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August 31, 2013

wladimir palant deleting negative adp AMO reviews?

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Of things monitored are reviews on AMO

Seems inconveniently negative reviews of adblock plus become existentially challenged.  All praise palant or else.


August 26, 2013

google puppeteer, NSA, offers free petabytes of storage via BitTorrent SyncApp, all the better to see you with my dear

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Don’t forget to install video cameras in your home to upload to the NSA I mean this free “secure” box

Bittorrent sync app

If the men in black aren’t interested in you they have profiled all industries and might steer a phone call from another seedy business your way ‘accidentally’

> alpha users have synced over 8 petabytes of data

trust us we’re the NSA’s best licensor of personal information next to google puppeteer



August 22, 2013 “upgrades” block G.722, removal of allow all codecs

Filed under: BULLSHIT — Sagacious Himself @ 5:11 am restricts clients to non-HD codecs specially a mere three codecs now: officially disallows G.722 by removing Allow ALL codec option


G.711, G.729a, gsm

Which G.729 extensions you might wonder as G.729a is not specific enough… continue wondering about that and HD suicide. continues to support G.722 (from starter package up)

ONLY ONE upgrade outshines anveo:   TCP registration

yes, anveo offered SIP TCP long before but has made SIP TCP available to ALL clients.  Anveo requires a cost ineffective “Starter” service level for SIP TCP and G.722.  Low volume users need weigh the ~$8/mo cost for these two features.  This decision is made simpler by abandoning G.722 (or not embracing any wide-band codec).  Remember:

  • anveo does not proffer free incoming SIP nor free outgoing SIP.
  • anveo provides free SIP alerts to all packages so there’s no reason to constrain SMS by SIP to starter and above
  • voipMS does provide free incoming SIP and free outgoing SIP, but they artificially limit accounts to one iNum citing imaginary voxbone policy, and some routing features “require” purchasing a virtual DID (SIP URI based on account number) $0.25/mo + $0.001/min
  • unlimited [inbound] calling starts at ~$8/mo  (or better with PiaF signup gateway)
  • Vitelity also has a payg model alt to 8/mo

It would be foolish (or stupid) to use voip with tiny-band ISP…. so CEASE PANDERING to the cheap and offer more wide-band codecs.   The CHEAP will remain CHEAP.  (hint: they’ll not spend [much] money on services)





August 21, 2013

less horrible GAPPS options

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XDA APK downloader don't suffer google apps on your phone

August 19, 2013

obi110 intercom or hotline [bookmarkified]

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obihai intercom devices



August 6, 2013

making google search suck less .. if you still use google

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UserScripts are small bits of JS to tweak rendered content

this thread by the developer of Google Hit Hider suggests “tweak the styles of various elements generated by the script.”.  This UserScript allows creation of custom results blacklisting.

alternative link tracking removal , Straight Google , Google MonkeyR

greasemonkey vs google

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