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October 30, 2013

high quality tts ubuntu optional gui via SAPI in wine

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Alternative creation of unique wine instances via PlayOnLinux (it’s not merely for gaming)

frytek command line demo in wine

ubuntu tts gui as suggested by frytek, no wine

requires: python-pyspda, python-sapilektor, python-requests, python-gi, gir1.2-gtk-3.0, gir1.2-gtksource-3.0
add packages: sapi4linux, libsapilektor, libsapilektor-utils
readme:  /usr/lib/sapi4linux/
some symlinks

refer to ubuntu forums for details


October 20, 2013

country pregnant with “affordable” care act. abortion appropriate to kill this demon spawn: abort obamacare

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All those in favor of infanticide after rape should have no qualms with this analogical solution.  Obama an his minions have gang raped the american people abusing federal power to force purchase an unwanted service — akin to regulating how much wheat a farmer can raise for his own animals in the name of interstate commerce using the same fallacious reasoning.



algae as alternative fuel requires additional subsidies because CO2 rarity? What happened to evil CO2 abundance causing global warming? (while ignoring the sun) Same evil diffent time scale

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CO2 is BOTH super abundant AND rare.  Gotta love liberalism allowing mutual logical contradiction as true:

The sun: does global warming without which there’d be no life.  Global warming is good.  If excessive simply move the sun further away;  star relocation is less irrational than taxing people to cool the sun.
49min 20sec

S: “Do we have an algae power plant anywhere?”
W: “Yes, and no”
W: “we have light and dark… currently feeding them sugar”

Plants which produce no power [ no pun intended ].

algae is tomorrows evil fossil fuel

VAST sums of energy imput required to tool CO2 to suit algae.  Addition money must be wasted to feed CO2 to algae facilities:

The construction of a liquid CO2 pipeline can easily cost $1 million per mile.

As with sugar algae systems let’s ignore both the front end costs- and continuing costs when analyzing output success.

S: [When will you start]
W: [cost share should be able to bring what private industry would be able to accomplish in a couple of years.  … gives these designs a world wide competitive advantage.]

W: In five years … we should have demonstration scale… 10 million gallons.

S: the high prices of fuel are hurting families
pres: prices will necessarily skyrocket

The bill will allow “DOE to enter into long term contracts which will spur development”.  It both inspires development AND pays for development THEN purchases output?  Wow, what a deal to line pockets!  1h 7min

s937 died as HR2036

Recent alternative fuel bill inanities while ignoring demonstrably beneficial fissionable power

recent alternative fuels bills inanity all while ignoring fissionable power


S761 to wield regulation to force competition in lieu of efficient free market.  The market doesn’t know what it wants as it is comprised of people who cannot know what is best for themselves — despite government being comprised of people also.


remember: algae is tomorrow’s evil fossil fuel — same evil different time scale

October 17, 2013

afraid domains

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create subdomain

afraid sudomains zone management add to public domains third level domain


see also Zone Salting


Protected: preferred afraid domains

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

October 16, 2013

GPS test 1.24 — prior to nagware “upgrade”

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[insert uuencode]



Versions after 1.29 are also nagware but also show GNSS birds in bargraph and not merely in skyview

October 9, 2013

another malware pushing malware enterprise like opencandy malware: bunndle malware

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For those who make sport of such

bunndle is malware victimizing foss through adware

bunndle is malware

Ah right, so basically it started life as malware, and was flagged by the AV ppl and you were forced to change your software to be less intrusive. Forgive me for not wanting to trust a company like that.

“OpenCandy was never flagged as malware” — opencandy shill

First hand knowledge: yes, it was.

October 4, 2013

android security focused Quasar IV two weeks remaining a mere $3.15 million shy security through obscurity to descend into same obscurity

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encrypt locally before cloud storage it’s most attractive feature Quasar IV seeks funding


Unfortunately the QSalpha folks plan to replace one walled garden with their own QuaWorks walled garden further employing untested special encryption.

QSalpha hasn’t read about the woes of Alice.

QSalpha design is trustyworthy because QSalpha claims it’s trustworthy

QSalpha design is trustworthy becuase QSalpha says their design is trustworthy


Quasar IV special crypto blend:

QSalpha special crypto blend


QSalpha would like you to ignore the man in green

QSalpha ignore the man in green


This all assumes our nation reclaims the liberties stolen by the obamanation through feckless indifference


obamanation forced sharing


$0 encrypted SIP calls can be had on android now with OSTN,

non boot leaky XPosed framework for android+ XPrivacy the least horrible stop gap for now for those who have disabled- or removed privacy raping google framework




October 2, 2013

after mint updates /etc/samba/smb.conf guest share

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add back to [global]

username map = /etc/samba/smbusers
security = user


ubuntu samba

ubuntu samba server

Mint 15 Mate 64bit


October 1, 2013

terobamism FUD has begun on the interweb with obama’s ironic shutdown of government

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Some options redirect to this FUD page:

obama FUD has begun on the interweb


On the upside this CUTS USELESS government function to ESSENTIAL.  By law ZERO non-essential functions receive funding.  So we’re left with only

  • military
  • air traffic control
  • border patrol

That’s a win in the logic ledger.

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