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June 24, 2013

overloaded firefox profile extensions

Filed under: DARPA — Sagacious Himself @ 7:39 pm

adblock plus (or adblock edge)

beef taco

cookies manager

downloadhelper (or flash and video download)

DownThemAll & DownThemAll! AntiContainer

Element hiding Helper

Embedded Objects

HackTheWeb [replaces platypus]

Lazarus [abandonware], (or )



RefControl [default spoof 3rd party]

Remove Cookies for Site


Scriptish [behind GreaseMonkey in update frequency]

Secure Login [help ‘remember’ form passwords]

Suspend background tabs [Wlad has forfeited trust]

Suspend Tab [I trust Piro]

Text Link [linkification by Piro]

Tree Style Tab [piro.xul:TST, another must have Piro extension.  AMO ‘editors’ continue in error: especially for gross failure to remove malware] {BarTab , abandonware, suggested complimentary by Piro}

Yet Another Remove it Permanently [mozdev:yarip]


Password Exporter [github]




Alternative to Lazarus firefox extension



@lifehacker: thieves must be flogged.  Himself isn’t my sole persona.






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