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June 10, 2013

7940G 7940G to SIP, super happy fun time

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reset to factory defaults
from power off: hold pound key, reattach power, wait for button light cycle headset-mute-speaker, release #, within 60seconds enter 123456789*0#, then select 2 to erase

reboot after making some changes
hold: Star+6+settings

whether or not factory reset defaults unlock Network Settings, TFTP server address change:
settings button, network settings, 9, * * #, scroll to 32, edit, yes, scroll back to item_8, change to your tftp, save

Find a kind soul mirroring desired SIP firmware.  For home NAT SIPDefault.cnf (CaSe sensitive) need at least contain:

nat_enable: 1
nat_address: “”
phone_label: “loaner phone”
nat_received_processing: 1
start_media_port: 16880
end_media_port: 16899
proxy_register: 1
sntp_mode: unicast
preferred_codec : g711ulaw
proxy_backup : “”
proxy_emergency : “”
proxy_backup_port : 5060
proxy_emergency_port : 5060
auto_answer : 0
local_cfwd_enable : 1
timer_register_delta : 5
version_stamp : “”
timer_keepalive_expires : 59
connection_monitor_duration : 120
services_url : “”
remote_party_id : 0
outbound_proxy : “” your dDNS domain

To upgrade to 8.11 first* add “P003-08-11-00″ to both SIPDefault.cnf and OS79XX.TXT.  Watch TFTP logs until it complains it “cannot find” “.loads”.  Then change SIPDefault.cnf and OS79XX.TXT to “P0S3-08-11-00″


* after upgrading to 6.5 and then upgrading to 7.5



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