz warzone2100 zero-ballistics scorched3d legends funguloids performous sandboxgamemaker-all spring wormux widelands boswars phun irrlamb goollie openalchemist jag openlierox teeworlds 8kingdoms slimevolley 2h4u gondola oolite manaplus openra minetest alien-arena marathon-infinity the-powder-toy openttd sumwars xonotic somyeol2d stuntrally mars freeorion alephone marathon-infinity ttf-alephone pingus nexuiz stratagus acm4 craft liquidwar luola netpanzer xbattle xpilot-ng


your java options

installing sun java6

find other games by finding game engines.

like this

mint inflicted pesky GB dictionaries? install package  localepurge


use Desura to shop for games but do NOT install their crap

to mine

be charitable & game

December 12, 2013

procedural texture generation part ii

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Of f/oss and commercial tools my favorite is my license for Filter Forge and my [professional] license for uncreatively named Texture Maker.


part I

SeeAlso.01 SeeAlso.02 SeeAlso.03 SeeAlso.04

December 4, 2013

sip hostile verizon? Android 4.3 464XLAT

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If you live in a verizon wireless world and consume too much unlimited data (or have a big bucket’o’data) you likely find yourself in a SIP hostile CGN universe.



“Bidirectional NAT-PT” voip
dns alg NAT-PT voip

December 2, 2013

@ cretinous admins of reseller isp email: SPF can accept dDNS fqdn to acomodate dynamic IP address of email clients using another ISP

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Someone’s email service was sold to an apparently dim bulb.  Now someone’s emails are being bounced by recipient systems.  Someone uses big name ISP, but their email domain was of a different small local DSL reselling ISP whose admin was barely capable of keeping up proprietary email server.  Smalltime ISP sold company to a slightly larger conglomerate.  Slightly larger admin is even more feckless than DSL reselling ISP having poorly configured SPF and other email policies.

Someone needs to be able to continue emailing from:  office ISP, residential ISP, mobile ISP.

Someone has a few options that feckless conglomerate admin could implement to allow someone’s difficult to change email address continue to function.  Changes to SPF TXT-record:

  1. add FQDN provided by someone:  dDNS (dynamic DNS A-record for someone’s dynamic IP address)
  2. someone could purchase a block of static IP address from ISP (ISP will not sell one IPa to residential clients)



PRO: is least costly to someone and in no way technically challenging for feckless conglomerate admin.
PRO: suitable for business ISP and residential ISP

CON: DNS negative caching expiration (errantly refereed to as DSN propagation).  When IPa changes some few emails will be rejected as differential cached value and current value reach equilibrium.  Most problematic
CON: not suitable for mobile ISP (without vast hackery to hold IPa, chew battery).  VZW CGN extra-problematic.


Other than SPF options

  1. conglomerate un-disable SMTP AUTH for client



VZW CGN bane to Himself (PDF)

^ within verizon wireless document a verizon admission of what I’ve alleged: some handsets had [public] routable IP addresses (IPv4) until some didn’t.  (me and several dozen people with vzw savvy to the issue (vpn or sip)) — wherein I provided free re-education to verizon agents.  Will VZW inflict ULA (RFC 4193) with IPv6?  Sure as they’re demonstrably SIP-hostile.



someone could purchase a block of static IP address from ISP (ISP will not sell one IPa to residential clients)

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