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May 18, 2013

chrome – adblock extensions – ads = proximodo ; chrome store to follow android play adware store

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or google inspires proxomitron privoxy resurgence with more browser inanity

evilGoogle remove adblocking extensions from their malware market citing silly rules?  Want to foolishly continue using chrome (instead of less creepy chromium)? But also not have your privacy raped on the alter of amoral profit?

You need:

Loopback Proxy
(duckduckgo search: loopback proxy adblock)


A wee piece of software through which all your interweb traffic flows that strips out undesirable “content” leaving your a safe, happy interweb experience


These inspired adblocking extensions IN browser.  These are NOT subject to abusing interweb coding OR detection.

Privoxy is linux- and mac friendly. For android there’s already AdAway

There are several forums dedicated to supporting adblocking enthusiasts.  We all miss & CatleCops

proxomitron is a local web-filtering proxy, written by Scott R. Lemmon.  The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility.  It reads in instructions – called “filters” – which tell it what to do with web documents. — sidiki

if you enjoy selective enforcement you likely love ChairmanO unamericanisms.


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