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June 25, 2013

dreamhost kills files forever may 14th 2013 at least wiki death

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DreamHost prefers you buy CloudObjects ($0.02/gig)

DreamHost wins extra kudos for providing XMPP server to every webhosting client (yes, even shared hosting via DNS RR)


June 24, 2013

overloaded firefox profile extensions

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adblock plus (or adblock edge)

beef taco

cookies manager

downloadhelper (or flash and video download)

DownThemAll & DownThemAll! AntiContainer

Element hiding Helper

Embedded Objects

HackTheWeb [replaces platypus]

Lazarus [abandonware], (or )



RefControl [default spoof 3rd party]

Remove Cookies for Site


Scriptish [behind GreaseMonkey in update frequency]

Secure Login [help ‘remember’ form passwords]

Suspend background tabs [Wlad has forfeited trust]

Suspend Tab [I trust Piro]

Text Link [linkification by Piro]

Tree Style Tab [piro.xul:TST, another must have Piro extension.  AMO ‘editors’ continue in error: especially for gross failure to remove malware] {BarTab , abandonware, suggested complimentary by Piro}

Yet Another Remove it Permanently [mozdev:yarip]


Password Exporter [github]




Alternative to Lazarus firefox extension



@lifehacker: thieves must be flogged.  Himself isn’t my sole persona.





June 22, 2013


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June 14, 2013

here at technologyevangelist we are inept

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Skype is abysmal for a myriad of reasons not the least of which is pandering to the least quality: the craptasticest video limits the “quality” as does the unbroadbandy constrain the verybroadband.  fail

how is YOUR inability to wend nat the fault of ichat?

>> No ability to route through a NAT

Nat is not a beast.  If it was you would tame it.  Control your environment

>> when we want to interview the CEO of a company

You have the opportunity to help them hire not-incompetent IT.

>>  On home routers UPnP needs to be enabled

false.  It should be avoided for internet facing devices.

>>  we have a Cisco NAT and iChat won’t even begin to try
and crawl through that. It’s not a fault of our NAT as both
>>  Skype and SightSpeed work fine here.

It ABSOLUTELY is YOUR FAULT.  Learn to control your technology instead of whining about your victimization.

Otherwise add “here at technologyevangelist we are inept” prominently above every article.

Amen.  Preferring a black magic incompetence band aide to an open standard is cretinous.

When SIP ALG does ever work it it’ll be found exclusively on either Juniper Networks or Cisco.  Every other implementation is broken.


>> as long as I disconnect from the network router

you’re half way to a solution.  You’ve identified the crapbox posing as a router.  Add a functional router to replace it.  As the sensible are favoring open standards like SIP consider PFsense or Untangle.

>>  Three leveles of Apple support were useless.

Apple cannot make your crappy other hardware not-crappy.


>> let Apple know that you’re having NAT problems

yes, please encourage apple to create a line of NAT- and other network appliances.


>>  disagree on who should fix the problem. I see pro grade
>> conferencing units that look just as good as iChat, are
>> SIP based and work fine.

Set your pro grade units behind a crappy router.  Would you complain about the pro grade unit?  The skype fans here would continue to blame the crappy router.

>>  it’s a problem with Apple’s NAT transversal
>> and not the hardware vendors problem

Exactly.  The hardware vendor cannot anticipate every use case.  The USER has a responsilibity.


>> If Apple can make a change on their end to make things easier

Demand apple make network appliances to replace all the junk in your environment

>> getting hardware vendors to add support to their products first

They already do this.  You need expend more than a modicum of effort — aside from the vociferous complaining.

>> Plain and simple, I’m a mom who wants to be able

“I want what I want and don’t want to think to expend effort and it had better work or else.  I have the same irrational expectations in all areas of my life”

please don’t raise more sociopaths

>> Bring on IPv6 and proper firewalls i say.


“It’s not my fault I’m causing my network problems”


June 10, 2013

7940G 7940G to SIP, super happy fun time

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reset to factory defaults
from power off: hold pound key, reattach power, wait for button light cycle headset-mute-speaker, release #, within 60seconds enter 123456789*0#, then select 2 to erase

reboot after making some changes
hold: Star+6+settings

whether or not factory reset defaults unlock Network Settings, TFTP server address change:
settings button, network settings, 9, * * #, scroll to 32, edit, yes, scroll back to item_8, change to your tftp, save

Find a kind soul mirroring desired SIP firmware.  For home NAT SIPDefault.cnf (CaSe sensitive) need at least contain:

nat_enable: 1
nat_address: “”
phone_label: “loaner phone”
nat_received_processing: 1
start_media_port: 16880
end_media_port: 16899
proxy_register: 1
sntp_mode: unicast
preferred_codec : g711ulaw
proxy_backup : “”
proxy_emergency : “”
proxy_backup_port : 5060
proxy_emergency_port : 5060
auto_answer : 0
local_cfwd_enable : 1
timer_register_delta : 5
version_stamp : “”
timer_keepalive_expires : 59
connection_monitor_duration : 120
services_url : “”
remote_party_id : 0
outbound_proxy : “” your dDNS domain

To upgrade to 8.11 first* add “P003-08-11-00″ to both SIPDefault.cnf and OS79XX.TXT.  Watch TFTP logs until it complains it “cannot find” “.loads”.  Then change SIPDefault.cnf and OS79XX.TXT to “P0S3-08-11-00″


* after upgrading to 6.5 and then upgrading to 7.5


June 9, 2013

contacting yahoo mail security is dangerous: hope you’re not attached to your yahoo email account

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If you befuddle them expect your account to be deleted


June 5, 2013

be they new SIT? 800-243-6991

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it rings to an “error” message.  do try

if paranoid or cost conscious use free toll free termination



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