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April 22, 2013

stupid paypal policy willy nilly LIMITED flagging changes unintended consquences: expect sharp rise in identity theft and related crimes

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The decision tree used by both paypal and google wallet to flag an account as LIMITED requiring subsequent verification of your identity have several absurd assumptions and the ‘shocker’:   law-breakers will continue to break laws no matter how many more laws are passed on the subject

Those people will do what they want to do.  Add Limited + ID verification “plan” will cause casual ID borrowing or motivate outright ID theft (and concomitant financial/credit theft)


Paypal ‘agreement’ continues to be summarizable as:

paypal is the sole arbiter of truth [especially when it’s not and you waive all your rights or otherwise agree to the same]


Verification seems easy,

But the arbitrary ‘logic’ for flagging an account LIMITED adds  user security risk and needless annoyance to casual user who doesn’t want a paypal account

then you’ll find paypal asking for documents security experts say to NEVER provide via the interweb, fax, email.  Don’t do it: don’t send paypa or other interweb site l scans of your passport, don’t send  paypal or other interweb site scans of your state id.

burning bald eagle at both ends

More silly ID laws passed also assume everyone in the creation/verification chain are well adjusted, honorable people.  Law breakers will find other law breakers in this chain and then ENTIRE INTENT of system FOILED AGAIN.


E Pluribus Plures?

congress was designed for ‘gridlock’ or SLOW changes and not intended to be a full time occupation


Also remember sheeple:  ALWAYS opt-out of binding arbitration after allowing yourself to be pressured into signing binding arbitration agreement.  Must be within 29 days postmarked AND written on paper.

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