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June 14, 2013

here at technologyevangelist we are inept

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Skype is abysmal for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is pandering to the least quality: the craptasticest video limits the “quality” as does the unbroadbandy constrain the verybroadband.  fail

how is YOUR inability to wend nat the fault of ichat?

>> No ability to route through a NAT

Nat is not a beast.  If it was you would tame it.  Control your environment

>> when we want to interview the CEO of a company

You have the opportunity to help them hire not-incompetent IT.

>>  On home routers UPnP needs to be enabled

false.  It should be avoided for internet facing devices.

>>  we have a Cisco NAT and iChat won’t even begin to try
and crawl through that. It’s not a fault of our NAT as both
>>  Skype and SightSpeed work fine here.

It ABSOLUTELY is YOUR FAULT.  Learn to control your technology instead of whining about your victimization.

Otherwise add “here at technologyevangelist we are inept” prominently above every article.

Amen.  Preferring a black magic incompetence band aide to an open standard is cretinous.

When SIP ALG does ever work it it’ll be found exclusively on either Juniper Networks or Cisco.  Every other implementation is broken.


>> as long as I disconnect from the network router

you’re half way to a solution.  You’ve identified the crapbox posing as a router.  Add a functional router to replace it.  As the sensible are favoring open standards like SIP consider PFsense or Untangle.

>>  Three leveles of Apple support were useless.

Apple cannot make your crappy other hardware not-crappy.


>> let Apple know that you’re having NAT problems

yes, please encourage apple to create a line of NAT- and other network appliances.


>>  disagree on who should fix the problem. I see pro grade
>> conferencing units that look just as good as iChat, are
>> SIP based and work fine.

Set your pro grade units behind a crappy router.  Would you complain about the pro grade unit?  The skype fans here would continue to blame the crappy router.

>>  it’s a problem with Apple’s NAT transversal
>> and not the hardware vendors problem

Exactly.  The hardware vendor cannot anticipate every use case.  The USER has a responsilibity.


>> If Apple can make a change on their end to make things easier

Demand apple make network appliances to replace all the junk in your environment

>> getting hardware vendors to add support to their products first

They already do this.  You need expend more than a modicum of effort — aside from the vociferous complaining.

>> Plain and simple, I’m a mom who wants to be able

“I want what I want and don’t want to think to expend effort and it had better work or else.  I have the same irrational expectations in all areas of my life”

please don’t raise more sociopaths

>> Bring on IPv6 and proper firewalls i say.


“It’s not my fault I’m causing my network problems”



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